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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I mentioned in another post that I was thinking about looking for a new man to add to "The Yummy Mummy Stable of Studs" (definitely has a ring to it) After looking at my circle of acquaintances, business contacts, friends husbands etc... I was unable to come up with a man that fitted the picture.

So off I troddled to one of those "Adult dating" websites to sign up and find myself a hot new playmate. I decided on the screen name 'naughtysecret', hey I thought it was cute and lets face it you can spend days trying to think up a good name - these things can be over thought!

So there I was, all signed up with a brief intro message & a 'what I'm looking for' message and I sat back waiting for the guys to respond (I'm a chick, they tend to come to us not us to them) and respond they did! (please note: I have not edited these messages in anyway other than to remove identifying names/places, this is how they landed in my inbox)

No.1 pj2692
Message: I can be your naughty secret

*eye roll* actually make that *MAJOR eye roll* yeah darlin, I'm sure you can be my naughty secret...... geez why didnt he just say 'wanna fuck?' oh stupid me, he did! Then I thought to myself, maybe I'm being a bit judgemental, lets give the guy a chance. So I looked up his profile and the first thing that catches my attention is status: single. I go back and check my 'what I'm looking for' message, yup I did write MUST BE MARRIED.

No.2 Great4utu
Message: Hi, Well you describe yourself as intelligent, ,flirty and fun ...... mmmmmh !!!!! Moi? .. intelligent, mischiefous, horny.I can travel, however you may want to have your secret a little closer to home ??
If not we can explore the possibbilities.
Talk Soon

Ahhhh sorry babe, 250km is a little too far to a regular fuck, nice to meet ya tho! Hey at least this one was married!

No.3 Roggamore
Message: Hi naughty, nice to see a naughty girl on here. Hope we can chat to get to know each other. I'm a well educated person who has time on my hands to enjoy myself and a special female like yourself. I travel quite a bit when I'm not working my butt off, and find an adventure or two can spice up your life and is loads of fun. You can reply on this site and/or accept invite and you will see my contact on my profile. C U soon Roger

OMG I think his name really is Roger More..... sadly, despite being interesting sounding, again 250km is a little far to go.

No.4 Loopy286
Message: I come over to xxxxxx every couple of months for work and am looking for some fun while im staying over there, would you be interested?

Read profile, single!Re-read profile and notice body shape is listed as ample and 'member size' as very long, ponders what ample might look like and thinks that a long member may be necessary if body shape is ample.

No.5 toysnties
Message: Your dreams and desires might just come true. Check out my profile (brand new) Looks like there might be some fun to be had.

Check out profile......mmmm very interesting, oh and not too shabby looking either, whats the catch, ah there it is, SINGLE!

No. 6 erotic4u2008
Message: Or as Obama says...YES WE CAN
So yes, you could be my naughty secret...just how naughty can you be???
Did I happen to mention...I luv naughty girls...they're the best kind!
Mind you, sometimes naughty girls get a little spanking don't they??...Could be
Maybe you could tell me a little more about yourself...and I will do the same...a pic or pix would be nice..tell me what turns you on...mmm

Check out profile..... Ok, not bad. Check out picture, wow! hot looking bod, a little hairy but never the less, HOT, damn shame about the strippy underpants, yeah horizontal stipes too. Combine striped undies with that message and I think I will pass thanks honey!

No. 7 hkj866
Message: I like your profile and I am in the same situation as you, married but need something more.
I am in the process of moving to Xxxxxxx, just got my employee contract and it would be nice to get to know you.

Please reply if you are interested

This guys profile was perfect! Met every single criteria I had and as a bonus, very good looking. The catch? 500km away.......

No. 8 trader613
Message: i fit all your criteria bar 1, im not married, but i totally understand the rules, im also looking for a regular friend and am absolutely discreet, i also work for for myself and am available anytime day or night,living in the same town a bonus, my membership expires tommorrow and im not going to renew so i wont be able to message you from tuesday so if your interested get back to me b4 then and il give you my details, il try to write my mobile and hopefully this place wont block it... (xxx xxxx xxxx) ...this place requires you to send 2messages each b4 you can give contacts lol, anyway hope you like what you see and if you do, hope you read my code for my mobile lol..xx


No.9 Harry10152
Message: What a shame you are too far away.
You are probably just what I am looking for.

