HNT: Caught in a moment...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caught in a moment.....completely off guard.....

I wasn't going to post this picture up as its not really 'perfect' but I just adore how the H managed to snap a moment where I wasn't posing or paying attention....just getting my gear off! And yes there is another one that follows this and no, I'm not brave enough to post THAT one up!!

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Your opinion please....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I was just having a conversation with the H about blogging and my blog. Yes, the H knows all about my blog. Well hell, if you going to tell him about all the men you have been fucking you may as well top it off with a 'oh hey and I write about it too!'

Anyway, back to the point. We were discussing about what I write and who I write about and I wondered out loud if I should tell Mr Big about the blog, after all he features reasonably prominently. I know that there are bloggers out there that are incredibly upfront and tell those they are involved with about their blog and dont write about them if that person wishes. I admire them for that.

But then there are tons of bloggers out there that don't let those that they blog about know about their blog. Some have been discovered by friends, family, work colleagues and indeed by their partners in crime and sometimes it works out well and sometimes not so...

So, the question I put out there to you all I tell?

The 27 year old brunette....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nooo not for me! I don't *do* young ones [That's a topic worth a whole damn post!] So if not for me, your asking, then who? why the H of course. Yes, he has found himself a hot, young thing. And how does Ms Petal feel about this you wonder? well actually ok, more than ok! In fact I feel just great about it.

I know that at some point I will feel very un-ok about this, and I have been indeed wondering if I'm deluding myself in some way. But every way I look at it, every time I think about it, its fine. When he first told me about her, some months ago, I was good with it. When he came home today and told me about the outstanding oral sex they had in the park during their picnic lunch I was more than great about it, in fact I was down right excited for him!

Which in some small way worries me a bit. Am I supposed to feel this ok about it? Aren't I supposed to feel horribly jealous? Should I be intimidated and put out by the fact she's 27 and hot? Am I supposed to feel a twinge of something that she gives outstanding blow jobs? I don't though. None of that worries me, upsets me or makes me jealous. I am happy and I'm even happier that he's happy!

The conclusion I have come to, what I am experiencing is compersion. Compersion, as defined by Wikipedia, being "the experience of taking pleasure that one's partner is experiencing pleasure, even if the source of their pleasure is other than yourself". Oddly enough, or not oddly, its something I feel about many aspects of my life with the H. I don't just get pleasure from seeing him happy with his hot, young girlfriend but I feel pleasure whenever he's happy, no matter what is making him happy. It is definitely very cool stuff.

Now I do know that one day, one moment, I am not going to be happy about it all. There will be things that makes me feel insecure, upset, jealous, emotional and so many other thing but that's just part of having an open relationship and I also know that none of that or those feelings wont be able to be overcome by communication.....ah, so much easier to say than do I know!

HNT: Waiting....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Waiting....what will you do with me?

Happy HNT!


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Group post: Caught...

Friday, October 16, 2009

It was a fairly typical mid-winter Saturday night. My boyfriend and I didn't usually spend Saturday nights together, he being a huge rugby fan would spend the night down at the pub or at a mates place watching the rugby and I would spend it hanging out with the girls, somewhere. This Saturday night, was no different, he was at a friends place watching the game and I decided to have a girly night at home with my best friend Sarah.

Sarah and I were having a fantastic time hanging out, drinking red wine, eating pizza, gossiping about friends and watching a chick flick. After the movie, our conversation turned to sex, as it often does. She started complaining that her boyfriend Gavin watched too much porn.

"I don't get it, what is the appeal of watching other people have sex?" she said

"I don't get it either" I replied "John watches it all the time too, its like he's addicted to it! He has a whole drawer full of it on DVD"

"Oh my god, seriously? Hey why don't we put some on just to see what the guys find so fascinating about it" suggested Sarah

So with a bit too much red wine doing the talking, I hopped up and popped one of John's dirty DVD's in the player. Sarah and I sat back and watched wide-eyed as a lithe blonde and curvaceous brunette did the most extraordinary things to the biggest cock we had ever seen. Next the scene changed and the blonde started paying attention to the brunette, caressing, stroking and kissing her. I wiggled in my seat, partly out of embarrassment of watching this with my best friend and partly because I was getting so turned on by it.

