Friday, February 13, 2009

We meet at his house for a coffee. He indeed does make me one and we sit outside in the hot sun with our drinks chatting about this & that. He asks if I had found someone else to fuck yet, I umm and ahh and dodge that question (I am regretting telling him that) While we are chatting away, I bring one leg up so my foot is resting on the seat of the chair and let my legs fall open. Its an incredibly hot day and I'm not wearing any underwear under my skimpy sun dress. He's wearing sunglasses so I can't see if he's looking or not, I assume he is. I tease him by closing my legs back up then spreading them again.

We finish our coffee and go inside to put the cups away and gather our things to leave, him back to work, me back to my lovely day off. He comes up behind me & pushes me over the kitchen bench, flips up the bottom of my dress and drives two fingers straight into my pussy. My head came up in shock at the abruptness of the gesture. He keeps holding me down with one hand and finger fucking me fiercely with the other.

Him: your very wet

Me: you have that effect on me

He makes no comment to that. I reached around and try to unzip his pants, struggling to get him unzipped in my haste to get my hands on his cock. He's rock hard. He stops touching me to unbuckle himself and allow me better access & pulls his shirt off at the same time. Its so damn hot & muggy, sweat is pouring off both of us. I'm now facing him, my hand riding up and down his cock.

Again, he drives two fingers in my pussy and fucks me with them, his palm riding over my clit. I feel another finger being slipped in my ass. The combined sensation is overwhelming. He starts bucking his hips against my hand, trying to encourage me to tighten my grip. No way sunshine, your not cumming until after I do, I know him well enough to know that when he cums its all over and I will be shunted out the door left wanting, not this time.

I'm looking at him, he refuses to catch my eye. With my free hand I cup the back of his head and lean in and bite his shoulder, not hard but hard enough. I feel his cock get a little bit harder and thicker like it does just before he cums. I let go of his cock and start raking my long finger nails down his back, pulling him into me and demanding harder, faster, more....

He drops to his knees and buries his face between my legs. His tongue working hard on my clit, two fingers thrusting in and out of my pussy, a second finger is pushed in my ass. I am breathing so hard I feel like I'm going to pass out. All my makeup has been sweated off my face and my hair is plastered against my head. I look down at him and see he is sweating just as much as I am, its running off him. I keep demanding more, I am so damn close to cumming.

He mutters a curse, stops, stands up and pushes his body hard against mine. With just one finger he starts playing with my clit, gently at first then harder and faster. I grab his cock firmly again and start riding my hand up and down. The change in sensation from fingers and tongue everywhere to just a gently applied finger is intense, the intensity of it pushes me over the edge. I lean back against the bench, my legs shaking, barely able to hold my own weight.

My legs part and my back slides down the end of the counter, I take his cock in my mouth. My tongue working over the end, my hand pumping up and down his shaft, my other hand cupping his balls. With both hands he grabs my head and forces his cock deeper in my mouth, saying 'that's it, you suck my cock' 'you want it, don't you'. I start to gag, I cant believe he's saying those things to me, I cant believe he's touching my head (the first blow job I gave him I told him to never, ever touch my head, I hate it) I can't believe how much this is turning me on.

It doesn't take much more, he cums in my mouth and I suck up every last drop. I look up at him and lick my lips. I suspect that I also have a rather evil bitchy look on my face. I stand up and get myself a drink of water, trying to cool down. He wipes himself down with a towel and puts his shirt back on. He stands there for a moment just looking at me.

Him: Go out there and find that guy. And on that note.... (he brings his hand up and waves)

I walk over to him to kiss him goodbye, he dodges slightly and I get his cheek. The gesture isn't lost on me, I feel my back straighten and I turn on my heel and walk out the door without looking back.

As I drive down the road, I feel a wave of emotions washing over me. Some good, many bad and then I feel a tear slide down my cheek and then another. Fuck.


Mike said...


Anonymous said...

Very intense...

Sorry about the bad emotions... it sucks.

Riff Dog said...

Yes, "intense" is the word.

Confessor X said...

damn sweetie! that was hot, very hot!!! powerful piece! great work...cant wait to read more about him ;)

Petal said...

Thanks for your comments, I wasn't sure if I had captured the moment very well in words, its a hard thing to do. I strongly suspect that will be the last time with him, in hindsight I should have left him on the golf course with a smile on his face and a fantastic memory of the last time with me but being who I am I just couldn't leave it there....live & learn!

Anonymous said...

Wow, damn you are a good writer! That was very good. I have read all your blogs in order to this point, is your husband OK with your extracurricular activities, or is it a secret you keep from him?

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