Have a great day


No.10 Burlbrud
Message: im ya man&up 4 it id like 2 hear back from ya

------ Profile Attached -------

hey well guess i cud start by sayn im Very Genuine&here 2 make friends&c what this site has 2 offer?? im pretty fussy lol
well here goesim a NON drama guy!!!im aM outgoing(LOVE TRAVELING) healthy&active,attractive(well thats wot they tell me lol most of my friends are liars!)um i have olive skin(alil Maori blood),long curly dark hair,blue sexy,,funny&very sensual.&dont be freaked by my inkwork!! i hv beautiful tattoos here &there that are very special 2 me(tribute 2 my mum&dad) i also have a couple of yummy piercings that wud make ur eyes roll with delight lol as you can tell i do pocess a sense of humour would love to meet a real woman who knows what she wants in life&in a man.. i love animals,especially horses (with a passion) so needless 2 say this cowboy can RIDE almost anything to enjoy life(within reason)if you think you have what it takes dont be shy cos i sooo know how 2 treat a lady 110% Im lookn 4 alil fun&MAYBE my soulmate 2 make magic with so NO WANNA-B TIME WASTERS PLEASE,I CONSIDER MY TIME PRECIOUS!! ME X

Check out profile: I swear to god this guy looks just like Slash from guns n roses!!! complete with the hat too! next...... (nothing against Slash, you understand)

Single vs Married

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was reading blog the other day about a woman who also has a bit on the side and how she would never involve herself with a married man again and would only be sticking to single men as she couldn't handle the guilt of potentially ruining another marriage. I, on the other hand would never go near a single man and prefer men that are happily married.

Ah, I hear you say, If a man or woman for that matter is happily married why would he/she cheat? well I believe that marriages are like orgasms, so many of them are faked. A person can be in a good, strong and happy marriage and still feel the need for a bit on the side (lack of sex generally). Marriage takes work, lots of hard work and does not come easily or naturally to many people at all (I also think we are not naturally monogamous either, but I will save that one for another soapbox session!).

So after a couple of years of marriage the initial chemical rush of lust has passed and the hard work sets in, usually along with small children, sleepless nights, financial pressure and a whole host of other challenges that every couple face. I believe this is the point where a real marriage is made. It takes more than lust and chemistry to get you through this part. It takes friendship, partnership and building a life together on shared experiences, shared challenges and a certain amount of faking it on both sides to keep the marriage rolling along.

There is a bulletin board out there that dedicated itself to supporting 'the other woman'. Its a fascinating read, but one strong reoccurring theme there is how when the wife finds outs about the affair, the other woman is kicked to the curb and the man rededicates himself to his wife and family. Why does this happen? Because he was reasonable happily married in the first place, sure his wife didn't give him everything he wanted, especially in the bedroom no doubt, but at the end of the day, this couple have many, many years of building a life together, of shared experiences etc... the other woman was just that, the other woman.

Sadly so many men feel the need to lie to their other women, make promises about starting a new life with them, promises they never intend to keep, promises made just to keep her around. Usually because shes single and lets face it, what single woman would really stay with a man when there is no future in their relationship?

That's why I will never have an affair with a single man. I couldn't handle the guilt of ruining his chances of finding 'the one' for him because 'the one' is definitely not me, I'm just there for the sex. And if he does find her, what about me? To me, this option just seems messier and fraught with potential problems. Nah, give me happily married man who is just in it for the sex any day!

Right! Your probably wonder about the point of this little soapbox session? Well I am thinking about adding another to the 'Yummy Mummy Stable of Studs' (has a nice ring to it don't you think?) and that is one of my criteria.......must be married. Anyway, that's a story for another day.......

Wifely Duties - Part Two

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The H and I often indulge in a Sunday afternoon "nap". A bit of quiet time together before the start of a new week and hell, sometimes we do actually sleep!(well, actually most times we sleep) This Sunday not a lot of sleeping went on, it was way more fun than that.......

I was lying there, not feeling particularly tired, more hot n horny than anything else. I rolled over and his back was towards me. Gently I traced my finger down his spine, feeling each bump of vertebra as I went. This gesture was a hint, my way of saying 'I'm horny & are you interested?'

He took the hint and rolled over to face me & gathered me into his arms. I love the feeling of skin on skin, the weight of his body over mine, the roughness of his 3-day old beard on my tender skin. He started by kissing me and running his hand down my naked chest, brushing his thumb over my nipple, working his way down first with his hand then with his mouth until he reaches the junction between my legs.

He parts my legs and slides a finger between my lips, feeling how just how wet and horny I am. Before I know it his head is between my legs too, his tongue lapping at my juices and I look up and see his hard cock just inches from my face, which I grab firmly with one hand and guide him into my mouth, god I love lazy 69's! I tease him with my tongue, teeth & hands, bring him to the edge then letting him subside again. I can hear him moaning with frustration and need.

