Jon, John n Jonathon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeah, a bit like Ed, Edd n Eddy but with less boogers I promise you! The only problem with real time blogging is that sometimes stuff (sex) just doesn't happen! And this week its been a little light on the action front.....such is life but busy in other ways. This week, John's have been like buses, none for ages then three come along at once. So let me tell you the story about the 'John's' and how I turned into an email queen!

Also referred to as IT guy in my previous post. Ahhh another coffee date, gotta love em. There is nothing like the little thrill of excitement and anticipation in meeting a new potential lover and this date was no exception. We hit it off exceptionally well via email and arranged to meet up. This all happened quite quickly which is typical for me, I'm not really an email queen, would rather get the first meeting over and done with in fairly short order instead of to-ing and fro-ing via email. So I meet up with Jon at the cafe, lovely guy, quite cute in a nerdy kinda way. We are chatting happily away over coffee doing the whole 'getting to know you' conversation and part of it goes like this...

Me: So how long have you been married?
Him: Oh just over 5 years
I think to myself, gosh that's not long before you start straying!
Me: Do you have any children?
Him: Yeah two, ones 17 months old and the other is 8 weeks old
I start hearing this little clanging noise in my ear, alarm bells perhaps?
Me: Sooo out of curiosity, why are you looking at dipping your toe outta the marital bed?
Him: Well my wife and I just don't have sex anymore, with her being pregnant and that I have hardly had any sex for nearly a year now.

At this point I think my jaw fell open, I started breathing deeply to try and control the overwhelming urge to speak before I thought (a terrible habit I have) In my eyes, Jon had just lost all of his attractiveness. Now I know I am an adulterer and therefore I am no position to judge others who want to screw around but I have a few morals left and I'm not going to screw a guy who in my opinion should be at home helping out his wife, not having a coffee with me bitching about how hes not getting any. I was his wife once, two small children, sleep deprived with zero sex drive due to circumstances. So instead of letting rip at this guy how he needs to man up, go home and give his wife a foot rub instead of looking for another woman to fuck, I politely made my excuses and bolted for the door. Before I climb off my soapbox, I just have to say in my humble opinion a pregnancy and small children are not a reason to stray, its situational, we all have gone through it, get over it dude, its a dry spell, learn how to wank or something!

After my previous meeting with the other Jon, I am now evolving into a bit of an email queen. I'm also developing quite a long check list of 'stuff I need to know' which I throw randomly and haphazardly into conversation before setting up that all important first meeting. I haven't actually met this John yet, the big day is this Tuesday. Woohoo I cant wait! But so far, he's ticking all the right boxes and from his picture I don't think a paper bag will be required.

I met this guy through a slightly different method from the usual (hey you take your men from where you can find em) and I am in full email queen mode now! I am having a huge amount of fun bouncing emails back and forth with this guy. Hes witty, articulate and a lot of fun to chat to......oh and hes tall! I am really looking forward to seeing where this one takes me, but just quietly, I think he's a keeper.

Trick question?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helicopter guy is off visiting a far off-ish land this week and I just so happened to catch him on MSN this morning. Much to my delight he sent me a message saying 'Hi' etc and we had a quick wee conversation. One thing he brought up was whether I had any 'gentlemen callers' this week (his words, not mine)

This question made me sit back and wonder how the hell do I answer that? Is it a trick question? Should I be honest? or should I perhaps I should *fudge* the truth a little, one way or the other? What is it he really wants to know?

Now, I can't speak 'man speak', sheesh I can barely speak 'woman speak' so I am completely clueless about what he was wanting to know when he asked that question and indeed, why he even asked it. Maybe its just me, but I don't want to know if he has other women. I really think its none of my business, although I do know that his profile is still very active on that website, so I am assuming that there are others and if there aren't, that he's still looking.

My answer to his questions was.....Its been very quiet on that front. I didn't mention the coffee date with IT guy (whole other blog post!) or the increasing insistence from the original bit on the side for a get together (I may be horny but I aint stupid, not going to happen!)

So my question to all of you out there is........why did he ask? and what did he want to hear?

The Quickie

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Him: Hey Petal I was hopn to get bak to c u 2day if ur still keen but only in xxxxx now.

