The Quickie

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Him: Hey Petal I was hopn to get bak to c u 2day if ur still keen but only in xxxxx now.

Me: Hey you, very keen! But doubt you will reach me by 3. Another time.... :o)

Him: Fuk wish I could speed [was nailed with a large fine after being caught speeding the previous weekend, is trying to be a good boy]

Me: All good, shit happens

Him: Could make 2.45. Wot if u were ready & waiting.....

Me: Mmmm funny you should say that cause it just so happens that......

And ready and waiting I was! The front door was unlocked, I was laying on the bed in just my bra and panties with my favourite toy in hand [with freshly charged batteries in case your wondering!] Given that I had been laying back using my toy and imagination quite thoroughly for at least 20 minutes before he arrived, by the time he showed up I was astonishingly wet and so very ready. I felt my heart thump with excitement as I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs. He stopped in the bedroom doorway for a moment and just stared (I don't think he was really expecting me to be quite that ready and waiting!)

He recovered from his shock well and was peeling his clothes off as he walked across the room to me. By the time he reached the bedside, all that remained was his underwear, which he stripped off pretty damn quickly. I stopped working the toy from between my legs as he leaned down to kiss me and thrust a hand straight down my knickers.

Him: Oh my god your wet

Me: Well....yeah, and so damn close to cumming too!

Bless, he didn't require any more encouragement, he stripped off my knickers and positioned himself between my legs and slid his cock in with one hard thrust. The next 12 minutes was a blur of limbs and erotic sensations as he fucked me hard while he was on top, his mouth on mine, his hand pushing my bra up and rubbing my nipples, sucking on them. He then flipped me onto all fours and took me from behind as I played my toy over my clit. He unhooked my bra and ran his hands up my body and over my breasts, cupping them with his hands, teasing my nipples with his thumbs, running his hands back down again, grabbing my hips and fucking me hard until I came, oh my god did I come (I think I may have screamed, its still a blur)

He wasn't done yet and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him so I could ride him hard and fast, his hands firmly on my hips, rocking me up and down, not fast enough, so he rolls me back over onto my back, hooks my right leg over his shoulder and plunged his cock back in, thrusting harder, deeper as I dug my nails into his ass. Both of us were breathing hard, sweat dripping from our bodies. He buried his face in my neck and with one forceful thrust came.

Ahhh, ya gotta love a quickie :o)


Anonymous said...

Man that was hot !!

Riff Dog said...

Yes, this sounds like a quickie to love!

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Ready and waiting indeed, girl! Sounds like the PERFECT 3 o'clock quickie to me!


Tom said...

It was absolutely a great experience..

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