Mr Big: The sequel

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three weeks later, I find myself with the same man, in the same city, in the same room. Well warmed from a dip in the spa and my skin still slightly damp, I am sprawled naked on the bed, my feet propped on his broad shoulders and he intently exploring, softly, gently every nook and fold of my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down at him "I could take that for hours" "I could do that for hours" he replies.

This is not at all what I was expecting. After my last get together with Mr Big and subsequent texts and emails, I was expecting a hard, fast fuck with plenty of ass-slapping, hair tugging and generally decadently deviant behaviour. I was not expected a lover to accommodate my mood, one that recognised that I was feeling tired and perhaps a little out of sorts.

I was not complaining, indeed I was lying back and enjoying every moment of his tender explorations! Sadly, despite all his efforts, it just wasn't working for me. I kept getting close, so very close to cumming but I just couldn't tip myself over the edge. Time for a change.

I pulled him up onto the bed and pushed him back against the mattress. "My turn" I said with an evil little grin. "You do whatever you want, I'm yours to play with" Ah, the possibilities! I knew *exactly* what I wanted! Starting at the top, I kissed, licked and sucked my way down his body and half way back up again until I got to his cock.

Taking him in hand, I slid him into my hot, wet mouth and started to suck him in and out of my mouth, stopping every so often to give a long wet lick from the bottom right up to the top and back again. I wanted him slick with wet for what I was going to do next. Straddling his hips, I adjusted myself so I was just *so*. My pussy lips half wrapping around his cock, his cock my toy to tease myself with. Slowly I slid up and down, teasing myself and no doubt him.

I reached around behind me and lifted his cock just enough so I could slide myself onto him. I love that feeling, the way he stretches me wide open, fills me completely and then some. "Tell me what you want" he whispered. " I want you hard, fast, just fuck me....please"

With that, I rose up slightly so he could start pumping in and out of me. I leaned forward and pushed back, trying to fit more of him into me. He grabbed my hips and thrust deep inside me, fucking me furiously like I asked. Deep inside came a feeling, a sensation, building and growing until it threatened to overwhelm me. A something I have never felt before, and then there it was, a huge explosion of the most intense pleasure I have ever experienced, a different kind of orgasm than I have previously had. Fuck, I never knew you could cum like that! The intensity....

One reason why I like winter...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As a rule I prefer a warm climate, not that I have too much to complain about, it really doesnt get *that* cold here. But it does get cold enough to justify stockings in winter.....thank goodness!

Meeting Mr Big

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now before you all start wondering about where Mr Big came from, he is John from this post. I just don't like calling him John, it makes me sound like I charge for my services and I don't! [Although with the current recessionary pressure.....nah!]

Anyway! Mr Big informed me that he was staying in a motel in a town very close by on business for a week. Now I don't know about you, but when the opportunity to test drive a new lover in circumstances involving more than a quick one hour encounter arise, it really is a too good an opportunity to miss! So I duly organised my alibi and an evening pass and set off to see Mr Big.

On arrival, he offered me a glass of wine and suggested a dip in the spa [hot tub for all you northerners] and not being a particularly shy kinda girl I quickly whipped off my gear, grabbed my glass of wine and piled in. We sat and chatted about this and that while we indulged in some accidental touching, which led to some deliberate touching, which led to some pretty damn hot kissing. Eventually he murmured that we should perhaps take this inside, I did not disagree!

So we towelled off and climbed into bed and resumed kissing, stroking and generally getting the feel for each others bodies. While kissing me he ran his hand down over my chest, pausing to play with my nipples before sliding on down to tease my clit with his fingers. After a short while he replaced teasing my clit with his fingers to teasing it with his cock and that is when I got the impression that maybe Mr Big was well, big all over!

Now I must confess, that up until this point, I hadn't looked, nope not even a peek nor a grope when he was nekkid. I had just assumed that he, being male was in possession of cock and said cock would be, well average. There was nothing for it, a trip south of the border was needed! So I rolled him onto his back, straddled him and starting with his lips, kissed and licked my way down his body until I got to where I wanted to be.

Yup, suspicion confirmed, the man was big! Well, a hell of a lot bigger than I had ever had before [based on my limited experience of such things] Now I'm not one to turn down a challenge and while I was there I thought it was only polite to have a wee play, rude not to really! So with cock in hand I flicked my tongue over the head before licking up and down his shaft with my warm tongue, then blowing very lightly over the wet I had created. With him moaning in encouragement, I took him into my mouth and started to suck gently and swirl my tongue around. After a few minutes of this, his hand came down, grabbed my hair and hauled me back up his body so he could give me a very hard kiss.

Once again I found myself straddling his hips so I started rocking back and forth, sliding his cock between my pussy lips, using him to tease myself. He sat up and leant me back and took a nipple into his mouth, flicking the hard peak with his tongue before sucking with just enough force to send shivers coursing down my spine and an added flood of heat between my legs. I raised myself up and lowered myself on to him, very slowly, easing in a inch at a time until I was completely and utterly impaled on his cock.

He grabbed my hips and lifted me up slightly and started thrusting, hard and fast, creating a sensation that I don't think I have ever felt before, the speed and the fullness was just mind blowing! Suddenly he stopped and with a slap on my ass he tells me to roll off, who am I to argue and the next minute I find myself flat on my back with a foot tucked over each of his shoulders and him sliding back into me. He watches my face intently as he stretches me open again and thrusts deeply into me once more.

