By the twinkling lights of the...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By the twinkling lights of the...stars, we lay on a blanket, fingers entwined, gazing up at the nights sky. It had been a fantastic summers afternoon at the beach, finished off with a twilight picinic dinner in the dunes. We watched as the sun set over the ocean, sipping our wine in companiable silence. The dog walkers, laughing children and families long since gone. Only the occational squalking of the gulls and crashing waves remained to keep us company.

You lifted your hand, taking with it mine and brought it to your lips, softly pressing kisses to the sensitive underside of my wrist. I turned my body towards you in response and you leaned over to kiss me and kiss me you did. One of those long, slow, sexy kind of kisses that hits you straight in the belly. A flood of heat rushed over my body as you sucked on my bottom lip.

My hands skimmed down your body, over your chest and to your shorts where your arousal was already quite evident. I popped open the button of your shorts and slid down the zip so I could take your hard cock in hand. You continued to dot little kisses down my neck as you ran your hand up my leg, pushing my dress up my thigh as you went, exposing my legs to the cool evening breeze.

Your fingers brushed over my naked mound, teasingly. The mere touch from you sending a flood of wetness between my legs. Your hand parted my legs and your fingers slid between my bare pussy lips, gently massaging my clit. Deftly you moved down my body and replaced your fingers with your tongue, teasing the small nub with sensuous licks and sucks, fingers fucking me. All too soon I arched my back and came hard under the nights sky.

I lay back on the blanket, legs parted, recovering from the intensity of my orgasm. You positioned yourself over me and in one swift motion sank the full length of your cock into me, filling me completely, my wet pussy lips wrapping around your hard cock. Pinning my arms above my head,  you fucked me hard and fast. I wrapped my legs around your ass, drawing you closer to me with every thrust until you came. The perfect end to the perfect day, under the twinkling lights of the stars...

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Topaz said...

I can never get enough of sex by the water out in the open. And you tell it so well... how can I possibly work now?

Barefoot Dreamer said...

oh my oh my. I might just have to wait to read these until tonight! A little much for the morning.

Ronjazz said...

Okay....I'm a regular now. You are such a hot woman!

The Panserbjørne said...

Beautifully written, Petal. I rather expected most people would be using Christmas lights as their inspiration for this one but you've scotched that rather neatly. I enjoyed your take very much. It's been a longtime fantasy of mine to have sex on the beach somewhere, under the stars....delicious.

-- PB

autumn said...

a perfect end to the day indeed. ahhhh far my favourite season. beautiful story petal.

bdenied said...

very hot indeed

Dangerous Lilly said...

You know, I've never had sex on a beach. I think I might have to remedy that now! Very nice!

James said...

[this is a great read]

Gray said...

You always write amazing posts and this is no different!:)

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