Fact or Fiction....Part One

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And suddenly I was plunged into darkness as you slipped the blindfold over my eyes. There wasn’t a sound in the room. A small prickle of fear crept up my spine as I knelt there feeling very much exposed, wearing nothing but my panties, not knowing what to expect next. I knew that there would be pleasure and maybe some pain but in what order and how was very much still a mystery for me.

I felt your foot between my knees, nudging them further apart. I could feel your eyes on me, assessing me as if I was your own person fuck toy....maybe I was. Your hands wrapped in my hair and you started to tug gently, bringing me to my feet. You led me across the room to the bed and arranged me on it just so. I felt you fasten cuffs to my hands and ankles before stretching my arms taunt above my head.

And there I lay, my arms stretched above me, hands tied together then bound to the headboard, my ankles firmly locked together. I give a cursory tug on the restrains, as I suspected, no give at all. I hear the low hum of NEA being turned on. You lift the edge of my knickers and slip it between my legs, the steady vibration teasing my already swollen clit.

The warmth of your breath hits my cheek as you lean down close to me and growl in my ear

‘Don’t you dare cum without permission, slut’

I gulp in response, knowing that will be difficult with the toy sitting on my clit, heightening my arousal with every passing second.

Your hand cups my jaw and your thumb rub over my bottom lip. I part my lips slightly and you slip your thumb inside my mouth. I suck gently on your thumb, swirling my tongue over it at the same time.

Your hands run from my neck down my body, hands briefly cupping each breast, thumbs rubbing over my already erect nipples before continuing down my body, over my belly and down my thighs.

You do this several times, my back arching in response to your touch, hands straining against the bonds that tie me. Every time your fingers brush against the junctions of my thighs I feel a rush of heat between my legs. The teasing nature of your touch making me squirm in delight.I feel you unbind my ankles and unceremoniously drag my underwear off; taking with them the toy you placed between my legs.

‘Spread your legs for me’ you demand.

I draw my knees up slightly and let my legs fall apart.

‘Wider ‘you demand again.

I comply, completely exposing myself to you. Your hands grab my ankles and force my legs wider apart still. I can feel you looking at me, visually inspecting everything on offer in front of you. At that moment I am glad for the blindfold, it somehow makes it easier. I feel the weight of you depress the mattress at the end of the bed and I give a small start of surprise as I feel your mouth on the inside of my thigh, you start biting the way up one leg and then the next. I savour the delightful contrast of your sharp teeth and soft tongue with every bite.

Arching my hip in anticipation, I hope to feel your mouth on my pussy but you deny me the touch of your tongue. I am aching with a need and long that only touch can satisfy. I can feel my own wetness begin to tickle down between my ass cheeks.

Again you grab my ankles and push my feet up until they are resting against my ass. With the lightest of touches, I feel you drag your finger down one pussy lip and then the other before parting them, exposing my inner womanhood to your probing fingers and gaze. You trace the trail of wetness from my cunt down over my ass.

Abruptly you remove your touch and I wonder at what is coming next. I feel a something being slowly but insistently being pushed into my ass, half an inch at a time until you have worked it fully inside of me. I moan as the sensation the intrusion has caused turns from slight discomfort to that glorious feeling of fullness.

‘Roll over and get on your knees’ you demand

I roll over and get on my knees, ass in the air, head down, knees parted. I feel your hand run over each ass cheek before trailing lazily down my back to the nape of my neck and up my back again to my ass. You run your hand over each cheek in a light circular motion, not breaking contact with my skin the whole time.

Suddenly you remove your hand and it’s replaced by another sensation entirely. A thousand buttery strands caress and grab at my skin as your trail the object up and down my back and over my ass. Before I have time to wonder at what it was, it’s gone and replaced with your hand again....

To be continued...


bdenied said...

I am wondering if you finally had your fantasy come true

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm .... What a delight. I can hardly wait to read the rest, you little slut ;-)

Roxy and C said...

Fact - or at least I hope so???


Soul Powers said...

Fact - and I can't wait to read the rest. :)

Dewey's System said...

I'm with Soul Powers!

The Panserbjørne said...

Oh dear lord. Nuclear hot, this is. How can I stand waiting for the rest of the tale? I guess I'll just have to manage somehow.

-- PB

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