Never underestimate the power of a good blowjob

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

With it being the holiday season and all, the bit on the side is currently away sunning himself with the family in another part of the country. I must confess I am missing him a little at the moment, which has led to me reminissing about good times spent! Many of which involve me dishing out blowjobs........which I absolutely love to do and do often.

There is nothing more powerful for a woman than having a man's cock in your mouth and his balls in your hands. You have the power to control his orgasm, give him pleasure and even pain. Making him moan and squirm with pleasure.....

I love starting off when hes semi-hard, that way I can fit all of him in my mouth (havent quite perfected the art of deep throat yet, practice makes perfect!) and be able to slide my tongue over his balls.....feeling his cock growing in my mouth. Working my tongue and mouth up and down his growing shaft, sucking gently while scraping my teeth over his now rock hard cock.

Using my tongue to lap the precum from the end of his cock, letting those little strands of glistening wire link my mouth to his cock while I'm looking up at his with my big blue eyes and a smile on my face. Then letting the rest of it dribble down his cock and using it to lubricate my hand as it pumps up and down.

Love the feeling as his cock starts to thicken in my hand and mouth, signalling that hes just about to cum, the noises he makes, the way his breathing changes.......then denying him the release that hes craving before going back to teasing again......over and over until he cant take anymore.

Then finally giving him the release that he wants....... I either suck hard and swallow all his cum or pull him out of my mouth and let it splash all over my face, coating me with it.

Yup, there is nothing like a good blowjob!


Confessor X said...

Well I must say...that this being the first post I read of yours, you sure know how to bring a fellow into your web of delight! Im a true follower of yours now...great work and I cant wait to catchup on your older posts!!

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