Fact or Fiction....Part One

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And suddenly I was plunged into darkness as you slipped the blindfold over my eyes. There wasn’t a sound in the room. A small prickle of fear crept up my spine as I knelt there feeling very much exposed, wearing nothing but my panties, not knowing what to expect next. I knew that there would be pleasure and maybe some pain but in what order and how was very much still a mystery for me.

I felt your foot between my knees, nudging them further apart. I could feel your eyes on me, assessing me as if I was your own person fuck toy....maybe I was. Your hands wrapped in my hair and you started to tug gently, bringing me to my feet. You led me across the room to the bed and arranged me on it just so. I felt you fasten cuffs to my hands and ankles before stretching my arms taunt above my head.

And there I lay, my arms stretched above me, hands tied together then bound to the headboard, my ankles firmly locked together. I give a cursory tug on the restrains, as I suspected, no give at all. I hear the low hum of NEA being turned on. You lift the edge of my knickers and slip it between my legs, the steady vibration teasing my already swollen clit.

The warmth of your breath hits my cheek as you lean down close to me and growl in my ear

‘Don’t you dare cum without permission, slut’

I gulp in response, knowing that will be difficult with the toy sitting on my clit, heightening my arousal with every passing second.

Your hand cups my jaw and your thumb rub over my bottom lip. I part my lips slightly and you slip your thumb inside my mouth. I suck gently on your thumb, swirling my tongue over it at the same time.

Your hands run from my neck down my body, hands briefly cupping each breast, thumbs rubbing over my already erect nipples before continuing down my body, over my belly and down my thighs.

You do this several times, my back arching in response to your touch, hands straining against the bonds that tie me. Every time your fingers brush against the junctions of my thighs I feel a rush of heat between my legs. The teasing nature of your touch making me squirm in delight.I feel you unbind my ankles and unceremoniously drag my underwear off; taking with them the toy you placed between my legs.

‘Spread your legs for me’ you demand.

I draw my knees up slightly and let my legs fall apart.

‘Wider ‘you demand again.

I comply, completely exposing myself to you. Your hands grab my ankles and force my legs wider apart still. I can feel you looking at me, visually inspecting everything on offer in front of you. At that moment I am glad for the blindfold, it somehow makes it easier. I feel the weight of you depress the mattress at the end of the bed and I give a small start of surprise as I feel your mouth on the inside of my thigh, you start biting the way up one leg and then the next. I savour the delightful contrast of your sharp teeth and soft tongue with every bite.

Arching my hip in anticipation, I hope to feel your mouth on my pussy but you deny me the touch of your tongue. I am aching with a need and long that only touch can satisfy. I can feel my own wetness begin to tickle down between my ass cheeks.

Again you grab my ankles and push my feet up until they are resting against my ass. With the lightest of touches, I feel you drag your finger down one pussy lip and then the other before parting them, exposing my inner womanhood to your probing fingers and gaze. You trace the trail of wetness from my cunt down over my ass.

Abruptly you remove your touch and I wonder at what is coming next. I feel a something being slowly but insistently being pushed into my ass, half an inch at a time until you have worked it fully inside of me. I moan as the sensation the intrusion has caused turns from slight discomfort to that glorious feeling of fullness.

‘Roll over and get on your knees’ you demand

I roll over and get on my knees, ass in the air, head down, knees parted. I feel your hand run over each ass cheek before trailing lazily down my back to the nape of my neck and up my back again to my ass. You run your hand over each cheek in a light circular motion, not breaking contact with my skin the whole time.

Suddenly you remove your hand and it’s replaced by another sensation entirely. A thousand buttery strands caress and grab at my skin as your trail the object up and down my back and over my ass. Before I have time to wonder at what it was, it’s gone and replaced with your hand again....

To be continued...

HNT: Silhouette circa 1973

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This picture strongly reminds me of those grainy black & white photo's that they used to have accompanying articles and stories in men's magazine of the 1960's & 1970's era....

