First Meeting

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had arranged to meet in the morning for a coffee. As I was parking my car he sent a text to let me know he was running a little late (wins points for being thoughtful!) I ordered a coffee and found a table outside so I could enjoy the sun while waiting for him to arrive. I looked up just as he walked around the corner and I immediately knew it was him. Don’t you love it when their pictures online do absolutely no justice to them and they end up being far better looking in real life?

He spotted me instantly and exchanged greetings and cheek kisses before he went inside to order his own coffee. I welcomed the chance to lift my jaw off the ground, wipe the drool from my chin, and bat that damn lust fairy off my shoulder. I don’t usually judge men purely on their looks, for me personality counts for just as much. I thought I was lucky with the last one being better than average looks-wise, but this guy is ‘Oh.My.God’ good looking.

Tall, tanned and toned (does triathlons and has the body to prove it) short sun-bleached blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He has that classic ‘air force/fly-boy’ look about him, possibly because he flies helicopters (yeah, I’m shallow enough to be turned on by that too!)

He returns to the table and we sit and chat about this and that. He has a lovely personality, quite a serious kind of guy and completely different to the usual ‘type’ that I go for, which is why I deliberately chose him. The usual ‘inked up, pierced, x-factor, full-of-himself bad boy’ type that I usually go for has recently caused me nothing but grief, so I thought I would give another ‘type’ a go.

By the time we had finished our coffees it was clearly obvious that the chemistry was there and we both well and truly approved of each other, which led to the ‘when can we get together again?’ question. I told him that I wanted to think about it and would let him know very soon, hell after he last time I was making sure that I was thinking about this with the right bits of my anatomy!

Within 15 minutes of leaving the café he text me: It was really great finally meeting you today and I would love to see you again. Yup, we have a winner here! Yeah, I put him out of his misery and text him straight back saying I would love to see him again too. Now all I need is a blog name for him, cause this one is sticking around….

The Hotel Fantasy

Monday, February 23, 2009

I was feeling rather *inspired* [ok, read horny] the other day this is the result of my thoughtful daydreaming. Its a little more vanilla that what I usually write but I had fun with it, I hope you all do too!!

The time is arranged. 1PM, room 1169 at our usual hotel. I am trembling in anticipation as I get myself ready. My legs and pussy are shaved smooth and are silky feeling with a beautiful scented lotion. My hair is freshly washed and hangs half way down my back, gently swaying with every motion I make. I look at the bed and consider the choices of underwear I have laid out. Shall I choose the beautiful, delicate lacy white bra & knickers, giving that slightly virginal feel? Or should I go with the more sensual black and pink ones teemed up with thigh high stockings? I make my choice and slip them on. Then carefully, not to ruin my hair and makeup I slip on my favorite dress, the one that shows off my shallow cleavage, giving little glimpses of my underwear underneath if you dare look close enough. The flippy little skirt swings and settles around my knees. I slide my feet into a pair of heels, apply one last swipe of lipstick and finally I am ready for you.

As I drive towards the hotel I can feel the butterflies in my tummy building. The anticipation is turning me on. My nipples feel so very sensitive and are rubbing against my bra, almost painfully so. I can feel wetness seeping out between my legs, soaking my panties. I mentally urge the cars around me to hurry up, go faster, I can’t wait to see you again.

Finally I arrive at the hotel and park my car. As I walk through the foyer I notice the admiring glances from a group of businessmen assembled and waiting to check in. One of them catches my eye and drops me a wink. I smile to myself, if he only knew, hey maybe he does. I stride into the waiting elevator and push the button for your floor. My heart starts pounding a little harder as the doors of the elevator glide open, announcing the arrival of the right floor. My knees tremble slightly as I walk closer to the door. At the door, I pause a moment, take a deep breath, then I knock.

The door swings open and there you stand. Several heartbeats go by, as you look me up and down, taking me in. A smile curves on your lips, giving your approval of my appearance. I walk into the room towards you. You swing the door shut behind me and walk me back up against the door. Cupping my face, you lean down and kiss me. Your lips nibble at mine, the kiss deepens and your tongue seeks out my own. Your intent becomes more forceful, I feel your hips meet mine, your hard on pressing against me. I hook a leg up around your waist, pulling you into me, your hand trails up my thigh pushing my dress up with it until it reaches my hip. You start kissing my ears, neck and all over my face you rain down tiny kisses.

