Mr Big comes to town....

Friday, May 29, 2009

So rather stupidly or smartly, depending on your perspective, I emailed Mr Big a copy of the 'Fantasy fuck'. If you need to refresh your memory it can be found here. He let me know that he was going to be spending the night in my town and would I love to catch up? Hell yes! Then, that afternoon I got this text:

You will wear only a black coat and heels. With either a butt plug or anal beads inserted. Bring a vib.

Gulp! Well as you can guess, the evening pretty much followed the 'Fantasy fuck'. I have the bruises to prove it, oh and the pictures in my inbox as well!

Yeah, your would be rude not to share.....enjoy!

[ Picture now removed to protect the innocent and not so innocent :o) ]

Fantasy Fuck

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I asked Mr Big what his 'fantasy fuck' would be. His reply: You! In a very dirty mood. So I asked what would you like to do to me when I'm in that dirty mood? what follows is based on his reply....So all credit must go to his very [filthy, deviant] mind!

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I arrive at the room, wearing, as instructed, my hair in high pony tail and nothing else but a long black coat and slutty looking red high heels.

"Take off your coat"

I hesitantly comply, unbuttoning the coat, shrugging it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. The cool of the room hits me and I shiver slightly as I stand before you virtually naked, save for my heels. You take several moments, not saying a word, just looking at me, your eyes assessing what you see in front of you. I feel shy and fight the overwhelming urge to cover myself with my hands.

You walk towards me, stop and your hand snakes behind me and grabs my ponytail and wraps it around your hand. You pull down hard, forcing up face upwards to meet yours as it comes down to kiss me hard, not a gentle kiss, a hard punishing kiss, one that tells of whats to come.

"Get on your knees slut"

You command me and once again your pull hard on my hair, forcing me down to my knees in front of you. I am at eye level with your crotch and can see your cock straining at your pants, seeking release.

"You know what to do"

And indeed I do. I unzip your pants, freeing your cock. Cupping your balls in one hand and your cock in the other, I close my mouth over your shaft. Not happy with the leisurely pace that I am sucking your cock in and out of my mouth, you force yourself deeper into my mouth, using my hair as leverage, forcefully, making me gag in protest with every thrust.

Abruptly you pull your cock free of my mouth and pull hard on my hair, dragging up on to my feet.

"Go and kneel on the chair"

I go and kneel on the seat of the chair, resting my arms over the back. I stare at the corner of the room, not daring to turn my head and look at you.

I feel your presence behind me and flinch slightly as you slip a blindfold on over my eyes. I am plunged into darkness, the rest of my senses suddenly heighten in response.

You tie my hands together and pull them downwards to tie them to the back legs of the chair. I feel you again behind me, hands roughly pushing my knees apart so they rest against the arms of the chair, knees are similarly bound to the front legs of the chair.

I am captured there completely, naked, legs spread, exposed to you and everything you should wish to do to me. My skin tingles in anticipation. I feel the breeze of the air conditioning caressing across my hard nipples. I can hear every sound with enhanced clarity, the sound of you moving around the room.

I hear your footsteps approaching behind me and then feel your hands touching me, stroking my back, over my ass, softly, almost soothing. They dip between my legs and brush past my pussy lips, a deliberate avoidance of touching my swollen, aching sex. I moan quietly in response to your touch.

Again you wrap your hand around my ponytail and with a little jerk to get my attention, you lean down and start whispering in my ear what you are going to do with me.

"Your my fucking whore and I will fuck you any way I want"

"Your ass is mine, I am going to fuck it, you will be my fuck toy, you are my slut"

I gulp in response, then flinch as I feel your hand rub over my ass. Then nothing, silence, stillness, then whack as your hand comes down on my ass. I jerk my whole body back in shock but you don't relent a bit. Again and again you bring your hand down, reddening each cheek, marking me with finger prints, branding me.