I feel my hips being lifted up and he slides a pillow underneath my ass. Facing me he trails his cock up and down my wet pussy, just entering me a inch then pulling out to rub up and down again. Its hot and sweat is dripping off both of us. I hook my legs over his shoulder, giving him better access so he can fuck me. With one big thrust he pushes himself inside me and starts fucking me, hard. I reach into the drawer and get my smallest toy out and place it on my clit.

I love being in this position where I can look down and see his cock pumping in and out of me, reach up and feel the strength and muscles in his arms as he's poised above me. He stops and I feel his pushing the head of his cock against my ass. I just about cum from the sweet mixture of pleasure and pain caused my his cock entering my ass. He stops and lets me have a moment before easing another inch, he does this several times before he's all the way in.

I am so very, very close to cumming with him buried in my ass and my toy vibrating on my clit and he knows it. He starts to move and try and match his rhythm with my hips, trying to get him to fuck me harder and deeper. I can feel the tension building in both of us, that burning need for release and then it happens, him first, shooting his hot cum inside me then me, pushing myself against him as hard as I can while I cum.

The Accidental Adulterer

The one thing that truly, deeply irritates me about the bit on the side is his stance to adultery, specifically our affair. The guy is the pin up boy for Mr Morals, which is fine, just because you have sex with someone other than your husband/wife, it doesn't mean you cant be a moral person. But he takes it one step further and refuses to plan an adulterous encounter. He says he likes it to be random and spontaneous but I think that he feels if encounters are planned in anyway then he's consenting to the adultery and that makes him feel very uncomfortable. Which means our relationship revolves a lot around car sex.

Don't get me wrong, I love car sex. But it would be nice to have sex somewhere else more often like a bed, the shower, in a hotel room, hell anywhere but in the car! We have occasionally had sex in other places like my house, his house, my work and his too. But neither of us feel particularly comfortable in any of those four places and when your not feeling comfortable its hard to really enjoy the moment.

I also would love to be able to 'get ready' for our encounters. Make sure that I'm looking at my very best, freshly waxed, shaved, moisturised and wearing gorgeous knickers, that sort of thing. I think it would add another exciting dimension, build on the anticipation. As it is, my wardrobe has evolved to suit our random, spontaneous encounters as I never quite know if I will see him on any given day. So trousers have been thrown out and skirts and dresses now feature heavily (for easy access) Beautiful underwear is wore every day, not just on special occasions and my personal maintenance has increased ten-fold, which is probably not a bad thing really.

Hmmmm maybe I should just book the room, send the invite and see what happens?

I promise I will add the second part of wifely duties this week, I just felt the need to get this particular bug-bear off my chest!

Wifely Duties - Part One

Monday, January 12, 2009

You would expect, that because I have a bit on the side, my sex life at home is lacking somewhat. Not true at all, the H and I have an absolutely fantastic sex life, when we can get it. In fact I think the sex I have with the H is far better than with the bit on the side, with the H its just not frequent enough for my liking....could well be an age thing on his part and generally life just getting in the way (tiredness, kids, stress & stuff like that)

With it being the summer holidays here, the H and I have enjoyed a few weeks off work which has led to many opportunities to have some fantastic & spontaneous marital sex which I thought I would share with you.....

I was sunbathing outside, watching the H digging in the garden with his shirt off (I will be the first to admit he's got a fabulous body, very muscular with each nipple pierced, mmmm!) He stopped to grab a drink and sit on the edge of the lounger to chat to me. As he was chatting away he started running his hand up and down my back, which was slick with sweat, and over my ass, tracing the outline of my bikini bottoms with his finger then dipping his finger under the edge and following that line down between my legs.

I rolled over and parted my legs to give him better access between my legs and I'm sure he noticed just how much he was turning me on by my hard nipples showing through my bikini top. He kept his fingers inside my bottoms, brushing them over my swelling pussy lips and trailing them down to finger my ass.

H: Why don't we take this inside?

Grabbing my hand, he pulls me off the lounger and into the house, walking behind me and all the time whispering in my ear what he's going to do to me when he get me in the bedroom. We reach the bedroom and turn to face him. He cups my face with his hand and starts kissing me, his tongue sliding into my mouth. I reach down and push his shorts over his hips and grab his thick, hard cock in my hand and brush my thumb over the tip, rubbing precum all over the end.

