Fact or Fiction....Part Two

Monday, December 7, 2009

Again you stroke my back and ass with your hand, this time, more teasingly you occasionally lift your hand from my ass sharply. I know what’s coming and with it a mix of fear and anticipation builds inside me. You bring your hand down, hard, branding my ass with your hand print. Over and over again with no respite until my ass is burning red.

Next I feel something new, something that takes my mind from my burning ass. You start rubbing a dildo against my swollen pussy lips before plunging it inside and fucking me with it. It feels incredible, being fucked with the dildo and the object in my ass, deliciously full with sensations coming at me from everywhere. I feel your other hand grab my hair, raising my head up

‘Open your mouth’

My lips part and my tongue meets your hard cock as you push it into my mouth. Greedily I suck on your cock, rolling my tongue over the tip and your hard length, trying to tease and please you every way I know how with my mouth.

‘You love having all your holes filled don’t you my slut’

I can do nothing but ‘Mmmm’ in reply. The sensation is almost overwhelming, I feel like your filling every part of me. I feel the waves of an orgasm start to build and I strain back to try and meet the thrusting in and out of my pussy, trying to urge the object deeper and faster. You sense that I am close to cumming and abruptly withdraw the dildo from my aching pussy and slip your cock from my mouth.

‘Not yet slut’

I feel the mattress shift as you position yourself behind me and with a very light touch rub the head of your cock over my engorged pussy lips, parting them, teasing my clit. I pull hard on the restraints holding my arms, trying desperately to push myself onto your cock. This earns me nothing more than another slap on the ass in admonishment.

Very, very slowly you begin to sink your cock into me. One painstaking inch at a time, stretching me open to accommodate you, finally coming to rest, buried deep inside. I moan in expectation of the fucking to come.

With a hand on each hip you start fucking me, with a slow, steady rhythm. You slide your hand down my back. Grabbing my shoulder you push it down firmly into the mattress, pinning me down and holding me still as you increase your tempo, fucking me harder and harder.

Abruptly you stop and pull your cock free. I feel your hands on my hips again, this time you flip me over onto my back. My arms are strained taunt against the restraints. You roughly spread my legs and slide your hard cock back into me in one swift move. I wrap my legs around your hips and arch my hips to try and accommodate you. I feel your hand slide up and grab my throat, as you start fucking me again. Harder, deeper, faster...

‘Open your mouth’

As I do, you pull out. I feel the first hot splash of cum on my cheek. My mouth greedily wraps around your cock, sucking every last drop from you, savouring the taste.


Sexy Sixty said...

I liked this ... it provides me with a easy to understand glimpse into the submissive mind as I begin to explore this form of sexual expresions.

Anonymous said...

well that sure sounds like fun to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... this is something I'd love to experiment with one day.

That was HOT!

Aurore said...

Whew! That was hot darling! Either way fact or fiction - it's delicious.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm ... so hot. You little slut. LOL!

Violet Vamp said...

Love it! Just how I like it; something in each hole!

The Panserbjørne said...

Hooray! We finally got part 2. Thanks for sharing this one, Petal!

-- PB

bdenied said...

I am panting with excitement as I read your story....you are so damn sexy

Gray said...

Hmm love love love this piece. Very hot!:)

Dizzy Mare said...

Might just try this one for ourselves :-)

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