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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The day... started like any other. I hurried to ready myself for work, gulping my too hot coffee as I raced around the apartment gathering my things for work. Why cant I be more organised? I mutter to myself, as I do nearly every day. Flying out the door, I head for the train station and the long, boring commute to work. The scent of cherry blossoms fills the air as I hurry down the street. Spring is in the air, well something is definitely in air. I think I barely got four hours sleep last night and those hours were wracked with obscenely erotic dreams. I woke in a mass of twisted sheets with an aching need between my legs.

Its been a long time since I've had sex, too long. Ever since my boyfriend moved himself out of my life six months ago, there as been no one else. Well, until recently I hadn't really had the urge for anyone else. But lately, lately I most definitely have... this urge is driving me to distraction, I need to get laid.

I swipe my card at the station and hurl myself across the platform and into a carriage. A tide of bodies follow behind, pushing me in. Dammit no seats left. Resignedly I cling to a pole and curse my inability to get anywhere on time. I am not looking forward to spending the next 40 minutes on my feet. The train moves off and I surreptitiously eye my fellow passengers. I love people watching, its the voyeur in me. I am consumed by curiosity about them and love making up little stories in my head about who they are, where they come from and what's going on in their lives.

Like that girl over there, the one with the long silken blonde hair down to her ass, tight white office shirt and the almost too short skirt. I imagine she has a boyfriend, in fact she has that 'just been fucked' glow about her. I wonder what she does for a living, perhaps shes a personal assistant to some high-flying go-getter in finance or something. I bet her boss dreams about bending her over his desk each day, smoothing that almost too short skirt up and over her pert little ass and giving her one.

The train lurches into the next station and I feel someone bump into me, pressing me hard against the pole. Before I have a chance to glance over my shoulder at whoever is intruding into my personal space, the doors open and yet another mass of people force their way into the carriage, jamming it full and pushing my intruder even closer to me. Discreetly I glance over my shoulder at the intruder and find myself eye to eye with the most startling green and cheeky looking pair of eyes. Quickly I avert my gaze. Phwoar, he's hot! Thank god it someone like that giving me the train bump and not some creepy, smelly old guy in a Mac.

Off we go again and I lose myself in thought, musing about the people in the carriage surrounding me. The rocking sway of the train almost lulling me into a hypnotic kind of state. Slowly I become aware that my intruder is still pressed quite firmly against me. Poor guy really has no choice as there are so many people jammed in here. Then I notice that, well, more of him is pressed against me than before. I wiggle a little, yup, that is definitely a hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks. I'm not sure if I'm mortified or turned on...oh, well I'm definitely more turned on than mortified. I press myself back against him and wiggle just a wee bit more, just to be sure. Oh yes, green-eyed hottie has definitely got his hard cock pushed against me.

A hot flush of lust rolls through my body. My god, it suddenly got hot in here. I lean my forehead against the cold pole hoping it will cool me off. It doesn't. I can feel my nipples harden and push against my bra. A familiar aching throb starts between my legs. I glance at my watch, crap thirty more minutes of this journey to go. Suddenly I cant wait to get to work. I take a deep breath and try to relax and think of something else. Anything else but this gorgeous man and his hard cock pressed against me.

We pull into another station and green eyes moves away from me as some of the carriage briefly empties out. But soon enough just as many, if not more people pour into the carriage and green eyes is thrust against me once more. This time I feel his hands grip my hips as the train pulls out. The cheek of the man! I debate with myself if I should turn and give him a stern look or maybe....maybe I should play him at his own game. Now that sounds like a bit of fun!

Subtly I lean myself back into him and wiggle my ass ever so slightly against him. I can feel his hard cock sweeping over my butt as I sway my ass side to side before letting his cock settle between my cheeks. Ha, that will show him! He replies by moving his hand half way down my thigh, scrunching up the skirt of my dress and resting his bare hand on my bare thigh. Oh...I wasn't expect him to do that and before I have a chance to react his fingers start caressing my thigh. His hand sweeps around the back and finds the line where the top of my leg meets my ass cheek. He trails his finger lightly across the line before delving his hand between my legs. I give a little gasp of shock at his audacity but he doesn't stop there.

His fingers work their way beneath my g-string and I cant help but moan as he encounters the warm, slick wet between my legs. I stand there rigidly clinging to the pole, as this strange man with gorgeous green eyes, finger fucks me on the train. His fingers thrust insistently in and out of my dripping pussy, keeping in time with the rhythmic, rocking sway of the train. I feel my legs begin to buckle as the first wave of orgasm hits. I bite my lip hard to stifle my moans and look at the floor, hoping none of the commuters around me notice me cumming on his hand.

The train pulls into another station and as magically as he had appeared behind me, he is gone. And I am left wondering if I will ever see those gorgeous green eyes again...

A huge thanks to Kimberly for organising this months posting of 'May I seduce you'. Don't forget to check out these other fabulous bloggers for their take on this months theme.

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Anonymous said...

ummmm exactly what train do you ride?

But damn my eyes are blue, sigh.

MyKey said...

heheh, you'd love that wouldnt you babe! especially at the moment!


Gregorio Martino said...

Ok Now I am going off to work in a state of excitement. I hope you are proud of yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I'd be commuting to work!! That was HOT!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Now that was very, very sexy!

Another Suburban Mom said...

That was so sexy, it might almost make me want to take public transportation again.

Anonymous said...

I just added that to my list of things to do this year...ride every commuter train I can find :-) great sexy, sensual, imginative post

Anonymous said...

Okay that is a good way to start any day! FOR REAL? Na. I have a huge tickle in my potty! That is one I will add to my fantasy list for sure! Time to go take care of myself, thanks for the visual!

The Panserbjørne said...

I'm glad you admit to watching people and making up little stories about what they do, their motivations, their interests. I do this all the time and it just feels weird to me sometimes. :)

Loved this! Very hot, very intense. Wish I got to see exhibitions like that on trains. Well done.

Do me a favor and add me to the list of participants? For some reason Kimberly left me off the list.

-- PB

Gray said...

Omg, yes yes yes! I definitely need to start riding the train.:) Awesome post!

Ms Scarlett said...

Whew! Hotness!! Awesome post!!


bdenied said...

yum a very sexy post

Margaret said...

That's one way to make the train ride less boring. :)


Topaz said...

In all the years I've taken the train, I waited for exactly this scenario to present itself with a hot-worthy man. For years! And here you have it, all blogged out, plain as, well, day. And what a ride it is!

The Duchess said...

That was so hot...loved it, and am feeling a bit warm myself now...

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