You stop and step back, your eyes drinking in the sight of me, it feels like forever since we saw each other last. I lean forward pushing myself off the door, reach around and unzip my dress, letting it fall away and puddle around my feet on the floor. I see your eyes widen slightly and you utter a single word before reaching for me again. ‘Babe’. Leaning in, you kiss me again, your hands trail lightly up and down each side of my torso sending little shivers of delight all over my body. Your hands settle on my chest, each hand cupping a breast, kneading them through the sheer fabric of my bra. Your thumbs skim over my nipples, teasing them into hard peaks. Deftly you slide your hands around to my back and unhook my bra, it too falls to the floor to join my dress.

I push myself against you, I need to feel you, I want to feel skin on skin, I want more of you. Your hands skim down my back and cup my ass. In a single movement you lift me up. I hook my arms around your neck and wrap my legs around your waist while you walk towards the bed. Gently you lay me down on the bed. Straightening up you ease off your tie, unbutton your shirt and flip open the belt on your pants. The whole time your eyes don’t leave mine. You are silently telling me that I’m yours, yours to do with as you wish.

You shrug out of your shirt and let your pants drop to the ground. Your hard on strains against your boxers, begging to be let out to play. How can I resist? I scoot forward, kneel on the end of the bed, and with my hands push your boxers off your hips. Now eye-to-eye with your impressively hard cock I put out my tongue and lap at the end of your cock. I hear your sharp intake of breath as my tongue flicks and swirls around. Cupping your balls in one hand I open my mouth and take as much as I can of you in my mouth. I work your cock in and out of my mouth, my teeth gently scraping, and tongue cradling the underside. I feel you weave your fingers into my hair, urging me on.

After a few more minutes of this I feel you pull out of my mouth. A single strand of precum hangs for a moment between my plump parted lips and your cock. You push me back against the bed and kissing me hard as come down over me. Your lips break away from mine and you nibble on my ear lobe, and start kissing down my neck. Your hand cups my breast, thumb flicking over the erect nipple before you circle your tongue around each nipple then over each nipple, teasing the hard peaks. You close your mouth over one nipple and suck gently. I feel rush course throughout my body before settling in my stomach. Your hands have been busy tracing up down my thighs, skimming the side of my panties, brushing over my mound. I feel you ease a finger beneath the lace edge and your hand works its way inside my knickers.

I arch my back in delight and you start kissing down my tummy, stopping to tug on my belly bar with your teeth. That gets my attention, I look down at you, and we swap a grin. You drag my panties off and slide a finger between my pussy lips, coating my wetness all over my clit. I feel your finger work its way inside me, in and out, a substitute for your cock. With a little smile you pull your hand out from between my legs and suck on the finger covered with my juices before leaning down and using your tongue where your fingers were only moments before. Rhythmically your tongue laps at my clit, your finger pushing inside me again and I arch my hips against your face begging for more.

I tighten my muscles around your finger, my hips rocking against your face and you know that I'm so close to cumming. You cruelly stop and I utter a little squeak of surprise as you flip me over and pull me up onto my knees. I can feel your hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks. Taking your cock, you guide it inside me, stretching me open, filling me up. Your hands skim up my belly to cup each breast as you start rocking in and out of me in that age-old rhythm of fucking. With each stroke I can feel my orgasm building, your cock stroking that special spot inside me. The feeling grows, my knees start trembling, and a hot flush starts to creep down my body. I feel your cock thicken just a little and I know that you are so close to cumming too. Then the feeling peaks sending an explosive orgasm throughout my body. My head tilts back exposing my throat, my back arches, muscles clench as I drive my ass into you, wrapping you in my orgasm, taking you there with me.

The End

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well my 18 month affair with the bit on the side has come to an end. There were no goodbye's, nothing has been said, it has all just silently slipped away. We are both the type to keep doors open just in case but I know that its over and there is no going back.

I can't help but feel a bit sad that its over but I have no regrets at all. He has taught me so much about myself and for that I will be forever grateful to him. Do we ever appreciate the impact that lovers have on our lives, especially ones that stay for a while? I suspect not.

Is this the end of my blog too? Hell no! There are still many stories to write and share about our time together. He may have been my first but I am absolutely certain that he will not be the last. Bye darlin........its been fun!