"I think I'm beginning to see what the guys get out of this stuff" I said to Sarah

"Mmmm" she replied, not taking her eyes off the screen. "This stuff is hot"

I glanced over at Sarah again, watching her reaction to what she was watching. She did the same and we caught each others eye. We held eye contact for a fraction too long and something in the air changed....I don't know what made me do, maybe too much wine, maybe it was because I was all hot and turned on from watching the dirty movie but I leaned in and softly pressed my lips against hers.

I didn't know what reaction to expect from Sarah, but I don't think I expected her to starting kissing me back, with such enthusiasm! Our lips melted into each other as our kiss deepened. I couldn't resist exploring a bit further, so I started caressing her breasts over the top of her shirt. Mmmm so soft... as I ran my hand over I could feel her nipple pushing against the thin fabric of her top. This was obviously turning her on as much as it was me!

I slid my hand inside her shirt and rubbed my thumb over her hard nipple, teasingly. Her chest strained against my hand, encouraging me on, so lowered my mouth from hers, pushed her top up and flicked my tongue across  her nipple. I felt Sarah's hand trail up the inside of my thigh, pushing my skirt aside, so I spread my legs a little wider to allow her better access to my aching pussy. My god, I hadn't felt this turned on in a long time and I couldn't wait to see where this was going to go!

As Sarah slipped her hand inside my knickers, I remembered John. Shit, he was going to be home soon! Sarah must have had the exact same thought as she asked "When is John going to be home?"

"He cant be too far away, but then he's walking back and he will be pretty drunk I imagine so we will hear him in plenty of time as he crashes his way in the door" I replied.

With that we went back to exploring each other, fairly confident that we would hear John coming in time to 'put ourselves back together'. And before long we were well immersed in each other. Sarah had deftly disposed of my underwear, pushed my knees apart and was kneeling in front of me tasting me with her mouth in a way that my boyfriend never had.

With his shoes in his hand, John crept quietly in through the front door, deftly sidestepping the creaky floorboard in the hall way. Shit, Lucy was going to be sooo pissed off that he was this late home. As he headed down the hall towards the bedroom he noticed the a soft light flickering from in the lounge. Oh, no he thought to himself, she's awake and watching TV. With a shrug he decided it was best to face the music now rather than in the morning when he had a hangover. Getting to the lounge door which was ajar, he could hear soft moans coming from in the room. Well, maybe things might not be so bad if Lucy is watching some porn, heck this could be better than he thought!

He quietly eased the door open a bit wider so he could see what she was watching, not in a million years ever expecting to see the fantastic sight before him. Lucy reclined back on the couch, legs spread widely, with her top pushed up over her pert breasts, playing with her nipples and Sarah knelt semi-naked between her legs, her arse gently swaying in rhythm to the lapping of her tongue on Lucy's clit.

Instantly his cock went hard. Holy shit, he could believe that he was watching his girlfriend being eaten out by her best friend. Not wanting to interrupt or to get caught watching, John stepped back half a pace so he could still enjoy the view but hoping that they couldn't see him. He quietly unzipped his pants and took his hard on in hand. He started stroking his cock, his eyes never leaving the girls.

The moans coming from Lucy grew louder and more frequent. He could tell from the sounds that she wasnt very far away from cumming. Lucy's hands moved from playing with her breasts to gripping the back of Sarah's head, pushing her hard into her pussy as she arched her back and came.

"Oh my god Sarah, have you done that before? that was soooo good!"

"Nope, I just did what I know I like....I have always wondered what another girl would taste like" giggled Sarah

"You have got to let me try" exclaimed Lucy "I want to know if I can get you off like that!"

And with that, the girls swapped places. Sarah lay back on the couch with her legs spread wide in anticipation. I positioned myself between Sarah's legs, leaned in and kissed her deeply, rubbing my own naked breasts against Sarah's before dotting kisses all the way down her body until I got to her smooth pussy.

John watched in awe as his girlfriend busied herself between her friends legs. The sight of Lucy's well rounded arse, her legs spread slightly revealing her swollen wet pussy. So wet he could see the wetness coating the inside of her thighs. It was too much for him and he emitted a small groan as he pumped his cock furiously with his hand.