Finally you stop. I am breathing hard and I can feel the heat coming off my freshly spanked ass. Your hand slides between my legs and seeks out my pussy. Its immediately obvious to both of us how very wet I am as your fingers slide effortlessly inside me, so slick with wetness.

"You like that don't you?"

I silently answer with a nod. And there you leave me, tied to the chair, my reddened ass slowly cooling. I can hear you move around the room, doing what, at the time I can only guess at. [ I find out the next day when I open an email from you with photos attached of me, there, in that position]

I feel your presence come up behind me again. I instantly recognise the feeling of your cock rubbing against pussy, spreading my slick wetness from clit to ass and then with a single deep thrust you are inside my pussy. You fuck me hard, mercilessly, your hands firmly griping my hips to stop me from moving. The feeling of fullness is overwhelming, my knees are shaking and I can feel my orgasm starting to build to a peak.

"Don't you dare cum, slut"

With that you stop and pull out of me. My body mourns the absence of your cock. There is an empty void between my legs and my pussy aches with the frustration of it. I was so damn close...

"Now to your ass"

I feel your push two fingers in my pussy, slowly, lazily thrusting in and out. Just as I relax, I feel the cold spill of lube being dripped onto ass, I flinch at the coolness. While still finger fucking me, you push your thumb in my ass. My back arches involuntarily, my body inviting you to invade me further. You remove your thumb and replace it with a finger, then two. Slowly but surely stretch me open, wider.

You remove your fingers and again I feel cold lube being dripped onto my ass. I feel head of your cock slowly being pushed in my ass. My body shakes as you slip in, inch by slow inch, further and further. Your hand comes around to cup breast, play with my nipple, rubbing, squeezing, pulling, tormenting the tight peaks.

I feel your balls come to rest, pressing up against pussy. You wait for a moment for my body to adjust and then you start fucking, slow and steady at first, building a rhythm, I can feel your balls slapping against me. The sensation of the sweet combination of pleasure and pain is almost too much. Sweat is running down my back, my knees are trembling.

Your hand grabs my ponytail and you wrap it around your hand, other hand on my shoulder to steady us both. Your fucking me hard and deep. Then you pull out.

"Open your mouth"

I feel the hot splash of cum land on my face, some of it even makes it into my mouth. I rest there with the expectation that you will untie me but you aren't finished with me yet. Again I hear you move around the room and I wonder at what you are doing.

I hear the hum of a vibrator start and although I'm expecting it I jerk in reaction to you placing it against my clit. You nestle it against the sweet spot, letting the toy do all the work and it doesnt take long. I arch my back and strain against my restrains as with relief I cum, almost screaming with the release.

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Under my skin....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What do you do when a lover gets under your skin? When they chip away at the walls of self-protection that you surround yourself with. The ones that are carefully placed there to protect your emotional venerability, your heart as it were.

What do you when they become the first thing that you think of when you wake and the last thing that you think of when drifting off to sleep?

What do you do with the startling realisation that maybe, just maybe, there more than just a sexual longing and need when your thoughts turn to them?

Do you cut your losses and run? or do you stay and see where the path will take you?

What do you do when a lover gets under your skin?

The night with Helicopter Guy

Monday, May 18, 2009

I barely make in the door of the beach house when he grabs me, pulls me up onto my tiptoes and kisses me thoroughly. With his hands tangled in my hair, he devours me with his mouth, teasing with his tongue, nipping at my lips.

He takes me by the hand and leads me up the stairs to the bedroom.

Pushing me up against the wall, my leg wraps around his hip, pulling him hard into me as his hand rides up my leg, pushing up my dress as it goes to find my stockings tops. As I unbutton his shirt, he slides my cardigan from my shoulders and unzips my dress. It falls to the floor leaving me in just my bra, knickers, thigh high stockings and knee high boots. I see a brief smile of appreciation pass over his face as he pulls me over to the ottoman at the end of the bed.

