Monday, April 26, 2010

Start of the boobquake....yep, April 26th is the beginning of a massive boobquake that is set to rock the world. Why? Well some cleric in Iran declared that last week that immodest dress and promiscuity of women was to blame for earthquake...uh huh.....Sooo the internet being what it is, this sparked Jen McCreight to write a blog post and create boobquake day

So I challenge you all to get out your lowest cut tops and dare to bare your cleavage in support of the boobquake.....since we all know that showing your boobs does not cause earthquakes!

Go and check out Curvaceous Dee for a far better explanation and links to bookquake :)

HNT: Blurry

Thursday, April 22, 2010

'Every thing's so blurry
And everyone's so fake
And everybody's empty
And everything is so messed up
Preoccupied without you
I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounds you
I stumble then I crawl'
                                        - Puddle of Mudd

Happy HNT all and don't forget to check out O's to see who else is playing along!

One fucked up Friday night...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I adore test driving a new lover. The thrill, the anticipation of it all. Lets face it, its hot! So this particular Friday night I had a new man to try out. We shall call him The Cowboy, for reasons I am not going to explain. But before I went to meet up with him, I caught with my friends for our usual Friday night drinks after work [after all, men come and go, girlfriends last forever(ish) ergo important to keep in touch] 

So there I was, sipping my glass of house Sav blanc when I spotted a bit of something tasty a couple of tables over having his Friday night drinks with work colleagues. I clocked the wedding ring after checking out his nice tight arse and with one more [possibly fatal, hey I need the dutch courage for The Cowboy] house Sav sliding down I made the decision to be bold, brave and ya do when you have quite clearly more than enough to drink.

I whipped out one of my business cards and wrote my cellphone number on the back and a formulated a plan to drop it in his lap as I made my move to leave. Outstanding plan so far? As it turns out, as I was getting up and leaving, so was he. I managed to catch him just out side the door and I slipped my business card into his pocket as I walked past him, the rest of the plan being he went his way and I went mine. Yeah I know, slick move right?

Well the first bit went exceedingly well, the business card managed to end up in his pocket but it turned out he was walking in the same direction as me. He pulled my card out of his pocket and said 'Wow, what's this?' I just flashed him a grin and kept walking. So then he starts reading out my card, specifically my name. He then turns to me and asks ' So do you know what my name is?' I think I avoided rolling my eyes at him [ I mean really, what a question] I shook my head and said 'No, what's your name?' 'My name is Paul xxxxxxxxx' he replied.

OMFG we shared the same last name! I mean really, what are the odds, especially given I do not have a very common last name. As we walked towards our cars we chatted about how we hoped we weren't related and he told me how he works just around the corner from me. As we came up beside his car I wished him a good weekend and a good night. As I walked away I could tell he was checking out my arse [as us women just can tell]. I got to my car and as I was climbing in he pulled up beside me and dropped down the window. 'So its ok if I call you?' he asked.....'Oh yes, absolutely!' was my reply. Same last name...some days I wonder if only shit like that happens to me...

So with one daring act out of the way it was off to spend sometime with The Cowboy. Now usually to cover up my nervousness I tend to be rather bold. So on arrival and after the pleasantries I decided to break the ice by whipping off my dress and straddling his lap wearing only my underwear, so far so good. Ice was broken and things started to move along swimmingly. His clothes came off as did the rest of my underwear. A bed was found and we started to get down and dirty with our nekkidness, until I noticed a small problem with the scenario.

He seemed to be, ummm well, rather soft and I don't mean that in a 'lovely soft skin' kind of way. A vital ingredient was definitely missing for our night of passion. Now I know that this is a hard thing to deal with when your a guy. Sometimes the mind is willing but the body just isn't playing along. So I started digging into my wee bag of tricks to see if I can get an... ahem... 'rise' out of him. Nothing really appeared to be working. Nothing. At. All. Short of me sticking my finger up his butt and I so wasn't going there, I couldn't see a solution to this particular issue.

Then he starts apologising, which as you all well know just makes it all worse. You kinda have two choices at that moment. Be a bitch, throw your clothes and high tail it out of there or hang it in there and try your damnedest to try and make him feel better. I chose the latter and suggested we just cuddle for a while. So we lay there and cuddle and I try to distract his mind with some varied and no doubt inane chatter about all sorts of stuff, all the while stroking my hands over the interests of brevity I will skip the hours worth of this...and finally he begins to relax and engage in the conversation. Then finally, my wandering hands notice that he's rising to the occasion, presumable as a result of just chilling out and my gentle stroking, hopefully it wasn't the story I was telling about riding elephants in Thailand I happened to be telling at the time [don't want to ponder the possibilities of this]

Anyway, with all the necessary ingredients present and correct to carry on our 'big night of fun' we start rolling around and he enters me...mmmm....he puts in a couple of long hard thrusts and I utter those [possibly fatal] words 'Oh yes, thats it, fuck me harder'....

