HNT: Years Favourite HNT

Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is definitely my favourite HNT picture of the year. For years [and years] I have always thought that I had a fat ass, as ya do, but this picture made me realise it was merely a matter of perspective...when I try to twist myself into a pretzel to check out my ass in the mirror, this is not the view I see. But this is the view everyone else sees, its all a matter of perspective!

Happy HNT and Happy New Year everyone!

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HNT: Three Christmas Wishes

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dewey: For you, I would like to give you an Island...Yup, so you can set up Hot Bloggers Island. I do this in the faint hope that I may be invited [wink, wink, nudge, nudge]

 Yummy: I would like to gift you a housework have had a hell of a year girl and I think you more than deserve to have a little fairy goodness come and work some magic at your house so you can spend some time with your adorable girls.

 Me: I have absolutely no idea how you manage to keep track of all the men in your life...please accept my gift of a personal organiser to help keep track of all those has a wee section for making notes to blog from later, because we need to know the details!

So those are my three Christmas Wishes...Pop along and visit Osbasso to see who else is playing along this week and what they have gifted!


HNT: Christmas Tree Edition

Thursday, December 17, 2009

[Clickity-click to see whats lurking half-nekkid by the Christmas tree...]

I must confess that I am not a huge fan of Christmas, in fact I'm rather prone to wandering about muttering 'bah-fucking-humbug' at this time of the year. I hate the rush that proceeds the day, I hate the commercialism and I hate the complete and utter family crap that usual goes with the day...and tinsel, don't get me started on vacumming up tinsel for the next nine bloody months!! For the second year running the kids have talked me into having a 'real' Christmas tree as a posed to the nice little fake number I have tucked in the shed. I have to say that its really nice to come home at the end of the day to the twinkling lights on the tree and the smell of pine throughout the house, it almost makes me feel Christmasy...

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By the twinkling lights of the...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By the twinkling lights of the...stars, we lay on a blanket, fingers entwined, gazing up at the nights sky. It had been a fantastic summers afternoon at the beach, finished off with a twilight picinic dinner in the dunes. We watched as the sun set over the ocean, sipping our wine in companiable silence. The dog walkers, laughing children and families long since gone. Only the occational squalking of the gulls and crashing waves remained to keep us company.

You lifted your hand, taking with it mine and brought it to your lips, softly pressing kisses to the sensitive underside of my wrist. I turned my body towards you in response and you leaned over to kiss me and kiss me you did. One of those long, slow, sexy kind of kisses that hits you straight in the belly. A flood of heat rushed over my body as you sucked on my bottom lip.

My hands skimmed down your body, over your chest and to your shorts where your arousal was already quite evident. I popped open the button of your shorts and slid down the zip so I could take your hard cock in hand. You continued to dot little kisses down my neck as you ran your hand up my leg, pushing my dress up my thigh as you went, exposing my legs to the cool evening breeze.

Your fingers brushed over my naked mound, teasingly. The mere touch from you sending a flood of wetness between my legs. Your hand parted my legs and your fingers slid between my bare pussy lips, gently massaging my clit. Deftly you moved down my body and replaced your fingers with your tongue, teasing the small nub with sensuous licks and sucks, fingers fucking me. All too soon I arched my back and came hard under the nights sky.

I lay back on the blanket, legs parted, recovering from the intensity of my orgasm. You positioned yourself over me and in one swift motion sank the full length of your cock into me, filling me completely, my wet pussy lips wrapping around your hard cock. Pinning my arms above my head,  you fucked me hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around your ass, drawing you closer to me with every thrust until you came. The perfect end to the perfect day, under the twinkling lights of the stars...

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HNT: Kiwi Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In New Zealand, we have what we call our 'Kiwi Christmas Tree'. Its proper name is Pohutakawa. It grows in the coastal areas and flowers prolifically over Christmas time, hence its known as the Kiwi Christmas Tree. At the moment, we have literally thousands of these trees dotted all over the city and along the coast in all their flowering beauty.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday everyone and be sure to go and check out Osbasso to see who else is playing along this week!


