Thinking out loud

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wonder, is kissing like giving a blow job, a learnt thing or does it come naturally? I only wonder about this because I am heading out there to try someone new and it has made me ponder myself, my abilities & sexual techniques. Possibly an odd thing to wonder and worry about but to be honest, I am not terribly sexually experienced. Bar the bit on the side, I haven't been with another man in over 17 years. And before I met my H I didn't really have many boyfriends or experiment sexual with guys or women for that matter.

I didn't seem to have the same curiosity about sex as many of my friends, maybe its because I grew up on a farm and sex really held no mystery to me, what between 'the boy next door' and farm animals I had kind of seen it all. That and having a Swedish mother who would openly and rather randomly dispense advice about men and sex. I was rather late in my teenage years (compared to my friends) when I lost my virginity and it was within a year of that happening that I met and married my husband.

So what makes a good kisser and a good kiss? I am fairly certain I know what makes a good blow job, the bit on the side tells me I give outstanding blow jobs, although I suspect that he also says that to ensure that more will be in the offering! But there are those subtle cues that are given off by the guy, the moans & sighs. Its something that you pick up as you go along, each one gets better because you learnt something from the last.

I suppose, just as there can be bad blow jobs there are bad kisses & kissers. My memory of teenage kissing is one of sloppy wet lips and too much tongue. I think I have improved over the years and hopefully everyone else has too! It was strange the first time I kissed the bit on the side, a whole different technique, taste and sensation. It was incredibly erotic and exciting but strange all at the same time. You get so used to doing things one way for so many years, to try something different is scary, exciting but scary.

*sigh* I think the only person that's going to understand this pile of muttered ramblings is myself! and even I have my doubts about how much sense I'm making today....I think I shall go and worry about something a bit more meaningful, like what to have for dinner instead!


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