The door shut behind...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The door shut behind you with a firm click of the latch. Leaving me there in the room where we had just made love. I rest my head against the door, as I listen to your footsteps receding into the distance. My eyes close for a brief moment, allowing the past few hours rush through my mind in a jumble of images. Images of you, of I, of us tangled together in a whirlwind of need, longing and lust.

I smile at the now memory of our afternoon together, my lips still aching and swollen from your kisses and nipping teeth. I love the way that you kiss me, explore my mouth with yours, your tongue seeking out mine. Your roughening stubble scraping my chin. Scraping every part of my body that your mouth explores and devours.

As I pull my silky robe closer around me, it brushes across my still hard nipples, reminding me of the way you caressed them with your fingers and then your tongue. Oh those fingers, playing over my nipples as you held me from behind, your cock buried deep inside me, my back arched in pleasure, pushing my breasts into your waiting hands. Your hot breath on my neck.

Sighing deeply, I turn and survey the tangled mess of sheets on the bed. The indent on the pillow where your head lay only minutes before. The scent of you still fills the room, I too, am covered in it. There is a spot on my arm, that even if I haven't been with you for days or weeks, if I press my nose to it, I swear I smell your scent linger there. Erotic, enticing and comforting. You are always there.

I cross the room to gather up my own clothes. I too must leave. I feel the wetness that you left behind trickle between my thighs. There is a jolt of pleasure in my belly at the thought of the way you came deep inside me. My legs carelessly thrown over your shoulders as you dove into me over and over again before letting go with a guttural sound of satisfaction. Your eyes were locked on mine and more was said between us, silently, at that very moment than throughout the whole afternoon.

The door shut behind me...But the memory remains.

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Bri said...

I really love this post - very romantic and sexy :) Just something about the scent of a man that you are really "into"!!!!!

Topaz said...

Britni said it alright - the luscious enjoyment of the post-coital... less clinical and more 'up-on-high' with a hint of 'missing-you' I love/hate the feeling, and you wrote it so beautifully...

Ronjazz said...

Romantic and eloquent...I'm gonna read you more often!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

wow I love this take on the story. Very good

Hubman said...

Very nice post! I love the direction you took with the starting line...

Haute Chocolat said...

Sooo romantic and eloquent. Keep it up!

The Duchess said...

Great post - very poetic and filled with imagery.

Kimberly said...

This is a perfect post! So tender, it captures that feeling so wonderfully!

Enchanted Mistress said...

Simple beautiful with a touch of tenderness..bravo!

Rainy said...

Aww so beautifully put together - very romantic and warm.

I love this post:)


{{ d a n i m o }} said...

i've loved everyone's take on this month's prompt but your poetic words and the delightful memories they portray have stolen my heart. from start to finish, i was hooked on this! it's so tender, so erotic, so sweet; i can feel the weakness in your knees and the recollection in your belly. deliciously perfect! :D

Sandra Barry said...

I love this. Please keep writing, so I can keep following. Stop by my blog, too, and maybe we can become friends! Luv ya!

autumn said...

i love that longing feeling. that was wonderful to read. really fabulous!

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