He sits down and with his legs spread he pulls me close to him. Placing a hand on each hip, he leans in a plants little kisses over my belly, between my breasts, across the top of my bra. His thumbs hook my bra straps and slip them down each shoulder, pushing my bra down to expose my taunt nipples. His hot mouth covers one nipple, pulling it into his mouth, teasing the hard peak with his tongue before doing the same to the other.

He pulls me down to sit beside him, then pushes me back to lay on the bed. Kneeling in front of me his hands push my knees apart and trail up the inside of my thigh to my panties. His finger traces the outline of my panties, knuckles accidentally on purposes brushing across my mound. A finger slides my panties to one side and his tongue begins to explore. As I lay back enjoying his tongue across my clit, I notice all the candles dotted around, the soft music on the stereo, I can see into the en suite and notice candles there too, wow, I am impressed and flattered by his effort....Smiling to myself I relax back again to enjoy his the sensation of his tongue. I feel my orgasm beginning to build, his fingers slick with my own juices are fucking me insistently, his thumb brushing across my clit. I close my eyes and arch my back as my first orgasm of the night rips through me.

I sit up, hook a finger in his jeans and pull him to me. With him standing in front of me, I unbutton his jeans and slide them from his hips, firmly grasp his cock and guide it towards my mouth. My tongue flicks over the tip, licking off the small bead of precum. I wrap my lips around his cock and......

His cellphone rings. "Sorry, I got to get this" he says reaching for his phone. I roll my eyes at his back and try very hard not to listen in as his wife bitches [loudly] down the phone at him. Dear god, I swear I could probably hear her without the benefit of technology from 250km away, quiet she is not!

He ends the call. "Where were we?" he asks. I spread my legs in reply and raise an eyebrow. He leans me back, kisses me hard and with nibbling kisses, works his way down my body to my pussy. He pulls my underwear off and positions himself over me, slides his cock inside me with one smooth motion and starts fucking me. I rake my nails over his ass and pull him into me as I feel him start to cum.

Sweaty but sated, we chill back in bed, order pizza and open a fab bottle of wine. Chatting over this and that while having dinner. Topics of no consequence. With dinner cleared off the bed, he pulls me close, wrapping me in his arms and we start to explore each other again. Kissing, licking, stroking, exploring. I wrap my legs around his waist and he slides into to me and start fucking me with a slow steady rhythm when........

His phone rings again [I'm fucking impressed he can maintain a hard on with a shrew bitching down the phone at him, tut tut Petal, shouldn't judge]

Ending the call he climbs back on top again, not quite working so he rolls me onto my side, a hand cupping my breast, my leg slung over his, he quickens the pace, we roll and change again, me on top, then on all fours, he gets a vibrator out, I need no prompting, applying it to my clit, it doesn't take me long before I cum. He keeps fucking me through my orgasm and just as my pussy is getting a little sore he whispers in my ear...."Do ya like anal?" I spin my head around in surprise to look at him, "Yeah I do" I reply.

With a generous amount of lube, he slowly enters my ass, inch by inch. I feel myself starting to shake and sweat with the sweet combination of the pleasure and pain of it. He gets half way in before pulling out and rolling me on to my back. Again with a slow intensity he slides back into my ass and starts fucking me again. He grabs my hips and lifts my ass off the bed, fucking me hard until he cums.

Laying together in post-coital bliss and he starts talking.......about every fucking thing, his wife, business, family, him, the German girl he is also fucking, who wants him to leave his wife, nothing is untouched and then........

His phone rings again, saved by the wife!

While hes on the phone, I take the opportunity to clean up and climb back into bed. We curl up and sleep, him on his side, me on mine.

In the morning his alarm goes off and the first thing he does is ring his wife to wake her up, I'm internally have a laugh and I will admit a massive eye roll, when my phone buzzes with a text received and its the H wishing me a good morning, smirk wiped off my face!

He makes me the best espresso I have ever had, he offers to make breakfast and thus I have a fab omelet in bed, what a guy. I pile into a shower, get dressed and run.....what a night!

