The Accidental Adulterer

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The one thing that truly, deeply irritates me about the bit on the side is his stance to adultery, specifically our affair. The guy is the pin up boy for Mr Morals, which is fine, just because you have sex with someone other than your husband/wife, it doesn't mean you cant be a moral person. But he takes it one step further and refuses to plan an adulterous encounter. He says he likes it to be random and spontaneous but I think that he feels if encounters are planned in anyway then he's consenting to the adultery and that makes him feel very uncomfortable. Which means our relationship revolves a lot around car sex.

Don't get me wrong, I love car sex. But it would be nice to have sex somewhere else more often like a bed, the shower, in a hotel room, hell anywhere but in the car! We have occasionally had sex in other places like my house, his house, my work and his too. But neither of us feel particularly comfortable in any of those four places and when your not feeling comfortable its hard to really enjoy the moment.

I also would love to be able to 'get ready' for our encounters. Make sure that I'm looking at my very best, freshly waxed, shaved, moisturised and wearing gorgeous knickers, that sort of thing. I think it would add another exciting dimension, build on the anticipation. As it is, my wardrobe has evolved to suit our random, spontaneous encounters as I never quite know if I will see him on any given day. So trousers have been thrown out and skirts and dresses now feature heavily (for easy access) Beautiful underwear is wore every day, not just on special occasions and my personal maintenance has increased ten-fold, which is probably not a bad thing really.

Hmmmm maybe I should just book the room, send the invite and see what happens?

I promise I will add the second part of wifely duties this week, I just felt the need to get this particular bug-bear off my chest!


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