I got fucked...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I want to be fucked and I want it rough...most of all, I want it now.

I want you to pull my hair, call me slut, spank my arse, I want it to hurt. Pin me to the wall, make me yours...I dare you to...

No, don't treat me nice, I know you can, but not now, not today.

I want it raw. The bruises will fade and marks will heal, right now, I just want to feel, I just want to be fucked.

I want you to let go, be rough, you know you want to, I know you can, just do it now. Bend me over, grab and hand full of hair and slide your cock into me. I dare you to...

I want you to slide your hands up my chest and pinch and pull my nipples, that's it, just harder, make me feel.

I want to scrape my nails down your back, leaving red raw marks that will last for days. I want to bite you, brand you, please return the favour.

I want you to dig your fingers in to my flesh, take whats yours, take me any way you want.

I want to you to slide your hand around my throat, just as I cum.

And when I walk away, I will feel, that I got fucked...well and truly.

This suits my mood today. A huge thanks to Kimberly for organising us all and coming up with this months topic. Please visit everyone else who is participating in this months 'May I seduce you' I am sure they have done a better job than I!

Adulterous Letch
They belong to us
Spring Flower


Anonymous said...

It seems we both had/have the same mood!! Very hot.

bdenied said...

alright when do we start. although its not like me, I might be able to get into that role...only because your so damn sexy and should get what you want...by the way thats a kick ass photo just below this post

Gray said...

Yes yes yes! *grins* Love the post!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like getting that done would be much of a chore to me.

Florida Dom said...

Well, you made it obvious what you want. And I hope you get it soon. Sounds like you're ready.


Topaz said...

You've done one hell of a job! I love the flow you have going, it suits my mood today as well! Especially the bit about the throat :-)

Dizzy Mare said...

Wow. I want some of that. Now!

Autumn said...

mmm hmm that sounds delightful! i've also had days when i felt exactly like that. hope you got it just like you wanted it. :)

James said...

sounds like a wonderful experience.

Vixen said...

Oh....my. I loved the part about scraping nails and leaving marks. That's def one of my favorites. Very hot.


Ronjazz said...

FUCK. ME. YOU. HOT. BITCH!!! Damn, you are fun...THIS is how the hottest passion should be shared. You and I would enjoy each other immensely...:)

Kimberly said...

There seems to be quite a bit of that mood going around! I love the way you captured it!

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