Me: Hey you, very keen! But doubt you will reach me by 3. Another time.... :o)

Him: Fuk wish I could speed [was nailed with a large fine after being caught speeding the previous weekend, is trying to be a good boy]

Me: All good, shit happens

Him: Could make 2.45. Wot if u were ready & waiting.....

Me: Mmmm funny you should say that cause it just so happens that......

And ready and waiting I was! The front door was unlocked, I was laying on the bed in just my bra and panties with my favourite toy in hand [with freshly charged batteries in case your wondering!] Given that I had been laying back using my toy and imagination quite thoroughly for at least 20 minutes before he arrived, by the time he showed up I was astonishingly wet and so very ready. I felt my heart thump with excitement as I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. He stopped in the bedroom doorway for a moment and just stared (I don't think he was really expecting me to be quite that ready and waiting!)

He recovered from his shock well and was peeling his clothes off as he walked across the room to me. By the time he reached the bedside, all that remained was his underwear, which he stripped off pretty damn quickly. I stopped working the toy from between my legs as he leaned down to kiss me and thrust a hand straight down my knickers.

Him: Oh my god your wet

Me: Well....yeah, and so damn close to cumming too!

Bless, he didn't require any more encouragement, he stripped off my knickers and positioned himself between my legs and slid his cock in with one hard thrust. The next 12 minutes was a blur of limbs and erotic sensations as he fucked me hard while he was on top, his mouth on mine, his hand pushing my bra up and rubbing my nipples, sucking on them. He then flipped me onto all fours and took me from behind as I played my toy over my clit. He unhooked my bra and ran his hands up my body and over my breasts, cupping them with his hands, teasing my nipples with his thumbs, running his hands back down again, grabbing my hips and fucking me hard until I came, oh my god did I come (I think I may have screamed, its still a blur)

He wasn't done yet and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him so I could ride him hard and fast, his hands firmly on my hips, rocking me up and down, not fast enough, so he rolls me back over onto my back, hooks my right leg over his shoulder and plunged his cock back in, thrusting harder, deeper as I dug my nails into his ass. Both of us were breathing hard, sweat dripping from our bodies. He buried his face in my neck and with one forceful thrust came.

Ahhh, ya gotta love a quickie :o)

Everyone meet Helicopter Guy.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I was hanging out on the deck, doing some paper work (yeah right!) when he arrived. We chatted briefly about this and that (in that nervous kind of way) before I led him inside. I popped my papers on the table and he came up behind me and brushed my hair off my neck, I turned and he reached down, cupped my face, lent in and kissed me. Softly at first, cautiously, tentatively, testing the waters....then deeper, with more exploration, tasting, teasing.

Oh. My. The man can kiss! He pulled me closer and sneaked his hand up the back of my shirt and started stroking my back, all the while kissing the hell out of me. After a few more head-spinning minutes of kissing he broke away and pulled me over to the chair and sat down. I straddled his lap and we resumed kissing. His hands started roaming everywhere, up my top, stroking my back again, running the back of his hand across my belly, fingers moving slowly lower to brush underneath my waist band, up again to cup my breast, thumbs sneaking under my bra to brush across my nipples. My whole body felt on fire with a burning need.

Suddenly he lent forward and stood up, taking me with him. I don't know about you girls but I love a man that picks me up, it makes me feel all small and delicate, OK I am small but hell its such a fabulously manly thing to do, love it! (it doesn't hurt that hes well over six foot and built like the proverbial)

So with my legs wrapped around his waist he carried me over to the couch and lent me over the end of it. His started nibbling on my ears, kissing down my neck. He pulled up my top, unclasped my bra and scattered kisses over my belly. His hand cupped my breast and his thumb teasing my hard nipple. He quickly replaced his thumb with his tongue, drawing lazy circles around my nipples before taking them into his mouth and gently sucking.

He picked me up again and flashed me a wicked grin. 'where to now?' he asked. 'Straight down the end of the hall to the bedroom' I replied. And so he carried me down to the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed. He lent down and kissed me thoroughly again before slipping off my top and bra. I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulder, where he shrugged it to the floor. I ran my hands over his chest and down his belly as he kissed his way down my neck, across my chest, taunting and teasing my nipples before kissing his way further south down my stomach. I sat up and unsnapped the buttons on his jean and encouraged them to the floor (and taking in a sneak peak at his cock straining against his underwear, wow, built big all over!)

