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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I will be the first to admit I am prone to doing stupid shit, lots of it, randomly and often. I am constantly amazed that I somehow manage to get myself through life relatively unscathed given this tendency. Its not that I'm not intelligent, I am if the tests are to be believed of above average intelligence. Its not that I'm not educated, I am, highly. I'm one of those people that is just life stupid with a tendency to speak/do before I think which often compounds my stupidity.

A classic example of this was telling the original bit on the side that since he wouldn't fuck me, 'I was gonna find me another man to fuck'. I would love to be able to blame alcohol or some such other mind altering substance for this outstanding bit of stupidity but no, I only have myself to blame. That sentence flew out of my mouth one day before my brain had even had a chance to process that the mouth was moving and stuff was coming out.

The result of this classic bit of stupidity? The birth of a voyeur.... Yep, after the bit on the side got over his sulking he started prodding me with little pokes of "Have you found someone else yet?". Subtly at first, just an occasional jab here and there, building up until he finally got extremely blunt and caught me at a moment where I compounded my original bit of stupidity with another whopping bit of stupidity by uttering the words "Well as a matter of fact, I have!"

Him: Tell me everything
Me: Why?
Him: I want to know!
Me: Fine, I will type it up and email it to you, too many details for text.

So I did, well actually I didn't, I cheated and took my Helicopter guy post and tweaked it a bit so it didn't actually resemble a blog post and emailed it to him.

Him: Why don't you call in and see me at the office on the way home
Me: Why?
Him: Story time
Me: Eh??
Him: I want to watch your face as your telling me all about how he fucked you.
Me: Oh ok

I'm going to break into my 'Dukes of Hazard' voice-over guy voice here...."Now folks, you just *know* that this is gonna end with trouble" Damn skippy it is!

So I duly turn up at his office on my way home from work, plop myself down opposite him at his co-workers desk and start telling the tale of Helicopter guy. He interjects with lots of questions, craving details which I happily provide.

Him: What was your favourite bit?
Me: Well he did this thing, where he grabbed my hips hard and just fucked me, hard and deep
Him: How exactly?
Me: Well I was on my back and my leg was kinda tucked over his shoulder and his hands.....
Him: I'm not getting it, you need to show me
Me: *massive eye roll* you want me to get on the floor and show you?
Him: *wicked grin* yeah...

Yeah I know, I should be listening to the voice-over guy in my head instead of that stupid damn lust fairy that's dancing and squeaking about on my shoulder telling me "Ooooh someones gonna get lucky, yea ha!" Anyway, next thing I know I'm lying on the floor with the bit on the side having a damn good go and positioning himself the same way HG was. After I finish issuing instructions on *just* how it was, I look up and catch his eye. He leans in and starts kissing me, sucking on my bottom lip, fucking my mouth with his tongue. At the same time he starts dry-humping me [Omg I haven't dry-humped since I was fourteen!]

My hands start crawling inside his shirt, I need to feel him, touch him, taste him, its been too long. Abruptly he stops and rocks back on his heels. With a little smirk he deftly removes my panties and slides a single finger inside me, then two. I rise up and rest myself on my elbows, look down and watch as he fingers me before using his tongue as well to take me to the brink and then finally over the edge.

I tell him to stand up and rest his butt on the desk. On my knees before him, I slowly slide open the zip of this pants, freeing his cock that is straining against his underwear and tentatively lick the few drops of precum that have formed on the head of this cock. With one hand wrapped around his cock I work him in and out of my mouth, trying to get as much of him as I possibly can into my mouth. Then, using my tongue to tease and the pressure of a gentle suck to bring him to the edge before backing off and starting again. The frustration gets to him and I finally push him over the edge and swallow back the cum he shoots into my mouth.

As hes escorting me out the door he says to me 'Tell me the next time he fucks you, I want to know'. The creation of a voyeur & the re-ignition of an affair.....who knows where stupidity will take me next!


RIV said...


I love it!
Goes to show you never know where the path takes you!
Didnt see that coming at all; do you think he will eventually wants to be there while HG takes you?

Kimberly said...

Oh dirty boys and their desire to hear all the dirty details...and then to take 'ownership' again - the need to mimic the way that you had done it with helicopter guy is facinating.

Confessor X said...

First off, great post! Loved every bit of it...2nd you hit the nail on the head Kimberly, he wanted to take "ownership" of what WAS his, (past tense) but I'm sure you're glad he's back, maybe just a lil??

Crystal said...

Know what you experienced quite well. My husband gets exponentially more turned on by my fucking other men then anyway I could dress, say romantic or sexual things directly about him or any other way to turn him on.

Needless to write I am a fan of voyeurs!


Petal said...

RIV: Your right, I never saw this one coming, not complaining tho.

Kimberly: I did feel like he was taking ownership again, his behaviour is quite fascinating!

ConX: Yeah I am just a lil pleased hes back :o)

Crystal: I think we all have a little voyeur in us, but some definitely more than others!

Enchanted Mistress said...

Great post! Yes indeed we all have some voyeur in every one of us..I tend to not admit it =)

d2b said...

Really great reading, it woke me up in the morning ;)

My expressions LIVE said...

Great post...we all are voyeaurs...depends to what extent!

bluesky said...

Read "Sexual Arousal" on page 8.
Who knows if this is the answer?

This is an article from two Professors at Florida Atlantic University.

Riff Dog said...

Ha! I love this!

I would say that I don't really understand his wanting to hear your tales. But . . . then I have to admit that after hearing your stories, I want to fuck you! So I must be a voyeur as well.

I can live with that. ;)

Merlin said...

This man would be dangerous if he taught his seduction technique to others. Dangerous and satisfying.

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