Black Panties

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I have been wanting to write a post about this adventure for a long time and have been unsure as to how to start it! When I was given this topic to write on, it was a perfect fit. So a big thanks to Kimberly for organising this group post.....and make sure you check out the links [at the bottom of this post] to all the other fab bloggers out there that are also participating!

It was just before Christmas and the H and I had been at a business Xmas party. Whilst driving home we got a call from some friends having a few drinks to celebrate Xmas in a bar in town. We decided to stop in for a quick one, knowing these guys I knew a quick one was never a quick one and so resigned myself to the fact that the H and I were not going to be having 'scream-the-house-down' sex in a [very rare] child-free house that night.

After sorting ourselves out with drinks, we settled down and the table with all of our friends. I ended up sitting next to the bit on the side and was looking forward to doing a bit of light hearted flirting with him and maybe a bit of tormenting since we were in a public place. We chatted and flirted for a bit, then the bit on the side leaned over and whispered in my ear

Why dont you go to the bathroom, slip off your panties and give them to me

I can't do that, everyone will notice

Nah they wont, go on....dare you to

So off I went to the restroom, slipped off my black lace panties and discreetly handed them to him under the table when I sat back down.

After a few more drinks, everyone started winding down and leaving. I offered the bit on the side a ride home with us which he duly accepted. In the car the guys werent keen for the night to end so we decided to head back to our place for a few more drinks.

When we got back home, I went into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of wine and when I came back out the pair of them had put some porn on the tv and were sitting there with smirks on their faces. I was quite used to this behaviour from those two, other times we had gotten together to socialise things like this had happened but his wife had never been to comfortable and so things had never really progress from a bit of porn watching and some outrageously sexual conversation.

Taking in their self-satisfied smirks I thought I would call their bluff and so I sat myself down on the couch between the pair of them and pretented to take an avid interest in what was showing on the TV.

Curious as to how far these two were going to take this, or not, I placed a hand in each of their laps and started rubbing their cocks through their pants. They showed no signs of protesting, so [with great difficulty I might add] I unzipped each of them and pulled their cocks free to play with properly. A cock in each hand is a delightful feeling!

My H gently leaned me forward a bit so he could unzip my dress a little to get access to my tits. The top of my dress pulled down, he reached inside my bra to caress and tease my nipples. At the same time the bit on the side slid his hand up my leg, pushing my dress up to get to my bare pussy. After some very enjoyable fondling, I decided to pay attention to my H first and settled myself between his legs to give him a blow job. I kept sneaking glances at the bit on the side as he sat there and watched in facination.

Next thing, I felt my dress being flipped up onto my back and his hand zero in between my legs. Of course I was wearing nothing underneath so he had a full view and acess to my very, very wet pussy. His hand delved between my legs and he eased a finger inside me and started rubbing my clit with another finger.

I could tell that the H was getting incredibly turned on my this. I sat up turned around and told the bit on the side that it was his turn. He sat down on the edge of the couch and I turned my attentions to his cock. While I was doing that, the H got behind me and was rubbed his hard wet cock over my pussy before sliding it inside me and slowly fucking me. I have always had a fantasy about being fucked from behind while sucking on another cock and I couldnt believe that it was coming true. It was the hottest thing I think I had ever experienced.

The H stopped fucking me and stood up, presumably to get a better view of me sucking the bit on the side's cock. I could see him out of the corner of my eye standing there stoking his cock and watching while my busy mouth administered to the bit on the side.

I felt the H's leg brush against my shoulder and I looked up to see the bit on the side lean down and take the H's cock into his mouth. I sat back in surprise and watched my bit on the side give my H a blow job. I had always thought that I knew both of these men incredibly well sexually but never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would have seen them doing this!

Eventually they both remembered that I was there and the H picked me up and lay me down on sofa, positioned himself between my legs and proceeded to fuck me while the bit on the side stood over my face stroking himself until he came all over my face. This pushed my H over the top and he pulled out of me and came on my tits.