Doing it the old fashioned way

Monday, February 16, 2009

I must confess I love my toys, I have a drawer packed full of them and they are used at every opportunity. Hey, I like play with myself, its great stress relief, my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, back to my toys. Being the lazy girl that I am, the battery powered aspect of them (well most of them) really appeals to me, turn on, apply to clit, 2 - 5 minutes later and hey presto, orgasm! Love it!

The other day though, just didn't quite go to plan. Yep, you guessed it.........dead batteries! Now normally I am well prepared for such an eventuality, extra batteries at the ready + 15 minute charger, but on this particular day, it just wasn't going my way. Extra batteries were dead, charger was at work and I had gotten enough buzz to get me to the point where not getting to the finish line was simply not an option.

Whats a girl to do!! Well first things first, check the kids toys (every Xmas I silently curse the grandparents for buying my children every conceivable battery powered toy in the universe, do you know how expensive they are to run!) No luck there! Digital camera.....shit, dead too. I spotted the TV remotes....fuck wrong size batteries! By this stage I'm getting really frustrated, in more ways that one!!

The it hit me, I was just going to have to finish this off the old fashioned way. Good grief, do you know how long its been since I did that? so long, I can't actually remember the last time! So I slide a finger down and start to experiment, then it all comes back to me......

Must say though, while the old fashioned way certainly hits the spot, I won't be giving up my toys in a hurry!

Sexy Knickers

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have a thing for gorgeous underwear. In fact I have drawers full of them, some cute n sassy, others deeply sexy and vamp-ish. No grey, over-washed bra's & knickers for me, nope sexy knickers are the secret to feeling great even on days where, well, you don't feel on top of your game. Pop on a set of gorgeous matching underwear in the morning and I feel like I could rule the world! (and better yet, no one even knows) I thought I would share my favourites with you......


Friday, February 13, 2009

We meet at his house for a coffee. He indeed does make me one and we sit outside in the hot sun with our drinks chatting about this & that. He asks if I had found someone else to fuck yet, I umm and ahh and dodge that question (I am regretting telling him that) While we are chatting away, I bring one leg up so my foot is resting on the seat of the chair and let my legs fall open. Its an incredibly hot day and I'm not wearing any underwear under my skimpy sun dress. He's wearing sunglasses so I can't see if he's looking or not, I assume he is. I tease him by closing my legs back up then spreading them again.

We finish our coffee and go inside to put the cups away and gather our things to leave, him back to work, me back to my lovely day off. He comes up behind me & pushes me over the kitchen bench, flips up the bottom of my dress and drives two fingers straight into my pussy. My head came up in shock at the abruptness of the gesture. He keeps holding me down with one hand and finger fucking me fiercely with the other.

Him: your very wet

Me: you have that effect on me

He makes no comment to that. I reached around and try to unzip his pants, struggling to get him unzipped in my haste to get my hands on his cock. He's rock hard. He stops touching me to unbuckle himself and allow me better access & pulls his shirt off at the same time. Its so damn hot & muggy, sweat is pouring off both of us. I'm now facing him, my hand riding up and down his cock.

Again, he drives two fingers in my pussy and fucks me with them, his palm riding over my clit. I feel another finger being slipped in my ass. The combined sensation is overwhelming. He starts bucking his hips against my hand, trying to encourage me to tighten my grip. No way sunshine, your not cumming until after I do, I know him well enough to know that when he cums its all over and I will be shunted out the door left wanting, not this time.

I'm looking at him, he refuses to catch my eye. With my free hand I cup the back of his head and lean in and bite his shoulder, not hard but hard enough. I feel his cock get a little bit harder and thicker like it does just before he cums. I let go of his cock and start raking my long finger nails down his back, pulling him into me and demanding harder, faster, more....

He drops to his knees and buries his face between my legs. His tongue working hard on my clit, two fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, a second finger is pushed in my ass. I am breathing so hard I feel like I'm going to pass out. All my makeup has been sweated off my face and my hair is plastered against my head. I look down at him and see he is sweating just as much as I am, its running off him. I keep demanding more, I am so damn close to cumming.

He mutters a curse, stops, stands up and pushes his body hard against mine. With just one finger he starts playing with my clit, gently at first then harder and faster. I grab his cock firmly again and start riding my hand up and down. The change in sensation from fingers and tongue everywhere to just a gently applied finger is intense, the intensity of it pushes me over the edge. I lean back against the bench, my legs shaking, barely able to hold my own weight.

