Everyone meet Helicopter Guy.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I was hanging out on the deck, doing some paper work (yeah right!) when he arrived. We chatted briefly about this and that (in that nervous kind of way) before I led him inside. I popped my papers on the table and he came up behind me and brushed my hair off my neck, I turned and he reached down, cupped my face, lent in and kissed me. Softly at first, cautiously, tentatively, testing the waters....then deeper, with more exploration, tasting, teasing.

Oh. My. The man can kiss! He pulled me closer and sneaked his hand up the back of my shirt and started stroking my back, all the while kissing the hell out of me. After a few more head-spinning minutes of kissing he broke away and pulled me over to the chair and sat down. I straddled his lap and we resumed kissing. His hands started roaming everywhere, up my top, stroking my back again, running the back of his hand across my belly, fingers moving slowly lower to brush underneath my waist band, up again to cup my breast, thumbs sneaking under my bra to brush across my nipples. My whole body felt on fire with a burning need.

Suddenly he lent forward and stood up, taking me with him. I don't know about you girls but I love a man that picks me up, it makes me feel all small and delicate, OK I am small but hell its such a fabulously manly thing to do, love it! (it doesn't hurt that hes well over six foot and built like the proverbial)

So with my legs wrapped around his waist he carried me over to the couch and lent me over the end of it. His started nibbling on my ears, kissing down my neck. He pulled up my top, unclasped my bra and scattered kisses over my belly. His hand cupped my breast and his thumb teasing my hard nipple. He quickly replaced his thumb with his tongue, drawing lazy circles around my nipples before taking them into his mouth and gently sucking.

He picked me up again and flashed me a wicked grin. 'where to now?' he asked. 'Straight down the end of the hall to the bedroom' I replied. And so he carried me down to the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed. He lent down and kissed me thoroughly again before slipping off my top and bra. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulder, where he shrugged it to the floor. I ran my hands over his chest and down his belly as he kissed his way down my neck, across my chest, taunting and teasing my nipples before kissing his way further south down my stomach. I sat up and unsnapped the buttons on his jean and encouraged them to the floor (and taking in a sneak peak at his cock straining against his underwear, wow, built big all over!)

He pushed me back on the bed and ran his hand from my neck down my body to edge of my knickers. Slipping a finger beneath the lacy edge, he traced his finger around until his finger was skimming across my wet, swollen pussy lips. He pushed the edge of my panties aside and slid a finger inside me, feeling my wetness, spreading it all over. Next thing I know, my knickers are hitting the floor and his tongue is lapping at my clit, his fingers working their way insistently inside me. I arched my hips against his face, urging him on, harder, faster, more.... his other hand comes around and pushes my belly to the mattress, pinning me in place. I lose control completely and cum hard against his face. 'Did that hit the spot?' he asked.

I grinned and nodded, then pulled him up towards me. He covered me with his body and kissed me again. Pushing on his shoulder, I flipped him onto his back and straddled him. I started with his mouth, teasing him with my lips and tongue before moving down his neck and chest. My long hair trailing over his body as I slowly worked my way down. When I reached his cock, I gave the head a couple of long, wet, swirling licks before taking him into my mouth, very slowly, just a little bit at a time. As I worked his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, I felt him weave his fingers into my hair. I firmly grasped his cock in my hand and moved my hand up and down with the rhythm of my mouth and tongue.

Sensing that he probably wasn't going to last much longer, I stopped sucking his cock and scrambled back up his body to give him another long kiss. While kissing me back, he rolled me over onto my back and slid his cock into me with one smooth move. He started with slow, shallow thrusts, then getting harder and deeper. I raked my finger nails down his back and grabbed his ass, encouraging him on. He grasped my hips firmly with both hands and let go, fucking me deep and hard until he came.

Very sweetly, he gathered me into his arms and we lay chatting, kissing and stroking each other for a while. My little lust fairy was sated and satisfied and I'm wondering what the hell I did to deserve this fantastic bit on the side...... let the adventures begin!


Anonymous said...

He seems... nice !! Way to go :)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Oooh, nice to meet Helicopter Guy. :)

Very nice to meet him. :D

Riff Dog said...

Oh yes, this sounds soooo nice! Sounds like a great guy!

Although I think I'd personally rather be with you than him. ;)

MyKey said...

Read this a few days ago on the underground. Bad idea, its very hard to keep the man below under control when reading about such a sexy experience!


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