He pushed me back on the bed and ran his hand from my neck down my body to edge of my knickers. Slipping a finger beneath the lacy edge, he traced his finger around until his finger was skimming across my wet, swollen pussy lips. He pushed the edge of my panties aside and slid a finger inside me, feeling my wetness, spreading it all over. Next thing I know, my knickers are hitting the floor and his tongue is lapping at my clit, his fingers working their way insistently inside me. I arched my hips against his face, urging him on, harder, faster, more.... his other hand comes around and pushes my belly to the mattress, pinning me in place. I lose control completely and cum hard against his face. 'Did that hit the spot?' he asked.

I grinned and nodded, then pulled him up towards me. He covered me with his body and kissed me again. Pushing on his shoulder, I flipped him onto his back and straddled him. I started with his mouth, teasing him with my lips and tongue before moving down his neck and chest. My long hair trailing over his body as I slowly worked my way down. When I reached his cock, I gave the head a couple of long, wet, swirling licks before taking him into my mouth, very slowly, just a little bit at a time. As I worked his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, I felt him weave his fingers into my hair. I firmly grasped his cock in my hand and moved my hand up and down with the rhythm of my mouth and tongue.

Sensing that he probably wasn't going to last much longer, I stopped sucking his cock and scrambled back up his body to give him another long kiss. While kissing me back, he rolled me over onto my back and slid his cock into me with one smooth move. He started with slow, shallow thrusts, then getting harder and deeper. I raked my finger nails down his back and grabbed his ass, encouraging him on. He grasped my hips firmly with both hands and let go, fucking me deep and hard until he came.

Very sweetly, he gathered me into his arms and we lay chatting, kissing and stroking each other for a while. My little lust fairy was sated and satisfied and I'm wondering what the hell I did to deserve this fantastic bit on the side...... let the adventures begin!

Chocolate & Sex

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sex is like chocolate, one small bit is just not ever enough, it only whets your appetite, leaves you craving more. No sooner a lover leaves and I want him back again. I crave his touch, his taste, his very being. I lie there sated but unsatisfied.....

Of Dick Pics and Other Things...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The website I use to find men allows the guys (and girls too) to have a profile picture. Now women of the world, correct me if I'm wrong, but the very first thing you do not want to see when looking at a screen full of male profiles, is a picture of his meat and veges. Sure I do want to see, don't get me wrong but its just not the first thing I want to see. Unless of course you fit into that freak of nature category in which case I will happily perve away. My personal favourite picture was one of a guy with his member laid out on a table with a cigarette lighter next to it as a size marker and the lighter looked tiny! I suspect in hindsight that he may have used one of those little half size baby lighters!

Personally, I like to see a lovely shot of a chest, back maybe or even some tight buns, that will do it for me every time. And a small tip if your going to show your buns clad, please think carefully about the cladding. I know I'm an underwear snob but seriously guys, you can buy nice undies out there, instead of using the ones from the six pack that your mother-in-law bought you for Christmas. Y-fronts, baggy boxers and women's underwear (yes, seriously I have seen) are not going to float the average woman's boat. Oh, and thongs, sorry but thongs make me think of "The Hoff", leopard print and ..... we won't follow that thought train any further, its just getting into ugly territory.

Colour is important too, I will never forget the day that I unzipped the original bit on the sides pants only to discover a pair of undies in the most lurid and sick inducing green colour. Killed my mojo completely! Do you know how hard it is to give a blow job whilst your sniggering??

Now if you are going to insist on popping up a picture of your manhood, might I be bold enough to suggest that:

1. You get a hard on - this one really doesn't need any explanation, hard cock always looks better than soft cock.

2. You have just a wee bit of a trim around the shrubbery. Personally I like my guys clean shaven, but if your not into that at least a little work on the garden never hurts.

So why do men put their tackle out there in all its glory as their profile picture? Do they hope that women will respond in kind and load up pic's of their vajayjays all over the internet? Ok, don't answer that, you probably do. I rather suspect though, that the only people interested in checking out the profile pictures of cocks, without having to look at the rest of the profile, is other men (in leopard print thongs) I will leave you with that thought.......

My new favourite

Monday, March 2, 2009

You know how you have your favourite bra, the one you wear all the time because its really comfortable and works with all your clothes. I went shopping the other day and found a new favourite! And its soooo pretty too, just had to share.
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