Happy Half-Nekkid-Thursday to all, and Happy Thanks Giving to all of you in the States! Now go check out Osbasso and who else is playing along this week!


Big red, little red and the....rock?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like to give my sex toys a name, odd perhaps, but an entirely useful thing to do. Especially when your in bed having sex and you turn to the man of the moment and say 'Could you pass me my vibe darling?'

Until I started naming my toys, the response was usually 'Which bloody one??' Hence the naming began....so much easier than them up-ending the drawer on the bed so you could pick one out, bit of a mood killer that kind of thing.

And so the tradition of Big Red and Little Red began. Yes, you did guess correctly, one is big and red and the other is little and red. Little Red is one of those cutesy kind of lipstick clit vibes and Big Red is an industrial sized multi-speed jobbies from the fun factory.

Sadly Big Red is reaching the end of his life span, he has recently started making some alarming clunking noises [does anyone out there service sex toys? more to the point I suppose, would you really want to service it after I have been using it??] and I feel that there is not a lot left in the old boy, time for retirement. He will be kept though, rather useful thing to have in your bedside drawer to brain burglars with!

As much as I have always loved Big Red, he is rather large and a little unwieldy, which is absolutely fine if its a one-on-one situation of just Big Red and I, but if you try and add a third party into the mix, ie the H or Mr Big, well, it all gets rather crowded. Which is how I ended up with Little Red.

I can see some head scratching going on, so let me explain...I am one of those women that don't have mind blowing, earth shattering, house rocking orgasms from penetrative sex alone, shocking I know, apparently 90% of other women out there don't either so I don't feel quite so alone on this. So I like to use a vibrator on myself whilst being fucked in whatever is the position du jour. This way, I cum, he cums and sometimes we all cum together...bit of a win-win really!

And in that kind of situation, Big Red just doesn't quite fit, he's a wee bit big and really only works well doggy style. Enter Little Red who works in pretty much any position, the only down side is that she is a bit cheap and nasty economically challenged and as such, doesn't really have a lot to offer as far as variable speeds etc.. oh and she has a rather pointy end. Which, once again is fine if your on your own but not with someone else. I have always had a deep and abiding fear of stabbing my partner in the cock with her...not a good look leaving your partner with vibe shaped bruises on his manly bits!

So my hunt began for a vibe that wasn't large and unwieldy, didn't have a sharp and pointy end, did have variable speeds and was small enough to fit into the tightest spaces between my partner and I. I was also quite keen to find something that didn't actually scream I'M A SEX TOY at me...I'm not really one of those girls that like the 'all-sing, all-dancing, multi-headed, larger-than-life, industrial sized power tools' that pass as sex toys. Discreet is good.

Enter the rock [the best name I can come up with so far, any better suggestions gratefully accepted!] also known as the Lelo Nea....small enough to fit in the tightest space, multi-speed vibrations, stealthily quiet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...ok maybe not the last one, but she does indeed produce mind blowing, earth shattering, house rocking orgasms. Yes I did have to try her out, oh six or seven times in a row, just to be sure!

HNT: No room for the blues...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The title of this weeks HNT is the name of the nail polish I'm wearing. Its my absolutely new favourite colour, perfect for summer!....and if you look hard enough you can kind of see it on my nails.

Happy HNT everyone and don't forget to head over to Osbasso's and see who else is playing along this week.


Happy blog-o-versary to me!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A year ago today, I was inspired to start my own blog. I had been reading and following some absolutely fabulous blogs written by some seriously outstanding bloggers, sadly many of whom are no longer blogging today.

Whilst I never thought in anyway that I could hold a candle to their writing, it was their writing that inspired me to put my own spin on the world out there for all to read. I have found the process to be incredibly cathartic, to share my secrets, spin my tales and let you all into my own wee world. What I never expected to happen was to make so many new friends. Friends that have delightfully shared their thoughts and comments on my blog, I truly appreciate each and every one of you for it!

