Who Am I?

I am a wife, mother, lover and closet exhibitionist. I had a very up close and personal brush with my own mortality in my early thirties which put me on a path of rediscovering who I am. It's a journey I am enjoying the hell out of but its fair to say its a tumultuous ride for all of those around me!

Cast of characters thus far:

The Original Bit on the Side: My first lover who lasted for just over two years. Its safe to say, we now cross streets to avoid each other. Lesson learnt - never, ever fuck someone you do business with.

Helicopter Guy: Extraordinarily good looking in that 'fly boy' kind of way, astute business man and amazing lover. He didn't last long (or did he...) but it was definitely fun while it lasted!

Mr Big: Smart, witty and an all round fun guy to be with, oh and the ability to be a major asshole. We had a quasi-relationship that lasted for nearly a year. Through him I learnt a lot about myself, although it pains me to give him any credit for this. Lesson learnt - When a man says that he will not or ever allow himself to have feelings for you again, don't fuck him again!

The Cowboy: A one-off. Described by a commenter as a 'limp noodle'. Lesson learnt - Nothing is as what it seems.

My Sister: Sibling and friend extraordinaire! Always at the ready with a glass of Sav and to lend an ear to my mad adventures and tales of woe. How she does this without raising an eyebrow, amazes me. Nothing is secret between us.

Patsy and Kels: Two friends who are always keen to share a drink and a giggle. Very rarely mentioned but only because I don't fuck either of them...

Gay BFF 1 & 2:  Not often mentioned either, again because I don't fuck them but they are my 'go to' guys for anything about sex.

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