Random Thought #1: Communication...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Communication...I completely suck at it. Well I do and I don't. I have learnt through the various roles in my life to be an extraordinarily good communicator depending on the situation. Professionally, my greatest compliments come from my ability to communicate with my customers, to listen, understand what they are saying and quite often what they aren't saying and deliver back to them their vision.

But on a personal level, I really don't communicate very well at all. I am great at listening, but not verbally giving back anything about me, anything personal or to even communicate what I'm thinking or feeling at the time.I tend to bottle in everything I am thinking and feeling and not express it at the person it needs to be expressed to. One thing I am good at though is making assumptions instead of asking, dear god am I fantastic at that, much to my own detriment sometimes.  Although in my own defence, I do think I am getting better at communicating. I try and make a conscious effort now to ask what I want to know, to tell how I feel. But I do wonder....

Are you only as bad at communicating as the person your trying to communicate with? If you get nothing back from that person, if they aren't sharing why on earth would you put yourself out there and talk about your own wants, needs, desires...well you don't. So its pretty much a two way street.

So why is it such a big deal...communication? Its what keeps us close in relationships, that constant sharing. It lets you know where the other person is at. From the simple "How was your day?" to the deeper, more meaningful level of communication, it creates and keeps the bond between two people. Without it, there is no relationship...

So if communication is so damn important, why are we often so bad at it?

Fact or Fiction....Part Two

Monday, December 7, 2009

Again you stroke my back and ass with your hand, this time, more teasingly you occasionally lift your hand from my ass sharply. I know what’s coming and with it a mix of fear and anticipation builds inside me. You bring your hand down, hard, branding my ass with your hand print. Over and over again with no respite until my ass is burning red.

Next I feel something new, something that takes my mind from my burning ass. You start rubbing a dildo against my swollen pussy lips before plunging it inside and fucking me with it. It feels incredible, being fucked with the dildo and the object in my ass, deliciously full with sensations coming at me from everywhere. I feel your other hand grab my hair, raising my head up

‘Open your mouth’

My lips part and my tongue meets your hard cock as you push it into my mouth. Greedily I suck on your cock, rolling my tongue over the tip and your hard length, trying to tease and please you every way I know how with my mouth.

‘You love having all your holes filled don’t you my slut’

I can do nothing but ‘Mmmm’ in reply. The sensation is almost overwhelming, I feel like your filling every part of me. I feel the waves of an orgasm start to build and I strain back to try and meet the thrusting in and out of my pussy, trying to urge the object deeper and faster. You sense that I am close to cumming and abruptly withdraw the dildo from my aching pussy and slip your cock from my mouth.

‘Not yet slut’

I feel the mattress shift as you position yourself behind me and with a very light touch rub the head of your cock over my engorged pussy lips, parting them, teasing my clit. I pull hard on the restraints holding my arms, trying desperately to push myself onto your cock. This earns me nothing more than another slap on the ass in admonishment.

Very, very slowly you begin to sink your cock into me. One painstaking inch at a time, stretching me open to accommodate you, finally coming to rest, buried deep inside. I moan in expectation of the fucking to come.

With a hand on each hip you start fucking me, with a slow, steady rhythm. You slide your hand down my back. Grabbing my shoulder you push it down firmly into the mattress, pinning me down and holding me still as you increase your tempo, fucking me harder and harder.

Abruptly you stop and pull your cock free. I feel your hands on my hips again, this time you flip me over onto my back. My arms are strained taunt against the restraints. You roughly spread my legs and slide your hard cock back into me in one swift move. I wrap my legs around your hips and arch my hips to try and accommodate you. I feel your hand slide up and grab my throat, as you start fucking me again. Harder, deeper, faster...

‘Open your mouth’

As I do, you pull out. I feel the first hot splash of cum on my cheek. My mouth greedily wraps around your cock, sucking every last drop from you, savouring the taste.

HNT: Classic...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This has got to be the classic HNT shot...Everyone, eventually, does the man's shirt and why not, its hot!....Man's shirt, short skirt...Omg I feel a Shania song coming on! Happy Half-Nekkid-Thursday all!

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