Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't say that that I'm a huge fan of golf, which is why, when the bit on the side asked me to walk with him around the golf course while he played a quick twilight round, my level of enthusiasm was fairly low. I mean, how much fun can you have on a golf course for godsakes?

Surprisingly more fun than I had anticipated! Although I must say having me along, plays hell with his game. But on the flip side there is something exciting and riske about flirting, brushing past each other etc out in the fresh air. Even more fun when he's standing behind me trying to show me how to hold a club & swing it with his hard on pressed firmly against my ass and his lips nibbling on my neck and ear. All that delicious touching and rubbing up against each other.

Well we managed about 6 holes before we couldn't keep our hands off each other any more and a conveniently secluded bit of bush appeared, which he dragged me into. He pushed me up against a tree, slid his hand behind my head and pulled me close for a long deep kiss. Oh my, does the man know how to gave me an instant flood of heat between my legs, especially when he sucked on my bottom lip.

Our hands roam all over each other, he pushes up my top & bra, exposing my hard nipples to the cool evening air. He unzips my shorts, and plunges his hand between my legs and slides a finger between my pussy lips, seeking out my slick wetness. With his mouth and tongue teasing my nipples and his fingers busily either stroking my clit or thrusting inside me, he starts playing me, building me up, easing me back only to build me up again.

I reach for his shorts and lower the zip. His erection springs forward into my waiting hand. Grasping him firmly in hand, I rub the droplets of pre cum over the head of his cock with my thumb and move my hand up and down his cock, my whole palm coming over the head then washing more pre cum down, lubricating my hand and his cock.

I can hear his breath rasping in my ear, he's breathing hard, it wont be long. Our movements get faster, more hurried, trying to get each other and ourselves off as fast as we can. I push my hips harder against his hand, urging him on, just a little bit more, I'm so nearly there. Then I feel it, that sensation builds to a peak and I explode against his hand. I'm glad he has me pinned against the tree as I feel my knees buckling.

All through my own orgasm, I don't let up on stroking his cock. My hand moves rhythmically, softly, lightly, then harder and tighter. I hear him whisper in my ear 'I'm going to cum' so I drop to my knees and wrap my lips firmly over his cock, pushing as much of his length into my mouth as I can get without gagging. I feel his hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to take more of him into my mouth. I suck and suck hard as I feel him shoot his load in my mouth. I swallow each spurt of it down and use my tongue to clean him off, making sure I have every last drop.

He pulls me to my feet and we rearrange our clothes before sheepishly slinking out of the bushes and back onto the golf course. He gives me one of those self satisfied smirks before we tee off on the next hole. Who knew golf could be so much fun! (damn shame it has to involve clubs and those stupid little balls that never end up where they are meant to!!)


Confessor X said...

FUCK SWEETIE! this was one hell of a post! The more I read, the harder I got...I may have to excuse myself from my office for a bit of a break ;) to join me?!?!? MMMM OUTDOOR SEX!!!

Petal said...

Love to join you ConX, you don't happen to play golf as well? LOL

Anthony said...

YM, As an avid golfer who walks the course. I'd suggest a late night walk to a green. Back In HS there was a local private course that we could walk to from some RR tracks...the goal was to 'score' on the 3rd hole. A windy night w/o bugs was the best. I still get hard remembering the time I parred on that hole Par 3 . The only outdoor fuck that compared was when I did it on the 50 yud. line of a "famopus NFL stadium" I hope that you'll try it.

Petal said...

Anthony: We don't have many NFL stadiums down here, actually not sure that we have any (think rugby, rugby, rugby) But I have shagged on a cricket pitch, does that count?

MikeCindynJoe said...

Whew... after that post, I just might take up the game except that golfers want to put their balls in the hole instead of their club!

That was silly, I know, but thanks.


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