The Hotel Fantasy

Monday, February 23, 2009

I was feeling rather *inspired* [ok, read horny] the other day this is the result of my thoughtful daydreaming. Its a little more vanilla that what I usually write but I had fun with it, I hope you all do too!!

The time is arranged. 1PM, room 1169 at our usual hotel. I am trembling in anticipation as I get myself ready. My legs and pussy are shaved smooth and are silky feeling with a beautiful scented lotion. My hair is freshly washed and hangs half way down my back, gently swaying with every motion I make. I look at the bed and consider the choices of underwear I have laid out. Shall I choose the beautiful, delicate lacy white bra & knickers, giving that slightly virginal feel? Or should I go with the more sensual black and pink ones teemed up with thigh high stockings? I make my choice and slip them on. Then carefully, not to ruin my hair and makeup I slip on my favorite dress, the one that shows off my shallow cleavage, giving little glimpses of my underwear underneath if you dare look close enough. The flippy little skirt swings and settles around my knees. I slide my feet into a pair of heels, apply one last swipe of lipstick and finally I am ready for you.

As I drive towards the hotel I can feel the butterflies in my tummy building. The anticipation is turning me on. My nipples feel so very sensitive and are rubbing against my bra, almost painfully so. I can feel wetness seeping out between my legs, soaking my panties. I mentally urge the cars around me to hurry up, go faster, I can’t wait to see you again.

Finally I arrive at the hotel and park my car. As I walk through the foyer I notice the admiring glances from a group of businessmen assembled and waiting to check in. One of them catches my eye and drops me a wink. I smile to myself, if he only knew, hey maybe he does. I stride into the waiting elevator and push the button for your floor. My heart starts pounding a little harder as the doors of the elevator glide open, announcing the arrival of the right floor. My knees tremble slightly as I walk closer to the door. At the door, I pause a moment, take a deep breath, then I knock.

The door swings open and there you stand. Several heartbeats go by, as you look me up and down, taking me in. A smile curves on your lips, giving your approval of my appearance. I walk into the room towards you. You swing the door shut behind me and walk me back up against the door. Cupping my face, you lean down and kiss me. Your lips nibble at mine, the kiss deepens and your tongue seeks out my own. Your intent becomes more forceful, I feel your hips meet mine, your hard on pressing against me. I hook a leg up around your waist, pulling you into me, your hand trails up my thigh pushing my dress up with it until it reaches my hip. You start kissing my ears, neck and all over my face you rain down tiny kisses.

You stop and step back, your eyes drinking in the sight of me, it feels like forever since we saw each other last. I lean forward pushing myself off the door, reach around and unzip my dress, letting it fall away and puddle around my feet on the floor. I see your eyes widen slightly and you utter a single word before reaching for me again. ‘Babe’. Leaning in, you kiss me again, your hands trail lightly up and down each side of my torso sending little shivers of delight all over my body. Your hands settle on my chest, each hand cupping a breast, kneading them through the sheer fabric of my bra. Your thumbs skim over my nipples, teasing them into hard peaks. Deftly you slide your hands around to my back and unhook my bra, it too falls to the floor to join my dress.

I push myself against you, I need to feel you, I want to feel skin on skin, I want more of you. Your hands skim down my back and cup my ass. In a single movement you lift me up. I hook my arms around your neck and wrap my legs around your waist while you walk towards the bed. Gently you lay me down on the bed. Straightening up you ease off your tie, unbutton your shirt and flip open the belt on your pants. The whole time your eyes don’t leave mine. You are silently telling me that I’m yours, yours to do with as you wish.

You shrug out of your shirt and let your pants drop to the ground. Your hard on strains against your boxers, begging to be let out to play. How can I resist? I scoot forward, kneel on the end of the bed, and with my hands push your boxers off your hips. Now eye-to-eye with your impressively hard cock I put out my tongue and lap at the end of your cock. I hear your sharp intake of breath as my tongue flicks and swirls around. Cupping your balls in one hand I open my mouth and take as much as I can of you in my mouth. I work your cock in and out of my mouth, my teeth gently scraping, and tongue cradling the underside. I feel you weave your fingers into my hair, urging me on.

After a few more minutes of this I feel you pull out of my mouth. A single strand of precum hangs for a moment between my plump parted lips and your cock. You push me back against the bed and kissing me hard as come down over me. Your lips break away from mine and you nibble on my ear lobe, and start kissing down my neck. Your hand cups my breast, thumb flicking over the erect nipple before you circle your tongue around each nipple then over each nipple, teasing the hard peaks. You close your mouth over one nipple and suck gently. I feel rush course throughout my body before settling in my stomach. Your hands have been busy tracing up down my thighs, skimming the side of my panties, brushing over my mound. I feel you ease a finger beneath the lace edge and your hand works its way inside my knickers.

I arch my back in delight and you start kissing down my tummy, stopping to tug on my belly bar with your teeth. That gets my attention, I look down at you, and we swap a grin. You drag my panties off and slide a finger between my pussy lips, coating my wetness all over my clit. I feel your finger work its way inside me, in and out, a substitute for your cock. With a little smile you pull your hand out from between my legs and suck on the finger covered with my juices before leaning down and using your tongue where your fingers were only moments before. Rhythmically your tongue laps at my clit, your finger pushing inside me again and I arch my hips against your face begging for more.

I tighten my muscles around your finger, my hips rocking against your face and you know that I'm so close to cumming. You cruelly stop and I utter a little squeak of surprise as you flip me over and pull me up onto my knees. I can feel your hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks. Taking your cock, you guide it inside me, stretching me open, filling me up. Your hands skim up my belly to cup each breast as you start rocking in and out of me in that age-old rhythm of fucking. With each stroke I can feel my orgasm building, your cock stroking that special spot inside me. The feeling grows, my knees start trembling, and a hot flush starts to creep down my body. I feel your cock thicken just a little and I know that you are so close to cumming too. Then the feeling peaks sending an explosive orgasm throughout my body. My head tilts back exposing my throat, my back arches, muscles clench as I drive my ass into you, wrapping you in my orgasm, taking you there with me.


Riff Dog said...

I love this! So very well written and I love all the setup details.

Kimberly said...

I am frequently um, inspired, as well. Wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Beatifull text...

Kisses from Argentina

A y R

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