All about the man

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So what kind of man does it take to tempt me out of the marital bed? Oddly enough, not kind that you expect. He good looking, sure (well more so when he's got hair and not shaving his head!) Not bad shape for early 40's, although it could be better. I think the most attractive thing about him (apart from his intense blue eyes) is his personality.

He is one of those uber-confident guys, the take charge kind. Must say I find a masterful man rather attractive! I wonder too, if its the fact that he's the complete opposite of my husband that adds to the attractiveness? Could very well be, as much as he turns me on I really couldn't live with him and am quite glad he has a wife to put up with his shit cause god knows I wouldn't!

He is also very open and confident sexually. He's not afraid to ask for what he wants or take it if he think he can get away with it. It makes for a lot of fun!


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