A statistical recap:
One year...
3 lovers...
84 posts...
1 open marriage
112,174 visitors...
 9 HNT's
7 May I seduces you's...

And on this journey of the past year, I have discovered many things, not just men :) I have discovered I am a complete and utter stat-whore, I love to see how many of you visit me and the countries that you come from (waves to her kiwi visitors)

I have rediscovered the joy of creative writing, especially the 'May I seduce you' group posting, so a very big thank you to Kimberly for starting this.

And of course the Half Nekid Thursdays....who knew getting half nekid could be soooo much fun! Long may Osbasso host this!

And if I am having a 'so full of myself' moment and going around thanking every one, there is one final person that deserves thanks....My darling husband, who didn't freak when I showed him my blog, instead he sat there for five solid hours reading every word and who has because a most enthusiastic supporter and photographer for HNT's!

So my dirty darlings...help yourself to flute of bubbles and raise your glasses in toast to....

The Not So Secret Life of a Yummy Mummy....long may she continue!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

I feel the curve of your jaw with my hand
as I cup your face to kiss you...taste you

You feel the curve of my head
as you tangle your fingers in my hair, pulling me close into you

I feel the curve of your shoulder
as I slide my hand over it, then lower to feel your body under my touch

You feel the curve of my breast
as you cup my breast, teasing the hard nipple with your thumb

I feel the curve of your back
as I gently rake my finger nails down your back, teasing your senses

You feel the curve of my thigh
as you part my legs with your hands, opening me up to you

I feel the curve of your ass
as I cup it with my hands, urging you closer, deeper inside me

You feel the curve of my waist
under your hand as I arch my back in that sweet moment of ecstasy

I feel the curve of your lips
against my neck as you smile, happy, sated

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Tales of fucking and debauchery...

....I just cant seem to write them. Well, no that's not true I can, if it involves fantasy but not about real life. I had a wee look at my posts and the end of May was the last time I wrote a post about my sexcapades...sad eh? And its not as if I don't have anything to share, I do.

I seem to suffering from some bizarre kind of writers block where every time I try and write about my shenanigans it ends up sounding like some Mills & Boon story, ok admittedly one that's a bit twisted and riske but seriously I couldn't produce a seriously good fuck tale if my lingerie collection depended on it!

And whilst you, my fantastic followers and lovely readers, don't seem to be bothered by the fact I haven't written a good fuck tale in six months [it amazes the hell out of me that you keep coming back week after week] it bugs the hell out of me that I haven't. Why? Because I love writing about it, I love trying to describe every lick, nibble and moan in a way that you all feel like you were along side me for the fun.

Maybe I'm just trying too hard, self critiquing and self censoring too much? Maybe I just need to get the hell over myself!

HNT: War of the roses...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To continue the theme of last weeks HNT of roses....we couldn't decide last week which picture to post up first and we ended up tossing a coin, both of them are awesome...so its a war of the roses!

Happy HNT to all...be sure to check out Osbasso's blog and see who else is playing along this week!



Monday, November 9, 2009

Having one relationship is hard enough, some days I think I'm completely cracked trying to have two. Especially one that doesn't fit into a defined 'box'. For a start what the heck do I call him (Mr Big, in case your wondering what the hell I'm on about...don't worry I often do!) a lover? my boyfriend? a very, very good friend with some outstanding benefits? nah that last one is a bit long. I like the term boyfriend, its kinda cute but I'm  not sure it quite fits.

And then there's defining the boundaries of the relationship. He's single, I'm not. It was all so much easier when we were a couple of adulterers. There are the rules of adultery to follow, you know the ones...don't text after hours, daytime meetings only, basic facts about each other is the only information shared etc...Now I wonder and worry about how much we should see and talk to each other. I also suspect I worry about this stuff far too much. Its really hard finding the boundaries though. How much relationship is enough but not too much?