And that, was pretty much that. I guessed that he wasn't going to return the orgasm favour when he rolled off and offered me a cup of tea [wtf is with men and offering tea after sex?] I politely declined his lovely offer of tea and this time threw my clothes on and high tailed it out of there. Seriously, I sometimes wonder, does only this kinda shit happen to me?

Make me...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

....I was enjoying the moment. The sensations. Me on top of you, sliding your hard cock between my pussy lips. Teasing my clit with you. Your hands on my waist, urging me back and forth. My head down, hair swaying with the rhythm of the moment.

'Climb on my cock Babe, I want to be inside you'

I raised my head and looked you in the eye with an evil grin on my face.

'Make me...'

The next moment I find myself over your lap, face pressed hard down onto the mattress. Your hand spanking my arse none too gently. It happened so fast, I barely had time to squeal in surprise. After several more hard slaps you stopped. I raised my head off the mattress and look at you in complete shock.

'Now back to my cock...'

With a wee smile, I couldn't help but comply with your wish....

A huge thanks to Kimberly for organising this months 'May I seduce you'. Make sure you go and check out these other wonderful bloggers to see their take on this months tag line.

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HNT: Rewind...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

'In life, there is no pause button, no rewind and definitely no replay' - Anon

Happy HNT all and don't forget to check out O's to see who else is playing along.

The beginning...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I know that I left you all with my last post [now removed] thinking that my marriage had ended and to be fair I really thought it had. [Although I do have a tendency toward rash impetuousness, hence the last post] But I thought I had reached the end of the road where there was nothing left. It was all too hard, too complicated and I just didn't want to go on with it any more. The H too was prepared to walk away, he was over the drama, the bullshit and my inability to express myself. There was no 'World War Three' type argument. It was very calm, calm in that icy, terrifying kind of way. Our house of cards had completely fallen down.

Sometimes in order to rebuild something you need to pull it apart completely. It has to crash and burn totally and utterly, so out of the ashes something new and solid can emerge. My marriage was like a house that had one too many renovations done on it. Add ons here, add ons there. The main structure started to destabilise because of all these add ons. It needed to be pulled down and a new, fresh start to emerge. From the outside it looked great, the perfect 'chocolate box' picture of the ideal. Inside however, was a completely different story. There were crack appearing, huge cracks that no amount of plaster was ever going to cover over. Our foundations were still there as we discovered through talking, but that's all we had left, was a foundation of love and affection

So what caused this crash and burn, what pushed us both to the point where we were prepared to end it all and start again without each other?  For me it was rejection that tipped me over the edge. I had, relatively recently, been rejected by a man that I had a huge amount of affection for, then I felt I was being rejected by my husband, a man I loved. I had bottled up the end of the relationship with Mr Big, not wanting to talk about it, express myself. I built a huge wall around myself thinking that I had to deal with it on my own. That it was unfair of me to let the H see what I was thinking and feeling about it all, as it wasnt his relationship, so why should I put him through the process of the aftermath.

He was confused and hurt by this approach from me. He thought that the best thing to do was give me some space both mentally and physically. I saw this as him also rejecting me. It hurt that he didn't want to touch me, be around me. It felt like a HUGE double whammy of rejection. So the more I felt hurt, the more I pushed him away and the more he distanced himself from me. Until it got to the point where we barely talking to each other and could hardly stand to be in the same room. Which is a bloody tough thing to do when you work together. We are together 21 hours a day and it takes some serious effort on both of our parts to function at home and work together without actually communicating. Then those fateful words were uttered 'I don't want to do this any more' and there was no disagreement from each of us other over them, just an acceptance.

As we were discussing the dissolution of our marriage, the tin tacks of breaking part the assets, dividing money and possessions, snippets started to emerge. When you think that all is lost and there is nothing more left to lose those hurtful, hateful, truthful things come out. Things you have never said before because you know they are going to hurt the other person. And with those hurtful, truthful word came a realisation for both of us that we still had a foundation. It was there, buried under all sort of crap and once that crap was shifted off there was indeed something left.

I cannot say that yet, all of the rubbish has been removed, dealt with, sorted and recycled. But 95% of it has now been moved on. We had both truly thought that we had already done this, gone through this process when he caught me cheating. But we hadn't, we had merely plastered over the cracks and then tacked on a few more additions to our marriage. The last time had taught us how to talk to each other, to communicate but we hadn't broken down and rebuilt what was there.

So what are we left with? Well a marriage for a start. And yes, we are going to continue having an open marriage. It is something that both of us truly want. That's not to say that there are not still issues around this, there are and those are ones that I want to blog about, in a very honest way. So yes, I will still be blogging but I am going to stop portraying that lovely glossy veneer as I tend to do. Its going to be a wee bit more gritty and honest from now on.

And so, a new beginning...

HNT: These boots...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

'These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you'
- Nancy Sinatra

Actually, I think boots like these were made for fucking...well that's what I think of every time I pull them on...which is not a bad way to start the day is it?

Happy HNT and happy Easter to all that celebrate it too!

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