Not nearly satisfied enough with this position he orders me onto all fours on the edge of the bed. Happily I comply and once again I feel him filling me up. He slaps me on the ass and whispers in my ear.

"Does that feel good?"

I nod and give a wee moan in reply.

Another slap to the ass, harder this time. " I didn't hear you"

Oh boy, I see where this is going, with an evil little grin on my face, I say nothing. His hand comes down again, I grunt in reply. And again his hand comes down and reddens my ass some more. "Oh fuck, so good....fuck me harder"

He continues to fuck me in a slow, lazy kind of way. He leans forward puts his hand on my shoulder to stop me from moving and starts whispering in my ear, pure and utter filth, all the really dirty things he wants to do with me. My knees are trembling and I'm trying so hard to get him to move faster, fuck me harder, deeper, anything.....I just need more!

His thumb slips in my ass and my ability to think goes completely out the window, I'm in that space. Eventually he relents and drives himself into me, hard, fast in a frenzy of motion that end in him cumming with one final deep thrust.

So there I am, head resting on the bed, on my knees with my ass in the air, trying to somehow recover when I feel his tongue run along the edge of my pussy lips and over my clit. He rhythmically starts licking my clit, pausing every so often to suck into his mouth. I can feel my own orgasm building. I push myself back into his face, urging him on. He slips a finger in my pussy, I moan. He slips another in my ass and that is enough to push me over the edge.

He wraps me in his arms and we lay there. And we kiss and talk. The man has me sussed and I can't wait until next time!

Biting me on the ass...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I will be the first to admit I am prone to doing stupid shit, lots of it, randomly and often. I am constantly amazed that I somehow manage to get myself through life relatively unscathed given this tendency. Its not that I'm not intelligent, I am if the tests are to be believed of above average intelligence. Its not that I'm not educated, I am, highly. I'm one of those people that is just life stupid with a tendency to speak/do before I think which often compounds my stupidity.

A classic example of this was telling the original bit on the side that since he wouldn't fuck me, 'I was gonna find me another man to fuck'. I would love to be able to blame alcohol or some such other mind altering substance for this outstanding bit of stupidity but no, I only have myself to blame. That sentence flew out of my mouth one day before my brain had even had a chance to process that the mouth was moving and stuff was coming out.

The result of this classic bit of stupidity? The birth of a voyeur.... Yep, after the bit on the side got over his sulking he started prodding me with little pokes of "Have you found someone else yet?". Subtly at first, just an occasional jab here and there, building up until he finally got extremely blunt and caught me at a moment where I compounded my original bit of stupidity with another whopping bit of stupidity by uttering the words "Well as a matter of fact, I have!"

Him: Tell me everything
Me: Why?
Him: I want to know!
Me: Fine, I will type it up and email it to you, too many details for text.

So I did, well actually I didn't, I cheated and took my Helicopter guy post and tweaked it a bit so it didn't actually resemble a blog post and emailed it to him.

Him: Why don't you call in and see me at the office on the way home
Me: Why?
Him: Story time
Me: Eh??
Him: I want to watch your face as your telling me all about how he fucked you.
Me: Oh ok

I'm going to break into my 'Dukes of Hazard' voice-over guy voice here...."Now folks, you just *know* that this is gonna end with trouble" Damn skippy it is!

So I duly turn up at his office on my way home from work, plop myself down opposite him at his co-workers desk and start telling the tale of Helicopter guy. He interjects with lots of questions, craving details which I happily provide.

Him: What was your favourite bit?
Me: Well he did this thing, where he grabbed my hips hard and just fucked me, hard and deep
Him: How exactly?
Me: Well I was on my back and my leg was kinda tucked over his shoulder and his hands.....
Him: I'm not getting it, you need to show me
Me: *massive eye roll* you want me to get on the floor and show you?
Him: *wicked grin* yeah...

Yeah I know, I should be listening to the voice-over guy in my head instead of that stupid damn lust fairy that's dancing and squeaking about on my shoulder telling me "Ooooh someones gonna get lucky, yea ha!" Anyway, next thing I know I'm lying on the floor with the bit on the side having a damn good go and positioning himself the same way HG was. After I finish issuing instructions on *just* how it was, I look up and catch his eye. He leans in and starts kissing me, sucking on my bottom lip, fucking my mouth with his tongue. At the same time he starts dry-humping me [Omg I haven't dry-humped since I was fourteen!]

My hands start crawling inside his shirt, I need to feel him, touch him, taste him, its been too long. Abruptly he stops and rocks back on his heels. With a little smirk he deftly removes my panties and slides a single finger inside me, then two. I rise up and rest myself on my elbows, look down and watch as he fingers me before using his tongue as well to take me to the brink and then finally over the edge.

I tell him to stand up and rest his butt on the desk. On my knees before him, I slowly slide open the zip of this pants, freeing his cock that is straining against his underwear and tentatively lick the few drops of precum that have formed on the head of this cock. With one hand wrapped around his cock I work him in and out of my mouth, trying to get as much of him as I possibly can into my mouth. Then, using my tongue to tease and the pressure of a gentle suck to bring him to the edge before backing off and starting again. The frustration gets to him and I finally push him over the edge and swallow back the cum he shoots into my mouth.

As hes escorting me out the door he says to me 'Tell me the next time he fucks you, I want to know'. The creation of a voyeur & the re-ignition of an affair.....who knows where stupidity will take me next!
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