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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is one of those posts, where you have bits and pieces that you want say [and god knows I always have plenty to say!] but not enough to make a decent post out of....hence 'Random stuff'

  • Right, notice the little box on the right hand side of your screen? yes, that's it, the new one. Now you can ask me stuff randomly and anonymously. I just know you all are gagging to...oh go....please! I need something new to occupy my tiny mind.

  • From the 'Random and Strange Shit That Happens on AFF' file...I get this message the other day from a guy saying he liked my profile so much that he's copied it and is using it for himself. And sure enough, I check his profile and there, word for word, is my profile blub. It was one of those WTF? moments...Although, I did not point out to him that he really needs to delete the bit about 'no cock shots please'.

  • Where have all the commenters gone? Is it just me, or is everyone else low on comments? My stats tell me more of you than ever are reading, so don't be shy....comment! Its almost bad enough to make me wish I had my anonymous stalker back again....almost!

  • Blogs worth a visit:  Barbed Wire Boudoir Shes sarcastic, witty and funny as hell...one of my fav reads. Sex etc Cleofaye has written some seriously, seriously good 'How to..' posts on sex. And guys, if you only read one of them, make it this one! And finally, no day is complete without a visit to Room 1509 They are French and the pictures are very, very hot!


Advizor said...

Why no comments? For me it's reading and thinking overload. I like your blog and several others, but depending on what order I do things I may have written a post, drafted a post, worked on my next story, edited something for a friend, or work, written posts on other blogs, or just tried to be funny at work.

By the end of it all, I'm tired.

I love your blog, keep it up, I read you all the time, so please keep going!!

Jim said...

I'd blame the scarcity of comments on the economy.


Anonymous said...

Work blocks your site. I can check in as often as I'd like to from home and at home I don't always have time to linger thoughtfully but I am reading you. xo E.

Hubman said...

It's not just you, comments seem down for a while for me as well, and I've seen other bloggers mention it as well.

I may not always comment, but I'm always reading :-D

Anonymous said...

Same for me... less comments. It was spring break last week. I guess it comes and goes, sometimes we have more time, and sometimes a little bit less.

But I always read you and (try to)comment!

Quiet Man said...

Petal, You wanted comments and questions. This is both. Jim comically suggested the economy has effected the number of comments. I think there is some truth to this. I know that I'm busier just trying to make the same as before. Maybe people just have less time.

I've only read a bit of your blog, but I like it. I'm quite interested in your open relationship. Is that going well? Have there been difficulties?

Thanks for writing this blog. I love knowing there are ladies like you in the world.

Luka said...

The commenting thing is weird isn't it? I find it galling that one can write a thought-provoking, intelligent post and no-one responds whereas certain uber-popular male sex bloggers can write - frankly - a steaming pile of puppy poo and still have 45 comments half an hour after pressing the publish button.

Console yourself with the fact that it really is quality over quantity in this case.

(And thank you for the shout out.)

Riff Dog said...

Luka is right! Fuck those male sex bloggers!

FWIW, mine are way off, too.

Weird about your profile bandit. He seriously left in the "no cock shots" line??? That is too funny. Or scary! ;-)

Bella said...

Thanks for stopping by my place on the internet today. Looks like I have some new reading material now that I see your blog! ;) For me, it's hard to keep up with reading everyone I want to read, post on my blog and comment on everyone's as well, in addition to everyday life/work/kid/hubs stuff. Whew. But I try to keep up as much as possible. Sweet dreams!

Dewey's System said...

You comment whore you. hehe. I'm here and I always have great things to say about you - or to you. That ass is just too perfect for words. hhhmm, yea, I have no words . . .

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