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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I asked Mr Big what his 'fantasy fuck' would be. His reply: You! In a very dirty mood. So I asked what would you like to do to me when I'm in that dirty mood? what follows is based on his reply....So all credit must go to his very [filthy, deviant] mind!

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I arrive at the room, wearing, as instructed, my hair in high pony tail and nothing else but a long black coat and slutty looking red high heels.

"Take off your coat"

I hesitantly comply, unbuttoning the coat, shrugging it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. The cool of the room hits me and I shiver slightly as I stand before you virtually naked, save for my heels. You take several moments, not saying a word, just looking at me, your eyes assessing what you see in front of you. I feel shy and fight the overwhelming urge to cover myself with my hands.

You walk towards me, stop and your hand snakes behind me and grabs my ponytail and wraps it around your hand. You pull down hard, forcing up face upwards to meet yours as it comes down to kiss me hard, not a gentle kiss, a hard punishing kiss, one that tells of whats to come.

"Get on your knees slut"

You command me and once again your pull hard on my hair, forcing me down to my knees in front of you. I am at eye level with your crotch and can see your cock straining at your pants, seeking release.

"You know what to do"

And indeed I do. I unzip your pants, freeing your cock. Cupping your balls in one hand and your cock in the other, I close my mouth over your shaft. Not happy with the leisurely pace that I am sucking your cock in and out of my mouth, you force yourself deeper into my mouth, using my hair as leverage, forcefully, making me gag in protest with every thrust.

Abruptly you pull your cock free of my mouth and pull hard on my hair, dragging up on to my feet.

"Go and kneel on the chair"

I go and kneel on the seat of the chair, resting my arms over the back. I stare at the corner of the room, not daring to turn my head and look at you.

I feel your presence behind me and flinch slightly as you slip a blindfold on over my eyes. I am plunged into darkness, the rest of my senses suddenly heighten in response.

You tie my hands together and pull them downwards to tie them to the back legs of the chair. I feel you again behind me, hands roughly pushing my knees apart so they rest against the arms of the chair, knees are similarly bound to the front legs of the chair.

I am captured there completely, naked, legs spread, exposed to you and everything you should wish to do to me. My skin tingles in anticipation. I feel the breeze of the air conditioning caressing across my hard nipples. I can hear every sound with enhanced clarity, the sound of you moving around the room.

I hear your footsteps approaching behind me and then feel your hands touching me, stroking my back, over my ass, softly, almost soothing. They dip between my legs and brush past my pussy lips, a deliberate avoidance of touching my swollen, aching sex. I moan quietly in response to your touch.

Again you wrap your hand around my ponytail and with a little jerk to get my attention, you lean down and start whispering in my ear what you are going to do with me.

"Your my fucking whore and I will fuck you any way I want"

"Your ass is mine, I am going to fuck it, you will be my fuck toy, you are my slut"

I gulp in response, then flinch as I feel your hand rub over my ass. Then nothing, silence, stillness, then whack as your hand comes down on my ass. I jerk my whole body back in shock but you don't relent a bit. Again and again you bring your hand down, reddening each cheek, marking me with finger prints, branding me.

Finally you stop. I am breathing hard and I can feel the heat coming off my freshly spanked ass. Your hand slides between my legs and seeks out my pussy. Its immediately obvious to both of us how very wet I am as your fingers slide effortlessly inside me, so slick with wetness.

"You like that don't you?"

I silently answer with a nod. And there you leave me, tied to the chair, my reddened ass slowly cooling. I can hear you move around the room, doing what, at the time I can only guess at. [ I find out the next day when I open an email from you with photos attached of me, there, in that position]

I feel your presence come up behind me again. I instantly recognise the feeling of your cock rubbing against pussy, spreading my slick wetness from clit to ass and then with a single deep thrust you are inside my pussy. You fuck me hard, mercilessly, your hands firmly griping my hips to stop me from moving. The feeling of fullness is overwhelming, my knees are shaking and I can feel my orgasm starting to build to a peak.

"Don't you dare cum, slut"

With that you stop and pull out of me. My body mourns the absence of your cock. There is an empty void between my legs and my pussy aches with the frustration of it. I was so damn close...

"Now to your ass"

I feel your push two fingers in my pussy, slowly, lazily thrusting in and out. Just as I relax, I feel the cold spill of lube being dripped onto ass, I flinch at the coolness. While still finger fucking me, you push your thumb in my ass. My back arches involuntarily, my body inviting you to invade me further. You remove your thumb and replace it with a finger, then two. Slowly but surely stretch me open, wider.

You remove your fingers and again I feel cold lube being dripped onto my ass. I feel head of your cock slowly being pushed in my ass. My body shakes as you slip in, inch by slow inch, further and further. Your hand comes around to cup breast, play with my nipple, rubbing, squeezing, pulling, tormenting the tight peaks.

I feel your balls come to rest, pressing up against pussy. You wait for a moment for my body to adjust and then you start fucking, slow and steady at first, building a rhythm, I can feel your balls slapping against me. The sensation of the sweet combination of pleasure and pain is almost too much. Sweat is running down my back, my knees are trembling.

Your hand grabs my ponytail and you wrap it around your hand, other hand on my shoulder to steady us both. Your fucking me hard and deep. Then you pull out.

"Open your mouth"

I feel the hot splash of cum land on my face, some of it even makes it into my mouth. I rest there with the expectation that you will untie me but you aren't finished with me yet. Again I hear you move around the room and I wonder at what you are doing.

I hear the hum of a vibrator start and although I'm expecting it I jerk in reaction to you placing it against my clit. You nestle it against the sweet spot, letting the toy do all the work and it doesnt take long. I arch my back and strain against my restrains as with relief I cum, almost screaming with the release.

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Kimberly said...

Unbelievably fucking hot! Wow!

Aurore said...

So hot!

Topaz said...

Intense... very exposing, very open... though the pictures would send me into a panic! I'm super paranoid about evidence!

bdenied said...

while being dominant is not my thing,
i had a gf once who liked it this way, and of course i obliged.. i called her SLUT and whore too and splashed her face with cum... very hot post

The Duchess said...

Wow! That was unbelievably hot!

Hubman said...


My cock is straining in my pants from reading this :-)

Enchanted Mistress said...

Driving, high energy passion and desire..that was freakin HOTTTTT! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome writing, fantastic story and some things that I am only just starting to explore (Not being very dom by nature) so a winner all around for me! I'll be reading that again later, though its hard using a mouse with your left hand lol.

Pink Vixxxen said...

Gotta loke a good slutfuck~~

autumn said...

ohmyohmy! i love it!

john smith said...

damn hot..........

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Riff Dog said...

Now that is one hell of a fantasy fuck! I like Mr. Big's style!

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