First Meeting

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had arranged to meet in the morning for a coffee. As I was parking my car he sent a text to let me know he was running a little late (wins points for being thoughtful!) I ordered a coffee and found a table outside so I could enjoy the sun while waiting for him to arrive. I looked up just as he walked around the corner and I immediately knew it was him. Don’t you love it when their pictures online do absolutely no justice to them and they end up being far better looking in real life?

He spotted me instantly and exchanged greetings and cheek kisses before he went inside to order his own coffee. I welcomed the chance to lift my jaw off the ground, wipe the drool from my chin, and bat that damn lust fairy off my shoulder. I don’t usually judge men purely on their looks, for me personality counts for just as much. I thought I was lucky with the last one being better than average looks-wise, but this guy is ‘Oh.My.God’ good looking.

Tall, tanned and toned (does triathlons and has the body to prove it) short sun-bleached blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He has that classic ‘air force/fly-boy’ look about him, possibly because he flies helicopters (yeah, I’m shallow enough to be turned on by that too!)

He returns to the table and we sit and chat about this and that. He has a lovely personality, quite a serious kind of guy and completely different to the usual ‘type’ that I go for, which is why I deliberately chose him. The usual ‘inked up, pierced, x-factor, full-of-himself bad boy’ type that I usually go for has recently caused me nothing but grief, so I thought I would give another ‘type’ a go.

By the time we had finished our coffees it was clearly obvious that the chemistry was there and we both well and truly approved of each other, which led to the ‘when can we get together again?’ question. I told him that I wanted to think about it and would let him know very soon, hell after he last time I was making sure that I was thinking about this with the right bits of my anatomy!

Within 15 minutes of leaving the café he text me: It was really great finally meeting you today and I would love to see you again. Yup, we have a winner here! Yeah, I put him out of his misery and text him straight back saying I would love to see him again too. Now all I need is a blog name for him, cause this one is sticking around….


Anonymous said...

Way to go Petal !! I love first meetings :) Especially when they are full of promises !

Riff Dog said...

Oh, how exciting! And yes, it is great when the real life version is even better than the pictures!

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