My legs part and my back slides down the end of the counter, I take his cock in my mouth. My tongue working over the end, my hand pumping up and down his shaft, my other hand cupping his balls. With both hands he grabs my head and forces his cock deeper in my mouth, saying 'that's it, you suck my cock' 'you want it, don't you'. I start to gag, I cant believe he's saying those things to me, I cant believe he's touching my head (the first blow job I gave him I told him to never, ever touch my head, I hate it) I can't believe how much this is turning me on.

It doesn't take much more, he cums in my mouth and I suck up every last drop. I look up at him and lick my lips. I suspect that I also have a rather evil bitchy look on my face. I stand up and get myself a drink of water, trying to cool down. He wipes himself down with a towel and puts his shirt back on. He stands there for a moment just looking at me.

Him: Go out there and find that guy. And on that note.... (he brings his hand up and waves)

I walk over to him to kiss him goodbye, he dodges slightly and I get his cheek. The gesture isn't lost on me, I feel my back straighten and I turn on my heel and walk out the door without looking back.

As I drive down the road, I feel a wave of emotions washing over me. Some good, many bad and then I feel a tear slide down my cheek and then another. Fuck.

Why I do the things I do.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

There are no doubt as many reasons why people stray from their marriages are there are people that stray. Ask ten people and you will probably get ten different answers. I don't think that one single reason covers it either. Its a complex mix of reasons that is unique to every individual that does this.

So why do I? Well for a start I fell into it. An accidental adulterer if you could call it that. He was there, I was tempted and so it happened. Although I don't think it would have happened if there wasn't something missing in my life though. Lets face it, when we are married, there is temptation everywhere, we don't always act on it, in fact most of the time we don't give it a second thought.

Messing around with the bit on the side made me realise that there was more than just sex missing in my life. Maybe I should rephrase that to, more than just an orgasm missing. Because sex is about so much more than just the orgasm, I can achieve an orgasm on my own with just as much pleasure in a fairly short time frame, no man or mess involved!. No, sex involves touching another person, connecting on a level, sharing yourself and taking from them and lots of other wonderful things that are far beyond just an orgasm.

I was missing that touching, that sharing, that connecting with another person just as much as I was missing a good hard fuck. Its not like my H doesn't touch me, he does. He cuddles and kisses me and randomly touches me just for the hell of it. We don't have sex as often as I would like, obviously, but the sex we do have is fantastic and satisfying. But I miss the, well, intimacy that goes with having sex.

The other reasons I look for it elsewhere are ego and selfishness. Usually not nice traits that we want to think about in our personalities. But if I am honest with myself, I love having my ego stroked by the fact another man finds me attractive, wants to fuck me. There is nothing that will bolster your self esteem like it! (other than incredibly sexy lingerie that's very flattering)

I'm also a selfish creature, that's not to say that I'm not giving and generous person, but I am also inherently selfish. I know the difference between wants and needs and I choose to selfishly believe that some of my wants are needs instead, why else would I screw around on my H.

There are a whole lot more reasons why I dip my toe out of the marital bed, these are probably just the major ones. Its hard to look inwards and reason out why I do this, instead of just dismissively saying 'because I can'. But I think if you gain anything at all out infidelity, it should at least be a better understanding of yourself (and secondly some seriously good sex!)

Thinking out loud

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wonder, is kissing like giving a blow job, a learnt thing or does it come naturally? I only wonder about this because I am heading out there to try someone new and it has made me ponder myself, my abilities & sexual techniques. Possibly an odd thing to wonder and worry about but to be honest, I am not terribly sexually experienced. Bar the bit on the side, I haven't been with another man in over 17 years. And before I met my H I didn't really have many boyfriends or experiment sexual with guys or women for that matter.

I didn't seem to have the same curiosity about sex as many of my friends, maybe its because I grew up on a farm and sex really held no mystery to me, what between 'the boy next door' and farm animals I had kind of seen it all. That and having a Swedish mother who would openly and rather randomly dispense advice about men and sex. I was rather late in my teenage years (compared to my friends) when I lost my virginity and it was within a year of that happening that I met and married my husband.

