HNT: Three Christmas Wishes

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dewey: For you, I would like to give you an Island...Yup, so you can set up Hot Bloggers Island. I do this in the faint hope that I may be invited [wink, wink, nudge, nudge]

 Yummy: I would like to gift you a housework have had a hell of a year girl and I think you more than deserve to have a little fairy goodness come and work some magic at your house so you can spend some time with your adorable girls.

 Me: I have absolutely no idea how you manage to keep track of all the men in your life...please accept my gift of a personal organiser to help keep track of all those has a wee section for making notes to blog from later, because we need to know the details!

So those are my three Christmas Wishes...Pop along and visit Osbasso to see who else is playing along this week and what they have gifted!



Amorous Rocker said...

Heh, awesome wishes! =) An island would be pretty rocking.

Happy HNT & Happy Holidays!

Alisha and Brett said...

Awesome idea! Love the three wishes!

Have a happy holidays!

Gray said...

What great wishes and I'd totally give Dewey an Island as well!!:) heheh

I Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great gifts. I could use an island too!

Vixen said...

Oooo......I would be happy with all 3 of those gifts! Lucky them! Hehehe!

Happy Holidays!

Topaz said...

Just wanted to stop in to wish you a Merry Christmas babes!

James said...

Have a Merry Christmas. HHNT

Dewey's System said...

This is perhaps the best "virtual" gift I've ever been given. Thank you Petal. Thank you so fucking much. You know, you know without a doubt, that you're on the island with me. I have your hut all set up. May I come in and visit you now? Is it "our time" yet? I can't wait.

God I appreciate you so much.
XXX-O Kisses and a hug to you darling.

Ms Scarlett said...

Those are awesome wishes!!

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

great gifts - waiting for the invite to the island

autumn said...

kick ass wishes! sorry i'm so freakin late. happy new year petal! can't wait to get some more reading in.

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