I know he sees me than more than a fuck buddy, someone he has feelings for and that it has evolved into being about more than just sex but what exactly is more? And I feel the same of him but at the end of the day, I'm married to someone else, I'm not a single girl and potential girlfriend. Oh I know we are still very much in an evolutionary phase and probably will be for sometime to come, so much has happened not only in our own lives but together that we are still finding our way.

From where we started as a couple of sneaky-on-the-side adulterers to being able to have a relationship out in the open and in front of everyone has been a heck of journey, one that even after seven months feels very much like its just beginning. So I guess I now can call myself polyamorous, husband in one hand and boyfriend in the other.

Oh and after eleven weeks apart, Mr Big and I finally got to spend sometime together one night last week...

HNT: Lay me down in a bed of roses...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No roses were harmed in the making of this HNT....we have a couple of beautiful climbing roses in full bloom and heavy rain due tonight....I thought they would look prettier on me than on the path!

Happy HNT all...go have a peek at Osbasso and see who else is playing along this week.


Sitting on the edge of vanilla...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have and have had for a very long time, a fascination with D/s and BDSM. Everything about it interests me, the theory, the play the whole lifestyle and of course the mystery of it all. I have read a lot about it. Talked to people who experience it, online and in 'real' life and have even dabbled a bit in the 'kink' of it all. And I do mean dabble, it has been something that has come and gone but its something that I always find myself returning to. But I'm sure this confession surprises none of you that have been reading my blog for a while, if you look its woven into a lot of what I have written here.

D/s relationships fascinate me. The exchange of power, the gift of submission, the acceptance of responsibility from the Dominant. It is not something that naturally slots into the modern society any longer which makes it all the more interesting. Especially for me, a woman who very much leads and controls her own life. I have life made up of leadership and control. I am the one that is sitting at the top but I ponder what would it be like to be able to give that up, just for a moment, a little while.

To not be in control, to not be the one making the decisions, to be able to surrender fully and completely to another. And another who would take you to the very edge of your boundaries, the edge of that cliff and push you to take one more step closer to the edge....

Meeting the couple...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well I did it, I met the couple. It didn't quite go as I imagined it would....sheesh when does anything in my life go to plan, but hey that's the fun bit about life isn't it? I assumed that we would meet up at a local pub/bar, have a drink and get to know you kinda conversation....

Well meeting at the bar morphed into meeting at the hot pools, yeah, hot pools! First thought at that suggestion was "OMFG your kidding me?? you wanna see me nearly nekkid and I don't even get alcohol to cover my nervousness??" Second thought, actually I don't think I had a second thought, I was too busy being hung up about meeting people for the first time I could be potentially fucking wearing nothing but a bikini.

I got over that (eventually), donned my bikini and set off to meet the couple at the pools.They were surprisingly easy to spot in a public pool full of other couples, thank goodness....I did have visions of having to wade through the pool randomly asking people if they were keen to hook up!! She was absolutely stunning, in a blonde early thirties kinda way and he wasn't too shabby either, phew!

We spent an hour hanging out, chatting and getting to know each other. It was brilliant to meet and chat with a couple of sexually open minded people, they really were lovely. Will I see them again?

Ahh...there's the thing. They have sent me a very nice email inviting me to join them one evening but I really just don't know. Yes they were both attractive, yes they were very lovely people but I really got the impression that she wasn't...well, she just wasn't that into me. You know when you meet someone, and I have found this to be relatively true for both men and women that I have met, that there is body language there that you pick up on, body language that lets you know that they find you attractive and if you feel the same about them then you are sending the same cues back.

I just didn't get any from her. None at all. I don't know if it was because we were in a public place or maybe she was nervous but I didn't pick up anything from her that she found me attractive and was keen to go umm snorkelling :) Maybe I'm just reading it wrong, because its sport fucking there doesn't need to be that something there?

To be honest, I am inclined to give their kind offer a pass. Because I don't feel like there is that 'something' between her and I, I don't want to get caught in a situation where there is the pressure to perform or in a situation where it makes it difficult to bail out of if its just not working out. I want my first experience with a woman, if it does ever happen, to be a good one, hopefully!
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