Starting in the middle

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So what's a girl to do when she hits her mid thirties, is happily married with the requisite 2.4 children and she's bored out of her tiny mind?

Easy, shag the next attractive man that crosses her path of course....

Well actually, I think most other women take up yoga or some other challenging, time filling activity instead of shagging some other woman's husband. Perhaps not as amusing or exciting but definitely a little less risky.

A little bit about me and what lead me to my extra marital indiscretion:

As I said, I'm in my mid thirties, happily married with 2 lovely children. I run my own business which is exciting and challenging. My life is happy and full, so why on earth would I dabble about with a bit on the side? Ahh, now that is a very good question. The answer is probably the same as thousands of other women out there in exactly the same position: boredom, lack of attention from dear husband, being so many other people other than yourself and a million of other reasons.

So how did I end up doing this? well you certainly don't wake up one morning thinking "hmmm must find another man to shag" and add it to your to-do list along with PTA meeting and get milk. He kind of crept in and blind-sided me. I wasnt expecting it or even looking for it but one day there he was....
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