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Monday, June 15, 2009

The last time......I had sex was last night. It was one of those fabulously, lazy married fucks. The kind where you climb into bed and you wanna have sex but you really cant be bothered going all out and swinging from the chandelier. We have evolved a routine that works for us on those kind of nights and it goes something like this....

While I'm waiting for him to finish up in the shower, I climb into bed and get my toy out and start playing with myself. Sliding my toy down my pussy, over my clit, lubing it up with my own juices. When he joins me, he lays there, watching me play with my nipples, tease my clit with my toy, all the while lazily stroking his cock. He might lean over and play with my nipples or scoot down the bed to get a closer view of what I'm doing with my toy, sometimes even lending a finger or two to the action.

I roll onto all fours and wiggle my ass as an invitation for him to fuck me. With no hesitation, he will come up behind me, rub his cock over my dripping pussy before plunging in. I absolutely adore the sensation of my pussy being filled up with a hard cock while my toy vibrates against my clit and he tells me that he loves the feeling of the toy vibrating throughout my pussy and into his cock. Needless to say, neither of us usually last too long! And that, is our lazy fuck.

I apologise for the brevity of this post, I think I'm suffering from writers block at the moment, or should that be 'sex' writing block? Please visit these other fabulous bloggers who no doubt have far more interesting and titillating tales on this topic than I to share with you all.... Oh and a huge thank you to Kimberly at Errant wife for organising this months topic!





Enchanted Mistress







Ronjazz said...

This is a part of married life that I never really experienced, as my ex was not very sexual and, as I learned, pretty fearful of intimacy. I find you quite erotic and fun! And now that I've discovered you, I'd love to come back!

Now come read me...

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

how long have you been married and had this routine? 'cuz elias and i have been together on and off all of four years (and really we've only been steadily dating about two and a half) and this is our "lazy sex" routine too! LOL! i couldn't help but feel like i had somehow written this!

i get writer's block, especially in sexually explicit entries, all the time. i try to write for myself but end up feeling pressured to write something good for the sake of others, but after hours of rewriting and editing i usually say "fuck it," and it's my hope to say that a lot sooner as time passes and blogging becomes more second nature. :) there was nothing boring or uninteresting whatsoever about this post though! maybe it's all in our heads. . . ;P

ps: (i'm sending this ps to all of this month's participants.) this was my first time participating and i love this! the camaraderie, the idea of a shared prompt, the stories i don't have to feel stalkerish about reading. :P but what are these called? if "group post" is their only name, can we maybe come up with another title for them, like "tmi tuesday" and "half-nekkid thursday" have their own titles? :D

Kimberly said...

There is something so delightful about a lazy married fuck!

Advizor said...

I love your routine! It seems like you, me, and danimo should get together, because we are all very much on the same wavelength.

I too had a lovely little married fuck last night, I guess now I need to blog about it and share it with you all......

Sheba said...

My partner and I are not married, but I'd have to say after almost 10 years our routine and yours share quite a bit of similarity. It might be that lazy sex is bred out of familiarity and comfort, and the security makes the cum fast, hard and immensely satisfying.

Sex blog writers block must be a common thing. I totally relate to Danimo's sense of making it really "good" for the sake of your readers. Right now since we are new kids on the block our readership is only now beginning to grow. I do think however that seeing comments from non-blogging readers does create a sense of obligation, to make their visits worthwhile!

Petal said...

Ronjazz: They all say that ;O)

Danimo: I have been with my husband for nearly 18 years, so yeah we have a lovely lazy sex routine at times. Writers block sucks!

Kimberly: You got it!

Advizor: Yes please share!

Sheba: I think the familiarity and comfort of it is the best bit. I love readers comment, sometimes its all that keeps me blogging.

autumn said...

hey! it's still a last time, so it totally counts. :)

lazy fucks are sexy. i enjoyed reading your post petal.

bdenied said...

Short but it got its point across, and I finally have you linked., what took me so long?

Hubman said...

It's funny, just last night we had our own lazy married sex :-)

Sometimes that's the best!

Enchanted Mistress said...

It may be brief but it was very sexy!
Lazy sex is the best kind..Great post!! =)

Aurore said...

Sometimes you just need a lazy fuck ;)

Topaz said...

Lazy fuck! I love it! I'm stealing that term!
Really though, I wish I had this sometimes, it would make for more regular sex...

Ms Scarlett said...

What I wouldn't do for a lazy married fuck.... for any kind of married fuck, actually!

Lovely post Petal!

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