So what makes a good kisser and a good kiss? I am fairly certain I know what makes a good blow job, the bit on the side tells me I give outstanding blow jobs, although I suspect that he also says that to ensure that more will be in the offering! But there are those subtle cues that are given off by the guy, the moans & sighs. Its something that you pick up as you go along, each one gets better because you learnt something from the last.

I suppose, just as there can be bad blow jobs there are bad kisses & kissers. My memory of teenage kissing is one of sloppy wet lips and too much tongue. I think I have improved over the years and hopefully everyone else has too! It was strange the first time I kissed the bit on the side, a whole different technique, taste and sensation. It was incredibly erotic and exciting but strange all at the same time. You get so used to doing things one way for so many years, to try something different is scary, exciting but scary.

*sigh* I think the only person that's going to understand this pile of muttered ramblings is myself! and even I have my doubts about how much sense I'm making today....I think I shall go and worry about something a bit more meaningful, like what to have for dinner instead!

The winds of change....

Friday, February 6, 2009

The winds of change are blowing in my life, a gentle breeze is pushing one man away and bringing others in. My blog is a little bit random with all sorts kinda chucked in and in no particular order, so I thought I would bring you up to date with where its all currently at.

My relationship with the bit on the side is almost at the end. It was inevitable that it was going to end one day, as these things do. Although I have pushed it to its conclusion so I could move on. I shall explain. When the bit on the side and I first started our adventure, it was all on. Anywhere, any time, we couldn't get enough of each other and there was nothing that we didn't do or try. It was passionate and lust-fuelled, as these things are and should be.

Then reality kicked in for him, he was cheating and he wasn't too comfortable with that. We stopped having sex and just kept to 'messing around'. Oddly enough oral sex, blow jobs etc. according to him were fine, actually having sex with me was 'too much like cheating'. I haven't even tried to figure that one out but it didn't worry me, he was happy & I was happy. Given the limited circumstances of being able to get together, that was about all we could fit into the time & space available. All good.

So what has made me want to end it? The lack of sex? partially. No, its something far worse....the dreaded E word. Yup 'emotions'. I have known the bit on the side for about 6 years and we have been lovers for nearly 2 years. Our friendship has always fun, casual and based on a mutual interest in sex. But there has always been that 'something' else lurking there, just a bit beyond just pure lust. We both know its there and we both do everything to avoid acknowledging that its there. Just a little push, a little letting go, would be all it would take to send us catapulting beyond lust in to something more.

Over the passage of time, feelings have developed for him. I can't have feelings like this for another man. I have my husband who is my best friend, my soul mate, the other half that makes me whole. It just can't be. So I have created the end.

The bit on the side is currently sulking as I have told him I need sex and I am actively looking for it elsewhere. Did I tell him this hoping to get a reaction, hoping he might offer (even though I knew it wasn't in the offering) ? hell yeah, and it was probably an unkind thing to do. He took it well, all things considered. Asked if we would still chat and be friends, of course we will! Asked if we would still 'play around'? sorry Hun, I don't know, I can't answer that one yet.

So where to from here? Damn good question! That's the fun thing about life, you never know what's around the corner! I have found it very hard to write this post. I can write all day about sex, steamy encounter and all that kind of thing but I find it incredibly difficult to scratch beyond that surface to write and express how I feel, my emotions and bigger things.

Phew! that has you all caught up. Very soon I am hoping to introduce you to someone new........

The successful applicant must have......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When I posted my profile on the 'adult dating' website, I must admit that I hadn't given too much thought to what sort of guy/s I was looking for. Sure I had a few basic rules about 'must have/must be' and was upfront in my profile about what I was seeking, but I didn't have a list of criteria they must meet. I have found that a criteria list has evolved through the experience of receiving messages and having a good hard think about the risks involved and how to minimise those risks.

As anyone who dips their toe outside the marital bed will tell you, there are indeed risks that come with this kind of thing. Some are small and easy to minimise, some are huge and potentially life destroying. Lets face it, when you buy a new car you get as many safety features that you can possibly afford in order to keep you and your family safe on the road, so why not put the same thought and effort into your potential fuck buddy? Not all of it is about risk, most of it is just about what I want in a man.

So no doubt your wondering what my criteria is! Wonder no more, for here it is.....

Must be/Must have

Must be married
There are a whole host of reasons why I'm not interested in single guys. Married guys have as much to lose as you do and have a healthy appreciation & understand for the risk etc. your putting yourself at.

