Monday, January 5, 2009

I love lying out in the sun, feeling the warm rays on my naked skin, the breeze gently tickling across my body. Its something I try and do as often as possible, especially if I can manage it when no one else is home.

So one very warm spring day found me out on the deck lapping up the rays and sending suggestive & dirty texts the bit on the side (there is not a lot else to do when your sunbathing!). Being a rather hot day, I suggested he pop around for a cold drink to cool himself off. It was an invitation he couldn't refuse!

He arrived to find me stretched out naked on the sun lounger. We chatted for a few minutes while I teased him by rearranging my body on the lounger and parting my legs so he could get a good view of my bare pussy. Finally I offered to get him the cold drink I promised and he followed me inside and into the kitchen.

I got the ice cubes out to put in his drink, he picked one up and ran it down my chest and over my nipples, teasing them into stiff peaks with the ice. Leaning down he took a nipple into his warm mouth and sucked hard on it, flicking his tongue over the hard nub. The sensation of cold then hot then cold again on my nipples was indescribable, I could already feel the wetness begin to gather between my legs. When that ice cube was exhausted he picked up another one and ran in down my belly and between my parted legs and slipped in my pussy with his fingers following behind it.

Pushing me back against the kitchen bench he kissed me, hard. As his tongue explored my mouth, his fingers moved in and out of my soaking wet pussy and he started rubbing his thumb over my clit, teasing me. My god, my whole body felt on fire with a burning need. I ran my hands down his chest and quickly unzipped his pants so I could get my hands on his cock and using his juices I started to pump my hand up and down his cock.

He spun me around and pushed me over the kitchen bench, the shock of the cold bench top on my naked chest making me gasp. Pushing my legs wider apart, he started rubbing his dribbling cock over my pussy, from one end to the other, teasing my clit with his hard knob and coating my ass with precum and my own juices. He rested his cock against my asshole and reached around to take a breast in each hand, his thumbs brushing over my hard nipples.

I couldn't help but to lean back into him, slowing mounting myself on his hard cock, inch by inch he slowly slid into my ass. He grabbed my hips and began pumping his cock slowly in and out of my ass while I reaching down to play with my clit. He began to gather speed, fucking me harder and faster.....I couldn't take it anymore and came hard, my pussy juices soaking my own hand. He abruptly pulled out and coated my back and ass with hot spurts of cum.

We just stand there for a moment, recovering. He turns my face to him and kisses me deeply before zipping himself up and walking out the door.


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