One pair of black lace panties, two men I adore and a Christmas I will never forget.....

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A brief catch up...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know not a lot of real time saucy stories have been forth coming of late, so I thought I would give you all a brief catch up on what has been happening in the world of me! My men as follows:

The H
If it wasn't for the H, I wouldn't be having a lot of sex right now. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining....I would rather have a good home cooked meal than fast food any day! But our marital sex life tends to be rather tidal, currently its high tide and I'm enjoying every minute of it....long may it last!

Mr Big
I am not generally given to 'chattiness' with my lovers, I prefer communication to be fair low key and pretty much based on one and preferable about when. So the 'chattiness' of Mr Big is kind of throwing me a bit. I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it or not. The other downside to 'chattiness' is getting to know your lover quite well which potentially leads to emotional stuff. I just don't do emotional stuff. But for the moment he is still around, next encounter unknown.....scheduling issues!

Helicopter Guy
Its been a couple of months since I last saw Helicopter Guy but he keeps popping up now and then to let me know he's still around. We have an over-nighter planned for later in the week. I used to think that I had a lot of time to go out and have some fun with my 'bits on the side'. I have since discovered that I don't! Mind you, it really doesn't help that he bloody flys everywhere instead of driving! Will keep you posted on the over-nighter......I am beside myself with excitement!

The Original Bit on the Side
He is currently sulking [again, it wont last for long] May have something to do with me telling him to seek blow jobs from his wife instead of me. Oh, don't feel sorry for him, hes a big boy and has been told this before. Last week, unfortunately, I had a bit of a 'female' problem, so any blow job given would be unable to be reciprocated immediately. I have learnt from experience with him sexual favours must called in immediately as his promises of 'pay back' never eventuate, its a bit like signing a free trade agreement with China......You get to buy lots of there stuff but they buy very little of yours.

My First Time...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kimberly at Your Errant Wife has come up with the fabulous idea for a series of blog posts based on a topic theme, the first one being 'Your first time'. Make sure you check out hers and these other wonderful bloggers posts on the same topic. Hubman Aurore Andy Bedenied Topaz Library Vixen Enchanted Mistress Dutchess Lionia Autumn & Southern Girl

My mother being the open, liberal person that she is, bless her, gave me two pieces of advice [which I did follow] when it came to sex. The first was, don't wait until your married, get out there and having some (safe) fun experimenting. And the second was, when you decide that your ready to have sex, do it with a guy who will appreciate the moment, not just a one night stand.

Well I did wait for 'Mr-Will-Appreciate-The-Moment' and I am glad that I did. I was 17 and he was 20 and I was deeply caught up in a summer romance with him. Ah... sun, sand and surfies, gotta love em! I wish I could sit here and recount with absolute accuracy the night that I lost my virginity but I can't. Sadly the night isn't burned into my memory for posterity but I do remember some things about having sex for the first time.

I remember that it was a warm summers evening. A whole group of us were hanging out at a mates place, having a few drinks, listening to some of the guys picking out songs on their guitars and generally talking some shit as you do at that age. He asked me if I wanted to come back to his place and maybe stay the night. I imagine that it probably took me a nano second to agree, I had already decided that it was about time to get the whole virginity thing out of the way and he was the one that was going to do it.

I remember that he lit come candles in his bedroom and it was sweetly romantic! I also remember being very surprised how little it hurt, I think I had expectations of a burning, ripping pain etc... too many romantic novels me thinks! But the one thing that stands out in my mind above all else is that he went down on me. I didn't have a clue what the hell he was doing. He told me to lie back and enjoy it, I didn't, it was just too freaky for words!

Funny enough though, I did marry the guy that gave me my first orgasm. And to this day he can still get me from zero to the big O in under 5 minutes. I would love to know exactly what he does to get me there, as yet no man as come close to satisfying me in that way as my Husband does, just one of the many things I love him for!
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