Trick question?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helicopter guy is off visiting a far off-ish land this week and I just so happened to catch him on MSN this morning. Much to my delight he sent me a message saying 'Hi' etc and we had a quick wee conversation. One thing he brought up was whether I had any 'gentlemen callers' this week (his words, not mine)

This question made me sit back and wonder how the hell do I answer that? Is it a trick question? Should I be honest? or should I perhaps I should *fudge* the truth a little, one way or the other? What is it he really wants to know?

Now, I can't speak 'man speak', sheesh I can barely speak 'woman speak' so I am completely clueless about what he was wanting to know when he asked that question and indeed, why he even asked it. Maybe its just me, but I don't want to know if he has other women. I really think its none of my business, although I do know that his profile is still very active on that website, so I am assuming that there are others and if there aren't, that he's still looking.

My answer to his questions was.....Its been very quiet on that front. I didn't mention the coffee date with IT guy (whole other blog post!) or the increasing insistence from the original bit on the side for a get together (I may be horny but I aint stupid, not going to happen!)

So my question to all of you out there is........why did he ask? and what did he want to hear?


Tom said...

Two reasons: either he is the jealous type in which case you are in trouble. Or secondly, it pushes his buttons to hear what a hottie you are and how you have been partying. Men love scarlet women.

Advizor said...

Guys are naturally teratorial (SP?) and want to think that they are the only one a woman needs. Since it is none of his business, you just tell him, "A good girl like me doesn't kiss and tell." and then tell him what kind of panties you are (or aren't) wearing. That will distract him enough.

Kimberly said...

Oh, trick question indeed. I am thinking it is about ownership, possession. I think you were right to leave it vague - it is not his business and you don't know how he will react if you are frank with him. Some men pretend they want to hear about it and then they certainly do not like it when you tell them. I am a big fan of honesty and tend to be very blunt - but it can drive people away. Figure out more about him before you decide how far to let him in on this one.

Wayward Wife said...

Eh, I don't know. I am from the "honor amongst thieves" cheating camp. I am not going to go into details about who am I meeting, where, when or how he likes to fuck me, but I feel like it is only right to let a guy know he may or may not be the only one.

If he can't handle that, then well, maybe we are not a match.

Not that this is a problem these days, since I am a two man (H and boyfriend) woman these days.

bicyclesandblotts said...

i would think maybe he gets turned on thinking of you with others? or maybe it makes him feel less like he has a commitment to you. or he is the jealous type... i guess i didn't help much. Mostly i wanted you to know I was lurking here

Riff Dog said...

My guess would be that he's hoping he's your only guy now. I suppose there's a possibility he likes imaging other guys with you because you're so hot, but I kinda don't think so.

Petal said...

Thank you all for your comments! You are all very right, there are only two scenarios. He either wants to think he's the only one in my bed or he doesn't mind sharing me and would love to hear about it.

I think the majority of guys are a wee bit territorial and would prefer that they are the only one (even if that doesn't apply to them, what's good for the goose doesn't always apply to the gander!)

I have discovered in that past that, even if they think they want to hear about you with another man, when it comes to the actual hearing it can often be a whole different story. Best left unsaid I think.

I'm actually a little irritated that he even asked and asked this soon into it all. I have a preference for one man at a time (makes life a little easier for me) and the only reason that I am still *browsing* is that its too soon to tell if he's a stayer or not....hope he is, as long as he's not a possessive one!

Petal said...

bicyclesandblotts: your welcome to lurk anytime!

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Who knows? Ask him!

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