Wifely Duties - Part Two

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The H and I often indulge in a Sunday afternoon "nap". A bit of quiet time together before the start of a new week and hell, sometimes we do actually sleep!(well, actually most times we sleep) This Sunday not a lot of sleeping went on, it was way more fun than that.......

I was lying there, not feeling particularly tired, more hot n horny than anything else. I rolled over and his back was towards me. Gently I traced my finger down his spine, feeling each bump of vertebra as I went. This gesture was a hint, my way of saying 'I'm horny & are you interested?'

He took the hint and rolled over to face me & gathered me into his arms. I love the feeling of skin on skin, the weight of his body over mine, the roughness of his 3-day old beard on my tender skin. He started by kissing me and running his hand down my naked chest, brushing his thumb over my nipple, working his way down first with his hand then with his mouth until he reaches the junction between my legs.

He parts my legs and slides a finger between my lips, feeling how just how wet and horny I am. Before I know it his head is between my legs too, his tongue lapping at my juices and I look up and see his hard cock just inches from my face, which I grab firmly with one hand and guide him into my mouth, god I love lazy 69's! I tease him with my tongue, teeth & hands, bring him to the edge then letting him subside again. I can hear him moaning with frustration and need.

I feel my hips being lifted up and he slides a pillow underneath my ass. Facing me he trails his cock up and down my wet pussy, just entering me a inch then pulling out to rub up and down again. Its hot and sweat is dripping off both of us. I hook my legs over his shoulder, giving him better access so he can fuck me. With one big thrust he pushes himself inside me and starts fucking me, hard. I reach into the drawer and get my smallest toy out and place it on my clit.

I love being in this position where I can look down and see his cock pumping in and out of me, reach up and feel the strength and muscles in his arms as he's poised above me. He stops and I feel his pushing the head of his cock against my ass. I just about cum from the sweet mixture of pleasure and pain caused my his cock entering my ass. He stops and lets me have a moment before easing another inch, he does this several times before he's all the way in.

I am so very, very close to cumming with him buried in my ass and my toy vibrating on my clit and he knows it. He starts to move and try and match his rhythm with my hips, trying to get him to fuck me harder and deeper. I can feel the tension building in both of us, that burning need for release and then it happens, him first, shooting his hot cum inside me then me, pushing myself against him as hard as I can while I cum.
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