Sarah hearing a groan looked up and spotted John in the doorway. 'Fuck!' she thought 'We have been busted' She started to sit up when she noticed that John had his cock out and was feasting his eyes on Lucy's arse and playing with himself. She reclined back again and caught Johns eye. She gave him a wide smile, which he returned. Crooking her finger, she beckoned him into the room.

John hesitated at the doorway, Sarah was obviously ok with him joining in the fun but would Lucy be ok with it? Only one way to find out! He stepped forward into the room, quickly shedding his T-shirt and jeans. Lucy was still completely unaware of his presence, her mind and mouth occupied elsewhere.

I gave a little jump in surprise as John knelt behind me and started rubbing his hard cock over my wet pussy. I raised my head from Sarah's pussy, turned and gave John a quick grin, encouraging him on. No more encouragement was needed as he pushed his cock deep inside me. I heard John moan, enjoying the sensation of the wet heat of my pussy wrapping around his cock as he did so. Grabbing my hips he began to fuck me, slowly at first, then steadily increasing the rhythm of his thrusts.

John glanced up at Sarah and caught her eye. Her cheeks were beginning to flush, her bottom lip started to tremble as Lucy's tongue and fingers started to bring her to orgasm. The sight of Sarah's impeding orgasm was too much for John and with one final thrust he came hard inside Lucy, nearly pushing her on top of Sarah. Lucy didn't slow for a second, as Sarah came all hard all over her face.

We all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the couch and I wondered, who caught who...

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HNT: Petals and pearls...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some gorgeous knickers (out of my VERY large know how I love 'em) oh, and if you look closely favourite pearls!

Happy HNT sure and visit Osbasso to see who else is playing!


The couple dilemma...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On my AFF profile I have checked the box 'Bi-curious'. Because I am. I'm curious about being with another woman, what they feel like, taste like get the idea. One box I didn't check though, was the 'looking for a couple' box, which was why I was very surprise when I was contacted by a local couple wanting to know if I would like to meet them for a drink and maybe more.

Now trying out the experience of being with a woman has always been on my bucket list, sure, its not anywhere near the top but its there. I always imaged that it would be more of a one-on-one thing, not part of a pair. Threesomes are definitely on my bucket list and quite near the top too. But when I think threesomes, I always think MMF, not MFF. I don't know why, I suppose having had one threesome with two guys, I want to do it again....and again! [That and I know what to do with cock, pussy on the other hand is a bit of a mystery to me]

So there is my dilemma. Do I met up with this couple, hope that she is indeed as hot in person as her picture shows and maybe give the girly thing as part of a threesome a go even though it doesn't quite fit into my imagined scenario, or do I stick with what I have always thought of all along, one-on-one because it fits within my comfort zone.....Oh hell, its only a drink!

Lost libido's and returning lovers...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I appear to have lost my libido....I strongly suspect I left it somewhere in Thailand, along with the lust fairy [You know her, that evil little imp that sits on my shoulder encouraging me into all sorts of mischief]. I know, very careless of me and if any of you happen across either of them, please return asap!

But it appears mine isn't the only one that's gone AWOL. The H has lost his too....quite possibly in Thailand as well, he doesn't remember when or where he put it down, but its gone! As a result the marital bed has been an oasis of calm and snoring lately.....nothing rockin our headboard! Ah, nothing that a bottle of wine and some good porn shouldn't fix!

The returning lover? well no prizes for guessing who that may be....Yup, you guessed right, Mr Big [see I told you no prizes, it was too easy] As yet its not so much of a return, since I haven't seen him in six weeks, but an agreement of continuance. How did that happen? Well I pretty much told him what I told you all in this post. And that was all well and good. I got a ' nice knowing you, must catch up over a coffee sometime in the distant future' response.

Then three days later I received the mother of all bollockings! Everything from 'How do you know that I don't want the same thing as you' to 'How dare you assume what I'm thinking when you wont even talk to me or ask me' and oh-so-many more. The cynic inside me says that a horny, single guy will say and promise an awful lot to keep a fuck buddy. Not as green as I am cabbage looking. So, for now, I am keeping him around. No expectations.
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