The best laid schemes of mice and men...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When we think of naughty encounters, we often imagine a joyous reunion of star-crossed lovers in a [fabulous or seedy, depending on budget and circumstances!] hotel room having wonderfully hot, sensual, dirty sex... And 99% of the time, that is no doubt the case. But sometimes its doesn't always quite go to plan. Yup, Mr Murphy with is irritating laws steps in and it all goes rather pear shaped.

Quite recently I had to spend three days working at an event out of town. It was far enough away from home to need to stay away for a couple of nights but close enough to Mr Big for him to be able to come and spend the night with me. The whole night with Mr Big....phew! So I duly book a fantastic room at very high end hotel [Hey work was paying and I'm the boss, so why not!] The big guy and I, spent most of the week getting all hot and steamy via text in anticipation of a whole night together. There was fun to be had and it was going to be GOOD!

Until...I got *that* text. Yeah, the one that says 'So very, very sorry I cant make it...' My tummy dropped in disappointment but at the end of the day, life happens. This was salvageable. I had a beautiful room booked and I could turn this into a *me* night, pamper myself, kick back and enjoy time with me.

So I checked in, ignoring the less than warm and friendly service [read no valet parking, no porter, rude reception....your a how many star hotel??] and sat back on the mine-for-the-night king size bed. Having spent the day on my feet, talking to what felt like a thousand people, I wasn't feeling inclined to troddle down to the 'rave review' restaurant headed up by the 'celebrity chef' and sample the delightful dishes on my own, so I order room service instead.

My 'gourmet' pizza and large glass of wine arrived. All I can say, is at least the wine was fantastic! [Can't beat a good kiwi cab sav!] The pizza? well... I have bought better at the supermarket. A long, soak in a hot bath later and my spirits were restored. I tucked myself into the huge bed [Omg I love hotel sheets, clean sheet day everyday!!] and reflected on my day. No lover, shite service, less than average food....oh well on the bright side it couldn't get any worse!

Until... I woke up the next morning, swung my feet out of bed and landed in several inches of freezing cold water. It had rained rather heavily in the night and flooded out half the ground floor, the half that I was staying in! Needless to say, I did not spend a second night there!


Topaz said...

Oh wow. This is beyond Murphy, dear.

Gray said...

Oh my lord, what an awful way to start your morning.

Definitely wouldn't choose that hotel!

Ms Scarlett said...

Sometimes a well-placed online review of a crap hotel is the best revenge. The flood isn't really their fault so much, but the bad service sure is!

Sorry your night didn't go the way you hoped!

Anonymous said...

Sorry things didn't go as planned.

Dewey's System said...

ohhhh, that dreaded text, when all of your plans in place, when you get the "whole" freaking night, only to have it cancelled in a single incoming message. Grhh. Sorry to hear that.

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