Doing it the old fashioned way

Monday, February 16, 2009

I must confess I love my toys, I have a drawer packed full of them and they are used at every opportunity. Hey, I like play with myself, its great stress relief, my story and I'm sticking to it! Anyway, back to my toys. Being the lazy girl that I am, the battery powered aspect of them (well most of them) really appeals to me, turn on, apply to clit, 2 - 5 minutes later and hey presto, orgasm! Love it!

The other day though, just didn't quite go to plan. Yep, you guessed it.........dead batteries! Now normally I am well prepared for such an eventuality, extra batteries at the ready + 15 minute charger, but on this particular day, it just wasn't going my way. Extra batteries were dead, charger was at work and I had gotten enough buzz to get me to the point where not getting to the finish line was simply not an option.

Whats a girl to do!! Well first things first, check the kids toys (every Xmas I silently curse the grandparents for buying my children every conceivable battery powered toy in the universe, do you know how expensive they are to run!) No luck there! Digital camera.....shit, dead too. I spotted the TV remotes....fuck wrong size batteries! By this stage I'm getting really frustrated, in more ways that one!!

The it hit me, I was just going to have to finish this off the old fashioned way. Good grief, do you know how long its been since I did that? so long, I can't actually remember the last time! So I slide a finger down and start to experiment, then it all comes back to me......

Must say though, while the old fashioned way certainly hits the spot, I won't be giving up my toys in a hurry!


Riff Dog said...

When I read, "Well first things first, check the kids toys . . . " at first I thought you meant that you were looking for a toy that vibrated, rather than just one to steal batteries from! ;-)

Personally, I'm liking the mental image of either the old fashioned way or the new way. Especially with that beautiful picture of you right below this!

Petal said...

Omg after reading that comment I just had to go and check Buzz Light Year.....just in case & no, sadly he still only just flashes his lights and says inane things! Althought tickle me elmo has some interesting possibilities........shame about the irritating giggle!!

Thank you for the lovely comment about my ass.

Advizor said...

As much as I love my wife's toys, there is nothing more erotic that watching her go at it with just her fingers. It's my favorite show of all time!

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