O is for Orgasmic Meme

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am not really one for doing these sorts of things, but this meme that I found on Hubman and Veronicas blogs really appealed to me! It appealed to me because of a conversation I had with my beauty therapist the other day when she was doing my wax.

I have been going to her for my monthly brazilian for a couple of years now and we get on really well. As we have gotten to know each other better she has become more open about all sort of things, mainly sex, because as she says she feels really comfortable talking to me about it and I seem to know lots about it (I am 11 years older than her but wouldn't call myself and expert!)

She asked my opinion about whether she should go to a sex therapist as she had never had an orgasm. After a bit of gentle questioning, she revealed that she never masturbates and none of her boyfriends have ever got her off.

I suggested that she should perhaps invest in a good quality toy, teem it up with a nice glass of wine, bubble bath and a bit of self-exploration. Practice and exploration on her own was probably the best way to get there, then she could show her boyfriend what will work for her. I was absolutely stunned that she had reached the age of 25 without every achieving an orgasm.

Please also visit Vanillaimpaired , the originator of the meme and join in the fun too!

1. What’s your favourite way to have an orgasm?

My current favourite way is while being fucked from behind with my toy on my clit, there is something about the feeling of a cock inside you when you cum. But at the end of the day, any orgasm is a good orgasm!

2. Do you use a sex toy? Hands? or both?

Pretty much both, although I must say I do love my toys and will 9/10 times use my toy (batteries willing!)

3. Do you have a favourite time of day or night that you like to pleasure yourself or have sex?

Funny enough, I am at my horniest at about 2pm, so if I'm going to indulge in some self gratification it will be at this time of the day, if I'm able. Otherwise I love sex at anytime of the day, except maybe mornings, I'm definitely not a morning person!

4. Do you feel you have different types of orgasms?

As in clitoral or g-spot? I have only ever had one g-spot orgasm, the rest have been from clitoral stimulation. As for intensity, they are often different, depending on how much sex I have been having, time of month, stress level etc...

5. Do you have a position or a technique that always guarantees an orgasm?

No, I cant say that I have discovered a position or technique that is fail-safe. Since the brain is our biggest sexual organ, I find that if the head is in the right place the orgasm will follow no matter how I go about achieving that.

6. Is having your clit directly stimulated pleasurable for you? What about after an orgasm?

Absolutely! I need to have my clit stimulated directly to cum and its very pleasurable. Afterward I find that touching my clit is incredibly intense, in an almost painful way.

7. Do you masturbate/pleasure yourself?

Hell yes!

8. Has your self pleasuring repertoire/routine/technique changed or evolved over time?

No, not really. Although I have noticed that my 'sweet spot' has moved lower over the years. But the same basic DIY method that worked for me at 14 still works for me now.

9. Are sex toys part of your self pleasuring or with a partner? Or both?

Very much so, I like using toys alone and with my partners.

10. If you enjoy using sex toys how often do you upgrade your equipment?

I havent actually worn out any of my toys yet, but then I keep adding new ones to my collection so none of them have had a chance to wear out yet!

11. Whats the most intense orgasm you have ever had?

The most intense orgasm I have had was when I had sex for the first time after giving birth to my second son. Maybe it was all the hormones and not having had any for two month, but I remember I just about screamed with pleasure and the intensity of it.

12. How often do you orgasm? Daily, more than once a day, weekly, monthly….???

Usually daily, but on average at least 5 times a week.

13. Do you regard orgasm to be a stress reliever?

Most definitely! Quite often this is what drives me to masturbation, needing the stress relieving aspect of it.

14. What happens to you after orgasm? Full of energy, a bit lala or ready to go to sleep?

I usually want to go to sleep, or not do very much at all for a while. I find its a fabulous sleeping pill!

15. Have you ever squirted?

Not that I'm aware of, although the original bit on the side thinks he saw it once while watching me with my toy....wishful thinking on his part me thinks!

16. Do you fantasize when you masturbate? Or do you just get right down to it?

Of course! its often fantasy that drives me to masturbate and I couldn't imagine doing it without fantasising.

17. What do you like about having an orgasm? Is it important you have an orgasm every time?

I love the intense 'rush' that an orgasm gives you. Hard to explain or describe, you all know what I mean! Its not important for me to have an orgasm every time I have sex but most definitely preferable!


Hubman said...

What is it with women chatting about sex during Brazilians? Veronica and her whatever-you-call her do the same thing!

I enjoyed your answers, thanks for playing along! Did you comment on Vanilla Impaired's blog? She was hoping to keep track of whoever did her little meme...

The Duchess said...

Though it's not really related to the meme - I have to say, brazilians terrify me!
Just sayin'

bdenied said...

well thank you for this most enjoyable post on your self sexuality. knowing a girl does herself and enjoys it too is a real turn on

Enchanted Mistress said...

Brazilians scare me "as she closes her legs tightly together!" Just the thought of it...OUCH!! ;)

MyKey said...

Ahh they aren't so bad. I have had it all off at times and it doesn't hurt too bad. Mind you I quite enjoy a bit of pain...

I've come to the conclusion that all off doesnt really suit a guy, though it sure feels nice when fucking!


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