Wifely Duties - Part One

Monday, January 12, 2009

You would expect, that because I have a bit on the side, my sex life at home is lacking somewhat. Not true at all, the H and I have an absolutely fantastic sex life, when we can get it. In fact I think the sex I have with the H is far better than with the bit on the side, with the H its just not frequent enough for my liking....could well be an age thing on his part and generally life just getting in the way (tiredness, kids, stress & stuff like that)

With it being the summer holidays here, the H and I have enjoyed a few weeks off work which has led to many opportunities to have some fantastic & spontaneous marital sex which I thought I would share with you.....

I was sunbathing outside, watching the H digging in the garden with his shirt off (I will be the first to admit he's got a fabulous body, very muscular with each nipple pierced, mmmm!) He stopped to grab a drink and sit on the edge of the lounger to chat to me. As he was chatting away he started running his hand up and down my back, which was slick with sweat, and over my ass, tracing the outline of my bikini bottoms with his finger then dipping his finger under the edge and following that line down between my legs.

I rolled over and parted my legs to give him better access between my legs and I'm sure he noticed just how much he was turning me on by my hard nipples showing through my bikini top. He kept his fingers inside my bottoms, brushing them over my swelling pussy lips and trailing them down to finger my ass.

H: Why don't we take this inside?

Grabbing my hand, he pulls me off the lounger and into the house, walking behind me and all the time whispering in my ear what he's going to do to me when he get me in the bedroom. We reach the bedroom and turn to face him. He cups my face with his hand and starts kissing me, his tongue sliding into my mouth. I reach down and push his shorts over his hips and grab his thick, hard cock in my hand and brush my thumb over the tip, rubbing precum all over the end.

He pushes me back onto the bed, kneels between my legs and with one quick movement strips my bikini bottoms off. I relax into the mattress as I feel his tongue lapping at my clit, I feel him push one finger into my pussy, then two, then another in my ass. OMG the sensation is driving me wild!

Abruptly as he start he stops. I hear my bedside drawer opening and smile to myself knowing what is coming next. Next is the sound of the cap on the bottle of lube being snapped back down. My heart is pounding with anticipation and excitement.

H: Roll over onto your hands and knees

I say nothing and do what he asks. I feel him pushing the tip of the butt plug into my ass, slowly inserting it deeper and deeper. I can't help but moan and squirm around, encouraging him to push it in faster. Finally I feel it come to rest, stretching my ass wide open around the thick base.

The next sensation is the tip of his cock being rubbed up and down my swollen, wet pussy before being plunged deep inside me with one quick thrust. The feeling of fullness is incredible. Slowly at first, he start fucking me. His pubic bone thrusting against the butt plug each time he buries himself deep inside me. I notice my vibrator beside me, so picking it up I turn it on and start massaging it over my clit.

The amazing sensation of the butt plug, his cock and the vibrator are all too much for me and I cum, just about screaming with the intensity of the orgasm. The H is merely a thrust or two behind me before he cums as well.

Mmmm gotta love summer holidays!


Confessor X said...

Great post! This is the type of post that I love to read at work...in my office...alone or on the phone with someone special...and just jackoff too! HOT HOT HOT!!!

Petal said...

Thank you! Nice to know what I write is hitting the spot....Glad you enjoyed

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a spontaneous moment that becomes so damn HOT! I love getting Chloe this wound!

Very nice, Petal!


Advizor said...

On 11/16/09 you mentioned that you didn't write enough "real life" sex stories. If they are anything like this one, you have amazing talent and a wonderful ear for words and sex.

keep writing, keep sharing, this is WONDERFUL.

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