Black Panties

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been wanting to write a post about this adventure for a long time and have been unsure as to how to start it! When I was given this topic to write on, it was a perfect fit. So a big thanks to Kimberly for organising this group post.....and make sure you check out the links [at the bottom of this post] to all the other fab bloggers out there that are also participating!

It was just before Christmas and the H and I had been at a business Xmas party. Whilst driving home we got a call from some friends having a few drinks to celebrate Xmas in a bar in town. We decided to stop in for a quick one, knowing these guys I knew a quick one was never a quick one and so resigned myself to the fact that the H and I were not going to be having 'scream-the-house-down' sex in a [very rare] child-free house that night.

After sorting ourselves out with drinks, we settled down and the table with all of our friends. I ended up sitting next to the bit on the side and was looking forward to doing a bit of light hearted flirting with him and maybe a bit of tormenting since we were in a public place. We chatted and flirted for a bit, then the bit on the side leaned over and whispered in my ear

Why dont you go to the bathroom, slip off your panties and give them to me

I can't do that, everyone will notice

Nah they wont, go on....dare you to

So off I went to the restroom, slipped off my black lace panties and discreetly handed them to him under the table when I sat back down.

After a few more drinks, everyone started winding down and leaving. I offered the bit on the side a ride home with us which he duly accepted. In the car the guys werent keen for the night to end so we decided to head back to our place for a few more drinks.

When we got back home, I went into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of wine and when I came back out the pair of them had put some porn on the tv and were sitting there with smirks on their faces. I was quite used to this behaviour from those two, other times we had gotten together to socialise things like this had happened but his wife had never been to comfortable and so things had never really progress from a bit of porn watching and some outrageously sexual conversation.

Taking in their self-satisfied smirks I thought I would call their bluff and so I sat myself down on the couch between the pair of them and pretented to take an avid interest in what was showing on the TV.

Curious as to how far these two were going to take this, or not, I placed a hand in each of their laps and started rubbing their cocks through their pants. They showed no signs of protesting, so [with great difficulty I might add] I unzipped each of them and pulled their cocks free to play with properly. A cock in each hand is a delightful feeling!

My H gently leaned me forward a bit so he could unzip my dress a little to get access to my tits. The top of my dress pulled down, he reached inside my bra to caress and tease my nipples. At the same time the bit on the side slid his hand up my leg, pushing my dress up to get to my bare pussy. After some very enjoyable fondling, I decided to pay attention to my H first and settled myself between his legs to give him a blow job. I kept sneaking glances at the bit on the side as he sat there and watched in facination.

Next thing, I felt my dress being flipped up onto my back and his hand zero in between my legs. Of course I was wearing nothing underneath so he had a full view and acess to my very, very wet pussy. His hand delved between my legs and he eased a finger inside me and started rubbing my clit with another finger.

I could tell that the H was getting incredibly turned on my this. I sat up turned around and told the bit on the side that it was his turn. He sat down on the edge of the couch and I turned my attentions to his cock. While I was doing that, the H got behind me and was rubbed his hard wet cock over my pussy before sliding it inside me and slowly fucking me. I have always had a fantasy about being fucked from behind while sucking on another cock and I couldnt believe that it was coming true. It was the hottest thing I think I had ever experienced.

The H stopped fucking me and stood up, presumably to get a better view of me sucking the bit on the side's cock. I could see him out of the corner of my eye standing there stoking his cock and watching while my busy mouth administered to the bit on the side.

I felt the H's leg brush against my shoulder and I looked up to see the bit on the side lean down and take the H's cock into his mouth. I sat back in surprise and watched my bit on the side give my H a blow job. I had always thought that I knew both of these men incredibly well sexually but never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would have seen them doing this!

Eventually they both remembered that I was there and the H picked me up and lay me down on sofa, positioned himself between my legs and proceeded to fuck me while the bit on the side stood over my face stroking himself until he came all over my face. This pushed my H over the top and he pulled out of me and came on my tits.

One pair of black lace panties, two men I adore and a Christmas I will never forget.....

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Anonymous said...

Ohmyfreakinggod Wow !!!

Anonymous said...

So damn hot Petal. Those panties can get a girl in trouble sometimes, huh??

Kimberly said...

Nothing says 'happy holidays' quite like...well, you know! Awesome post!

Aurore said...

A VERY Merry Christmas! Hot!

Riff Dog said...

How come I can never find stories like this on TV during the holiday season??? I love this!

Anonymous said...

Is this true??

Petal said...

Me: Damn skippy it was wow!

Southerngirl: They sure can get you into some trouble, although I usually manage to do it on my own without any help :o)

Kimberly: Your right, nothing says Merry Xmas like a threesome!

Aurore: Thank you!

Riff: I suspect you may be watching the wrong channel? Glad ya love it.

Anon: Yes, its a true story. The panties in the pic are even the ones in question worn on the night.

autumn said...

oh petal! merry christmas to you for sure honey. wow wow wow

Topaz said...

What a present! Bet you'll never forget that one!

Enchanted Mistress said...

Sexy post from a sexy lady..very nice post!! =)

Anonymous said...

Damn that was hot! Thats my gf's fantasy (As yet unfulfiled) too. Though hopefully not for too long. I have had the pleasure of another man on a few occasions and the opportunity to have it both ways would be fantastic. Shame more guys werent like this, rather than loving the idea of 2 women but never men. Very hot story and what a lady!

Anonymous said...

Very hot.....I continue to fantasize about an M-F-M threesome

Confessor X said...

This! Is the post I've been waiting on, thank you for sharing and congrats on the fleshbot feature...HOT HOT HOT

Sheba said...

Um, I thought, I THOUGHT I knew where this was going. But I had no fucking idea. Yum-MY!

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