Must live within the same city
Initially I was pretty tough on this bit of criteria, I thought that keeping it close to home would make logistics easier. But after thinking about this a bit more, I am beginning to think that someone from out of town who visits regularly could work. Oh and cut down on the chances of running into them in the pub on a Friday night! I'm now keeping my options open on that one.

Must be aged between 35 - 45
I'm not hugely ageist, if the right kinda guy fall slightly out of this range I won't discount him because of it. I have been messaged by quite a few guys well into their 50's and 60's, lets face it for them, a mid-thirties woman would be a hell of a score! But I'm just not into sugar daddy's.

Must have some intelligence
Hey, I'm not talking Mensa type intelligence here. Just someone who can hold a conversation and doesn't reply with grunts. Not that you need top-end linguist abilities to fuck but it doesn't hurt right?

Must have a sense of humour
There is nothing sexier than a guy with a wicked sense of humour. For me, this is about having fun as well as satisfying a need & it would be great to find someone you can have a laugh with at the same time!

Must look after themselves

I put a lot of effort into looking after myself and expect the same from my potential partners. I don't expect hard-bodied gym junkies (prefer not actually!) but a good standard of personal care and hygiene is a must.

Slappers need not apply
If your shagging or trying to shag everything that walks past, I'm not interested. I would prefer to think that I'm the only one or at least part of a select few that you share yourself with (quality over quantity)

There are more things that I take into account when weighing up a guys potential for being my fuck buddy and I'm sure I have missed a crucial bit of criteria off this list (it will no doubt come to me in the middle of the night!) Reading back over this post, I'm almost feeling like I'm being a wee bit picky. But at the end of the day, it is all about me......


Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't say that that I'm a huge fan of golf, which is why, when the bit on the side asked me to walk with him around the golf course while he played a quick twilight round, my level of enthusiasm was fairly low. I mean, how much fun can you have on a golf course for godsakes?

Surprisingly more fun than I had anticipated! Although I must say having me along, plays hell with his game. But on the flip side there is something exciting and riske about flirting, brushing past each other etc out in the fresh air. Even more fun when he's standing behind me trying to show me how to hold a club & swing it with his hard on pressed firmly against my ass and his lips nibbling on my neck and ear. All that delicious touching and rubbing up against each other.

Well we managed about 6 holes before we couldn't keep our hands off each other any more and a conveniently secluded bit of bush appeared, which he dragged me into. He pushed me up against a tree, slid his hand behind my head and pulled me close for a long deep kiss. Oh my, does the man know how to gave me an instant flood of heat between my legs, especially when he sucked on my bottom lip.

Our hands roam all over each other, he pushes up my top & bra, exposing my hard nipples to the cool evening air. He unzips my shorts, and plunges his hand between my legs and slides a finger between my pussy lips, seeking out my slick wetness. With his mouth and tongue teasing my nipples and his fingers busily either stroking my clit or thrusting inside me, he starts playing me, building me up, easing me back only to build me up again.

I reach for his shorts and lower the zip. His erection springs forward into my waiting hand. Grasping him firmly in hand, I rub the droplets of pre cum over the head of his cock with my thumb and move my hand up and down his cock, my whole palm coming over the head then washing more pre cum down, lubricating my hand and his cock.

I can hear his breath rasping in my ear, he's breathing hard, it wont be long. Our movements get faster, more hurried, trying to get each other and ourselves off as fast as we can. I push my hips harder against his hand, urging him on, just a little bit more, I'm so nearly there. Then I feel it, that sensation builds to a peak and I explode against his hand. I'm glad he has me pinned against the tree as I feel my knees buckling.

All through my own orgasm, I don't let up on stroking his cock. My hand moves rhythmically, softly, lightly, then harder and tighter. I hear him whisper in my ear 'I'm going to cum' so I drop to my knees and wrap my lips firmly over his cock, pushing as much of his length into my mouth as I can get without gagging. I feel his hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to take more of him into my mouth. I suck and suck hard as I feel him shoot his load in my mouth. I swallow each spurt of it down and use my tongue to clean him off, making sure I have every last drop.

He pulls me to my feet and we rearrange our clothes before sheepishly slinking out of the bushes and back onto the golf course. He gives me one of those self satisfied smirks before we tee off on the next hole. Who knew golf could be so much fun! (damn shame it has to involve clubs and those stupid little balls that never end up where they are meant to!!)
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