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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines it me or is this just a commercial event? I was chatting to a friend yesterday and he was getting all excited about it and what he was planning on doing for/with his partner. Granted he's a newly-wed so for him its still a big deal. For me not so, after 18 valentines days I really don't expect roses, chocolates or proclamations of love [actually the chocolates would be quite nice!] but really, if the H is only going to show me how much he loves me only one day a year, I think that's a bit sad really. But then for us, every day we tell each other how much we love each other and show it in lots of little way. Yeah, I threw up a little in my mouth typing that!

Oooh but I did have Champagne today [sadly no chocolate...] We went to the opening of a women's clothing shop that we did the design and fit out for. I was incredibly excited to see my design in place [in case you all didn't know I'm a furniture designer] I was in Sydney on a business trip/mini holiday when the guys were doing the install. Oh boy do I have a few stories to tell of *that* trip, yup it involves drag queens, berry mojitos and well, will leave the rest of the details for another post. Anyway, back to the opening, what the hell do you wear to the opening of a high-end women's clothing shop? Major wardrobe moment there! I finally decided on a black maxi dress, strappy wedge heels and some chunky silver jewellery...good call I thought, I didn't look like a tunic/legging wearing clone like the rest of the women there. And given it was 30 deg here today, it was nice and cool too!

It was a nice end to a fab day, getting mildly pissed at the end of a good day always is! The rest of day involved shopping/choosing/negotiating with the H over bathroom fittings. Seriously, every new build/renovation I swear it will be our last....until the next one! Bathrooms and kitchens have to be the worst don't they? I have very strong ideas about what I do and don't like [me bossy and opinionated? yeah I know big surprise!] but I'm also so tight I squeak...getting the right look on my budget aint easy I tell ya! Mission accomplished tho...thank goodness!


Aurore said...

It is commercial at this point but I still like to think that is a nice to day show the people you love that you love them (like you though, it shouldn't be the only day this happens).

I can't wait to hear the stories ;)

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

A woman so tight she squeaks??? Damn an endangered species!!

Happy V-day

Anonymous said...

Mostly promoted by the companies selling cards, flowers, and chocolates, isn't it?

We've also been married long enough -- and express our love every day -- that we had dropped this off our "important" lint, though birthdays and wedding anniversary still remain high.

To add some excitement -- this was especially important in the decade when I traveled a lot -- I started giving my wife a new toy every year. So we make it a fun day. She got a Lelo Mia this morning, much to her delight :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Sexy at Forty said...

It is commercialized, I agree - but I am so very happy that my bf is MY Valentine. :)

Hmmm, Furniture designer? I should hire you to give me ideas for my new apt! :)

MyKey said...

Mmmm mojitos! That always goes down well! So tell me about the bar hopping. Anything to report?


Black Pearl said...

I think V-day is what you make/don't make out of it. Each couple is different and at different stages. This year we didn't exchange gifts, just a dinner and a movie and some alone time was enough for me!

Happy V-Day!!

Vixen said...'s completely commercialized. But it doesn't HAVE to be. My husband and I love to celebrate it.

Mmm...champagne ;)

Fantasia Lillith said...

Our thougths on V-day

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