The first time

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All this looking looking back has reminded me of the first time we got together. We had been sending emails & texts loaded full of sexual innuendo for months, I'm amazed neither of us had imploded with the sexually charged tension that was between us. How no one around us saw it is beyond me!

It was a rainy cold winters day in the school holidays. We had been texting our usual sexually explicit texts, driving each other wild with what if's and maybe's. When the conversation worked its way around to taste and what I taste like. I told him I tasted pretty damn good and in fact had just dipped my finger and its was mmmm good. He replied that he would love to suck on my finger, so I said why don't you?

With an invitation like that, he just couldn't resist! He turned up at my house like a shot, grabbed my hand and stuck my middle finger in his hot mouth. It was a shot of pure lust to the groin and sensation I don't think I will ever forget.

We eventually worked our way down to the bedroom, stripping clothes off each other as we went. The feeling of skin on skin was just electric & I was so excited to get my hands finally on his hard, dribbling cock that so far I had only seen pxts of.

I remember him pushing me back on the bed, parting my legs and giving my pussy one long lick from end to end. I think if I hadn't been so nervous I would have cum there and then from that one lick. Thankfully he didn't stop there, he carried on licking & sucking at my hard clit and soaking wet pussy, all the while pushing in fingers in and out of my pussy and ass (he knew I was a bit of an ass girl via conversations we had) teasing me mercilessly.

Every now and then he would stop and rub his cock up and down my slit, teasing me further with the possibility of giving me a hard fucking. Eventually I couldn't contain myself any longer and came long and hard with his face buried between my legs.

As I lay back, recovering from what was a spectacular orgasm, he started rubbing his cock over my pussy again while leaning down and sucking on my hard nipples. I reached down and firmly grasped his cock to give him a hand. It didn't take him long until he spurted hot streams of cum all over my belly and chest.....what a fantastic sight!

And there dear readers, was the beginning of my secret life. I apologise for the brevity of the story but my memory of that day sixteen months ago is a bit vague (I only remember the high spots) and so much has happened since then!


Anonymous said...

What a hot story.....where was your husband and the kids and were you worried any of them would be en route home?

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