He pushes me back onto the bed, kneels between my legs and with one quick movement strips my bikini bottoms off. I relax into the mattress as I feel his tongue lapping at my clit, I feel him push one finger into my pussy, then two, then another in my ass. OMG the sensation is driving me wild!

Abruptly as he start he stops. I hear my bedside drawer opening and smile to myself knowing what is coming next. Next is the sound of the cap on the bottle of lube being snapped back down. My heart is pounding with anticipation and excitement.

H: Roll over onto your hands and knees

I say nothing and do what he asks. I feel him pushing the tip of the butt plug into my ass, slowly inserting it deeper and deeper. I can't help but moan and squirm around, encouraging him to push it in faster. Finally I feel it come to rest, stretching my ass wide open around the thick base.

The next sensation is the tip of his cock being rubbed up and down my swollen, wet pussy before being plunged deep inside me with one quick thrust. The feeling of fullness is incredible. Slowly at first, he start fucking me. His pubic bone thrusting against the butt plug each time he buries himself deep inside me. I notice my vibrator beside me, so picking it up I turn it on and start massaging it over my clit.

The amazing sensation of the butt plug, his cock and the vibrator are all too much for me and I cum, just about screaming with the intensity of the orgasm. The H is merely a thrust or two behind me before he cums as well.

Mmmm gotta love summer holidays!


Monday, January 5, 2009

I love lying out in the sun, feeling the warm rays on my naked skin, the breeze gently tickling across my body. Its something I try and do as often as possible, especially if I can manage it when no one else is home.

So one very warm spring day found me out on the deck lapping up the rays and sending suggestive & dirty texts the bit on the side (there is not a lot else to do when your sunbathing!). Being a rather hot day, I suggested he pop around for a cold drink to cool himself off. It was an invitation he couldn't refuse!

He arrived to find me stretched out naked on the sun lounger. We chatted for a few minutes while I teased him by rearranging my body on the lounger and parting my legs so he could get a good view of my bare pussy. Finally I offered to get him the cold drink I promised and he followed me inside and into the kitchen.

I got the ice cubes out to put in his drink, he picked one up and ran it down my chest and over my nipples, teasing them into stiff peaks with the ice. Leaning down he took a nipple into his warm mouth and sucked hard on it, flicking his tongue over the hard nub. The sensation of cold then hot then cold again on my nipples was indescribable, I could already feel the wetness begin to gather between my legs. When that ice cube was exhausted he picked up another one and ran in down my belly and between my parted legs and slipped in my pussy with his fingers following behind it.

Pushing me back against the kitchen bench he kissed me, hard. As his tongue explored my mouth, his fingers moved in and out of my soaking wet pussy and he started rubbing his thumb over my clit, teasing me. My god, my whole body felt on fire with a burning need. I ran my hands down his chest and quickly unzipped his pants so I could get my hands on his cock and using his juices I started to pump my hand up and down his cock.

He spun me around and pushed me over the kitchen bench, the shock of the cold bench top on my naked chest making me gasp. Pushing my legs wider apart, he started rubbing his dribbling cock over my pussy, from one end to the other, teasing my clit with his hard knob and coating my ass with precum and my own juices. He rested his cock against my asshole and reached around to take a breast in each hand, his thumbs brushing over my hard nipples.

I couldn't help but to lean back into him, slowing mounting myself on his hard cock, inch by inch he slowly slid into my ass. He grabbed my hips and began pumping his cock slowly in and out of my ass while I reaching down to play with my clit. He began to gather speed, fucking me harder and faster.....I couldn't take it anymore and came hard, my pussy juices soaking my own hand. He abruptly pulled out and coated my back and ass with hot spurts of cum.

We just stand there for a moment, recovering. He turns my face to him and kisses me deeply before zipping himself up and walking out the door.

Goals for the new year

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm one of those people that love to make lists & set goals, then tick off my achievements one by one. That's not to say I don't enjoy spontaneity but nothing makes me happier than having things mapped out, even if they don't go to plan!

So with it being the start of a brand new year, I got out my notebook and wrote down everything I would love to do and achieve this year and I thought I would share a few of them with you (wont bore you all with the work/life ones!!)

5 things I want to do this year

1. Try out some girl on girl action
2. Go to a swingers club
3. Have a threesome
4. Watch another couple having sex
5. Partner swap

Lucky enough, my dear H is quite open minded so at least these things are theoretically achievable! The challenging part is making the achievable happen.

I do wonder though, does anyone else set goals like this for themselves?
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